Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Corsets

I'm waiting for my Granddaughter. We're going downtown to shop the fancy Corsetier. (That's bra's to you Victoria's Secret shoppers).

Webster's definition of corset: A closefitting undergarment worn chiefly by women, to give support or a desired figure to the body.

Hot diggidy zeuks......

I remember the 60's when I was burning my bra. The price of a good bra today, I wouldn't think of burning it. Now I'm excited to find a good corsetier.

My Granddaughter's 30 and I'm 80 and we love to hang out together and go shopping.


  1. Wonderful twosome! I am trying to think...who will benefit the most? It's a balance. Have a good shopping trip. Gerry

  2. You are both so blessed. How fun shopping together. Here's a corset story. When I was 16 I was 5 feet tall (still am). I weighed about maybe 85 lbs. My father decided I needed a girdle at my age, so he told my mother to take me to get one. I had to wear it every day. It had garters and no crotch piece. What a decade. Victorian. I didn't even have a tush. My daughters wear thing undies (ouch).

  3. Ha ha, Grandmother Crone.... That's a good one. But I remember when women always wore a girdle and in those days they were all skin & bones, anyway. They walked more. How hot those girdle's were in the summer.But think of the days when they wore the laced up ones that gave the "hour glass figure."

    Thanks Gerry. We had a good day. Bought new bras that fit like a glove. :) Then shopped at a neat thrift clothing store. Lunch at the Health Food Store, Changed into shorts and hiked up to the M (big climb), stopped for a ice chia tea and home. Yeah it's nice.

  4. M, meaning mountain? I'll go with you next time ...Lol

  5. Gerry, Wish you could. It would be fun. The M is exactly that, a huge letter M at the top of a mountain. Years ago, college kids arranged big rocks into the letter M (for Montana) and painted them white so it can be seen from far away. It's a "husky" climb up there. Yesterday, my Granddaughter went to the top and I took a "somewhat" easier path halfway and she came down that way and meet me. The day was extremely hot and the milder path was more than a challenge for me. Just about every town surrounded by mountains has done the same with rocks and has either a M for Montana or a letter for the name of their city. But, the climb is always steep and a popular hiking spot. It's amazing, the no. of really old people you find climbing..... lot older than I am. (with new bras) ha

  6. That is great. I love hiking and having a mountain with such interest close by would be awesome! This is a cool story, Manzanita. Keep on hiking...

  7. That is wonderful that you take your grandaughter shopping for bra's. The gals in the photo look like they could use a good corsetier shopping spree.

  8. Your granddaughter is a lucky lady!

  9. I must confess, pretty underwear is an obsession of mine. There's something amazing that happens to a woman when she's wearing beautiful lace and frill underneath her daily clothes. I know it makes me feel flirty. ; )

    This sounds like it was a delightful time!

  10. Oh, oh, Cinnamon.... flirty is as flirty does

    What do you mean, Robyn? That's me in my new bra. Only kidding. Ha. But they are a couple of Babes, huh?

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. The store was fun. It has some of the "sexy under things, like Victoria's Secret, but with a more old fashioned feeling.