Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July


  1. Happy 4th July. I love the Robert Doisneau photograph of The Kiss. When I was a teenager I covered my bedroom walls in Robert Doisneau photography, Weegee and black and white pics of Marilyn Monroe, Louise Brooks, young Marlon Brando. On the Waterfront is my favourite film ever - I was in love with young Brando - he was the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

  2. Thanks for dropp'n in and the comment. Yes, I love his pictures, too. The kiss being my favorite. I have 3 scattered throughout the house. Young Brando....OMG...If he were a neighbor kid who lived inbetween us, there would be a big cat fight on the way to school every day. ha ha ...Are you saying that you ghost wrote Immediate Response? I didn't read it but I was thinking in that direction. If you did, now I'll have to read it. Right after "High Heat." Story of the fastball pitchers in baseball.

  3. Yes - I ghost-wrote the lot, the entire book of Immediate Response but not as me as the Major. Their is a lot of cussing in it - he's not the sharpest tool in the tin! Plus he was an asshole to me - he's a hero but he's also an asshole.

    Brando *swoon* - he would never look at me anyway - he was far too good looking!

  4. I'm excited. I want to read your book. I have hero worship of authors. Always wanted to be published and never made it. Have to finish High Heat. That author is a kind of friend, acquaintance of mine. I really like his writing.
    All (or most) good looking men are Narcissistic assholes. One did look at me once, when I was very young ..... I just wrote about it in a post for the day by name of "My sister Eileen".I'll bet Brando was the biggest Narcissist of all. They only look at theselves, anyway.

    Going to order your book. Thanks for telling about it.