Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life is a Series of Love Affairs

When I say life is a series of love affairs, I don't mean the kind that Tiger Woods or Jesse James find entertaining. That's tawdry. Select your partner, celebrate life together, find your passions, honor all that's living, and be grateful for your daily bread. Spread love throughout.

I think of my next door neighbors as a life of love. I like to sit on their porch with them on a summer day and I ask them to retell me the story of how they met. It was during WWll that they met on a crowded train. He bribed the sailor sitting next to "the prettiest girl" on the train to give him his seat. They talked, exchanged addresses, wrote and were married a month later. Not that I recommend such a hasty engagement but those were times of uncertainty and love was grabbed when it approached.

After the war, they settled into a community, raised a family, performed civic duties, compiled a great following of friends. Together, they turned their yard into a magical garden of unusual flowers and planted a vegetable garden. In the winter they made exceptional quilts and the most exquisite gnome-size santa clauses. This is truly, a life of love affairs.


  1. Yes, I also like to talk to people with REAL life experiences and see what makes them tick! How they met,stayed married so long,the wars they fought in and the ones they left behind!! Lets not forget TRUE LOVE that stands the test of time! There are a few lol I must say if you are truley 80 God has richly blessed you! You would never know it by your pic or even your style of writting! You intrigue me (= Have an awsum Wednesday!

  2. I love older married couples. The kind that have a billion smile wrinkles and soft skin on the back of their hands. Wisdom makes them beautiful.

  3. I want to quote you on this and often:

    "Select your partner, celebrate life together, find your passions, honor all that's living, and be grateful for your daily bread."

    According to that map - I am finally on the right track.

    I love your blog and plan to visit often.

  4. This 75-year-old lady salutes you!

    Here's to living life and loving it!

  5. I love this post! What a beautiful way you have of putting your thoughts into words.

    Visiting from the Friday Follow!

  6. I met my hubby at a bench press competition on November 4, 1995. No war, no long train ride, just a smelly gym filled with grunting, sweaty people. I was in the competition and the hubby was an observer. At about 100 lbs soaking wet, I wasn't the typical competitor, so in looking back, I guess I'm not that surprised I caught his eye. How we met doesn't have the romantic spin of a WWII love story, but it does get a chuckle when we tell it in person, since he's the muscle man type and I'm so petite.

    Hasty we were not when it came to tying the knot. We were friends for almost 8 years before marrying in 2004. I hope our friendship and love affair lasts the remaining years of our lives.

    Your post brought back some great memories for me, and for that I am thankful!

  7. Thank you for reading and commenting on this post. Everyone loves a love story AND KJ of "12 paws and frogs" wrote a comment here. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do. She writes of her parents 50th anniversary & has pictures of them when they were young that'll melt your heart.

  8. I hope to one day be ensconced in such a love affair.

    What a sweet story.

    It simply makes a girl want to join everyone on the patio!