Thursday, July 15, 2010

As Long As I'm in A Funereal Mood

Praises Be ......
I found a plumber.

This is not meant to be irreverent nor am I crying in my beer (joke, I don't drink) but I'm just stating the facts. My plumber of 20 years, died a few months ago. He had just turned 50. What a devastating loss to his wife and children, but he also left behind countless widows. Like me. He was a gentle, educated man, who learned the plumbing trade so he could live a valued life of quality in a quiet, Western town.

He was my comfort & removed real estate worries. If I were away, he had a key and checked the house. The house in town was built in the late 1800's & is a plumber's nightmare. The Bed & Breakfast in the mountains has 5 bathrooms, 2 hot water heaters, and a laundry with lots & lots of pipes. I admit, I had been spoiled and pampered by such a devoted plumber. He was too young to die, too kind, too alive. My dear plumber, RIP.

Most women have a dependency on their hair stylists. For me, it was my plumber. Yesterday, I found another plumber. He calls himself "The Olde Tyme Plumber." His wife told me he tries to give "old fashioned service." He came to the town house, unclogged a slow drain, and checked the old furnace. He filled the room with pampered confidence.

Some people are soooooo important in our lives, it's impossible to live without them. Like my Oral Hygienest. But that's another story. Life is good again.


  1. Much too young. This sort of places a lot of things in perspective. Not only in that profound "life is to short" way, but in the wow, it's really hard to get a good plumber way too!

    Here's to long life, both literally (physically) and pipe wise!

  2. We moved last year - and so I have had to find a new everything! From the hair-stylest to the broken collar bone dr to the mechanic to who has the best (or any) hydrangeas! Thankfully, we haven't needed the plumber yet! The hardest part is the true trusted ones become like family! Sigh! I'm glad you found a new extended family member !

  3. Death knows no age, in fact, it doesn't discriminate at all. One thing I know for certain, life goes on. It goes on differently, but it goes on. New plumber and all. Cheers!

  4. Coming over from Friday 40.
    RIP your plumber...scary to think about.
    Glad you found a new one and actually your blog made me smile.
    Come on over if you wish.

  5. Hi, Manzanita, just came by via Follow Friday 40+. I just might want to buy a duck from you. Sorry to hear about your plumber and may he RIP. Also glad you found one that suits you. Plumbers you can feel confident about really are hard to come by. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    ~Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

  6. Glad you found a new plumber, sorry about the loss. I am dependent on my hair stylist but he's also my husband so I think it's okay. Really being dependent on your plumber makes you WAY cooler (seriously).

  7. A friend and I snaked five of my deck drains last Monday, and drank a few cold beers while we were at it. (Had to have some fun.) After five hours of hard work and chunks of tree roots eradicated, still no luck with the water flow, but we're not giving up -- Round two's Tuesday. (Sounds like a catchy blog title.) If you're ever in a pinch, and "old-fashioned" can't make it, give me a holler, and I'll roll from So Cal!

  8. It's a RIP kind of day...

    following you from FF40 and Over!

  9. kj What a deal. Extraordinary plumbing will come to the rescue. She'll roll into town in a Rover filled with snakes and plumbers friends and maybe more. Lookeehere, girl, what can't you do?