Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cacao Breakfast Pudding

Cacao Pudding

You'll have to adjust this to your taste. I'll just give you some basic ingredients. I use a power blender, a Blendtec but I'm sure any blender will do the job.

1 tai coconut, use water & the young meat
or you can use a banana

an avocado or 1/2, depends on how much you're making

2 or 3 heaping tb. of raw cacao powder or nibs
there again, depends on how chocolatey you want it

Around 2 handfuls of greens. I used arugula for this but you can use spring greens, romaine, lettuce, spinach. I like to use the lighter greens rather than kale because the taste isn't as strong but Kale gives you a lotta bang for your buck.

I sweeten to taste with agave.

I add favorite superfoods as bee pollen, hemp seed, goji berries,

Go a little light on the liquid at first or it may get too runny, although always remember to use enough liquid so it won't stress your blender.

Here's the story of my "weeding day." Montana has had rain every day this spring. Bozeman has always been a valley of rich farmland and along with all this rain, every growing thing seems to explode into life. So do the unwanted weeds.

I made a big dish of the above pudding and ate half of it before I went out to pull weeds. I wasn't in the mood but it had to be done. I weeded 4 hours by squatting, kneeling or bending over with my butt in the air. I went in the house and ate the rest of the pudding. The weeding job was only half finished, so back outside to weed for another 3 1/2 hours. Holy Moly..... that's 7 1/2 hours of weeding. I was beginning to feel the stress in my back from the constant bending over but it wasn't anything excruciating. The next day, I was aware of a little stiffness in the backs of my legs. That was it. I'm not trying to say that this is a magic potion that is responsible for allowing you to work all day but I know it gives me energy and something else. I get a real "high" from this chocolate concoction. Have you ever been drunk on alcohol? Of course, everyone has. You know that happy, delerious feeling ...... just before the hangover ........ that's the feeling I get with this pudding. WOW It's a great happy natural high.

Chocolate, Cocoa and Cacao....... What's the difference. The words are all used interchangeably. There doesn't seem to be a rigid demarcation line with the words. Cacao usually means the raw bean and it's often called chocolate, too. Cocoa usually denotes it's been heated and that results in loss of many of it's nutrients. I wouldn't touch "milk chocolate" with a ten foot pole. It means just what it says that milk has been added. The milk will contain artificial hormones that have been fed to the animals and along with that goes a bouquet of pesticide residues. So the cocoa powder will dissolve in water, a potassiium carbonate is also added. You don't need these additives in your system so use the raw cacao bean in either powder or nibs form.

Benefits of Cacao

Magnesium galore. Probably the highest source. Magnesium builds strong bones and balances brain chemistry. If you are eating a Standard American Diet, you are most likely deficient in Magnesium. Women menstrate and they crave chocolate because this is a time when it's easy to get deficient of magnesium. Raw Cacao is also rich in sulfur that builds strong hair and nails and gorgeous skin.

Remember the high I said I got from eating raw cacao ...... that is because it contains anandamide and phenylethylamine. But you can simply call it the the Bliss or Love chemical. That is why Love feels so good because we release this bliss chemical. So therefore, being in love or eating chocolate will give you that same blissful high.

Raw Cacao also contains arginine which increases blood to the penis and that increases sexual desire. Good News. A natural Viagra

Negative Effects of Roasting or Heating Cacao
Roasting releases both tannic and oxalic acids and can cause mood swings, nervousness, anxiety and insomnia

To sum up..... eat the raw Cacao. You can find it at a health food store or you can order it online. I order mine online and always keep a good supply on hand.


  1. I'm so excited to try raw Cacao now! Interestingly, I'm trying to add super foods to my life. You're a great inspiration!

  2. That looks like poo!! But I am in I would try it but only if you made it for me first so I could watch. You are a font of knowledge. I love your blogs.

  3. God, you make me laugh. I sat here by myself chuckling out loud for about 5 minutes. Not steady (can't laugh that long) but every time I thought of it, I start laughing all over.

    Didn't it make you laugh, cinnamoncoatedcandy? And you're thinking of making it. Bet now you're not.

    But in spite of Poo..... I think of the TV gal on "It's me or the dog" .... she's always talking about dog poo....... I think I'l make some tonight because I have to drive to Missoula in the morning to get my teeth cleaned and it will keep me awake and give me energy. 260 mi. round trip

    All kidding aside (and now it's hard not to) I'm done defending it but I'll laugh all the time I'm making it. Talk to you guys later