Friday, July 30, 2010

When is a Potato Not a Potato?

That's easy. When it's a Spud from Idaho.

There's an old Irish saying: Only two things in this world are too serious to be jested on, potatoes and matrimony.

Well, I don't know about matrimony (I think that's worthy of a few jokes) but potatoes are one of the greatest sources of potassium, and that's no joke.

Max Gerson M.D., the great natural healer of degenerative diseases, said, the two things necessary in preventing degenerative disease are a healthy liver and a high level of potassium.

Do you eat potatoes? So many people don't. Potatoes get a bad rep from those who avoid carbohydrate and yet, these same people will eat french fries. The nutrients of the potato are lost when it's fried and it's a real bummer to the liver. Most of the minerals and vitamines are in the skins so you get the greatest value from potatoes when steamed or baked with the skins.

A good way to get all the value of the potato is to cook slowly (with skins) in a small amount of water with a chopped leek and red pepper. Then mash everything together with the water. I know, sounds like a lot of night shades but the Gerson clinic uses this recipe and serves potatoes once a day in their cancer cure.

I remember when we were kids out hiking, we'd build a fire, wrap "spuds" in green wild-leaves and bake them in the coals. OMG what a feast. We always ate the skins. The best part.


  1. I LOVE potatoes! As a runner I can't get enough of them. And yes, I eat the skin, it's the best part! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  2. A spud lover here!! Dug fresh from the garden ,they cook so fast!!
    I am now following you through
    Follow Friday 40+!!
    Peggy Gorman

  3. Now, I'm craving a potato. My favorite is yukon gold. I like to coat potatoes in a bit of olive oil and then roast them, skins on, in the toaster oven. Yum! And, yay for potassium!

  4. Another easy potato recipe. Use either new potatoes or small red potatoes. Cut any up that are too large and boil in water that you add Crab Boil to. Serve with butter or margarine. We had some of these as an appetizer in New Orleans and cook them like this every once in a while.

  5. Thanks fellow potato lovers.
    Kelly, Runners use up a lot of carbs, don't they. Good for you for running.

    Thanks Peggy. I'll come over and see you

    Su-sieee. Yummm Yukon gold. They're so creamy inside. I'm weird, even like the skins burned a little if they're on the grill.

    Sunny....Thanks for that potato recipe. I bet it gives it a marvelous flavor. Add a little zydeco music & you're in New Orleans

  6. I love tators, can't get enough!!!
    I stopped by from Friday Follow over Forty, I am your newest follower...

  7. I forgot to say I love your blog name!!!

  8. Sadly, I don't care for the spud. However, the thought of wrapping them in leaves and cooking in coals is fabulous!

    The information regarding potassium is ever so helpful. I knew it was important but had no idea how much. You're such a wonderful fount of knowledge. Thank you!

    So I say, viva la potato!