Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Libra Tames the Beast

Today's the day. Grouchy old Saturn says "bye bye" to that hard working Virgo and merges into lighter pastures. Maybe this makes sense to some of you who are versed in astrology and to the rest of you, this is just gobbledee-gook.

Never fear. I'll explain. Planets are like people. We move around this earth and meet other people. Some change our lives in the best way and then again, some not so good. Planets do the same thing. They move around the universe and bump into other planets, some good and some not so good.

Every planet has it's own unique features (just like people) and Saturn is kinda like a stern patriarchal father figure. You don't ever want to argue with him. I've always thought of him as having very bushy eyebrows and if he points his finger at me and says, "That's the way it's going to be," I've learned to keep my mouth shut.

Then we have houses, 12 of them to be exact. Houses also relate to people and how they keep their house. Some are messy, some neat, some with designer furniture, some with antiques.

Libra is the house where Saturn is going to visit for the next 2 1/2 years. Whewwww. Thas'a long time for a house guest but believe me, it's going to make that old grouchy Saturn into a sweeter person and that will make "your" life better.

Libra's sign is the scales, you know, balance. Boy, do I know Libra. My Moon (meaning my emotions) is in Libra. Means I can see both sides of a situation. Most politicians have strong Libra qualities but it can also give them slivers in the butt from sitting on the fence. And hey, ladies, Libra is really good for relationships, too.

This whole Saturn , guest of Libra period, will put lives a little more in balance. Relationships will go a little smoother and when the Granddaddy looks at you with those busy eyebrows, he may even have a twinkle in his eyes. You'll find the beasts in your life are a whole lot tamer.

To help ease your way into into better diplomacy, below is a 25 sec. clip of a hula dancer. I like to watch her because "moving" is so innate with her and you can see it comes from her heart.


  1. I'm a Libra, and, yes, I am supposed to be balanced -- key word, "supposed." Certainly I give my best effort to live a balanced life, but I am human, you know, and might I kick in that I am a little pre-menopausal at times...

    Guests -- for two years? Guess I'll just have to keep my astrological sign a secret. Between me, the Stormtrooper, and the 12 Paws, there just isn't enough room in this wonderful little life of ours.

  2. Hope you're having a marvelous munchy and mooshy anniversary day. That's why we get along well.... Sun and Moon. Both in Libra. See eye to eye and can't make up our minds what to have to dinner.. ha Everything always looks so good.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me! I can move around a bit at work so maybe I'll get use to it! I have taken ballet for 15 years so maybe I'll dance around work! lol

    I am a Taurus and this information fascinates me! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Manzanita, I'm glad to hear that Saturn will be twinkling in the next 2 months. We all surely need it. Thanks for the clip of the hula. Now, I want to take a hula class. I learned ancient hula many years ago, but maybe my knees can handle modern hula....I must have Libra in one of my planets (or whatever you call 'em) cause I can see both sides and sit on the fence for quite a while. Sagittarius Snake, I am. :-)

  5. My astrological sign is libra. And, I have somewhat bushy eyebrows. ; )

  6. Java, Taurus, the $ sign. Lucky you. And double lucky you for taking ballet for 15 years. I've danced and done astrology all my life..... the 2 things that don't seem to pay any money. You can tell I have very little Taurus in my chart. If enough people are interested, I'll do some posts on astrology from time to time.Good luck with your feet, Let us know how it goes.

  7. Big, Oh, oh, bushy eyebrows. Beware of the fickle finger of fate. :) But seriously, a good percentage of people in politics are strong in Libra. I once did my own little study of politicians and I found that to be true. Are you in politics?

  8. Susieee,
    Saturn will mellow out a little for 2 1/2 years (not months). That's very good news. He's such a taskmaster and I'm always a little shy with him.
    You very well could have prominent Libra. Seeing both sides can be both a curse and a bonus. Here's something comical. Ever see a large group of people ordering their food in a restaurant? The strong Libra, " I'll have the _____, no, make that ______, on the other hand, I'll have ______. Goes on and on.
    Sagittarius ..... the fun loving social person. Love parties. My husband was a Sadge. We had one fight/disagreement in 25 years. He made me laugh every day. They can have a deep spiritual side, too. I think of popes.
    I'm not familar with ancient hula. Do you bend deeper in the knees? Thanks for writing.

  9. I'm interested in more astrology, Manzi! My conservative little life loves all things that I shouldn't believe in.

  10. No, I am not in politics, per se. I market, therefore I sell. So, in a very circuitous way, I guess there is some degree of politics involved. But, certainly not in the way you are describing.

  11. Really the $ sign? I don't see it! lol...
    Thanks for telling me..I better go looking for it!

    I'm sure you would get lots of positive feedback with some astrology posts!!

    Have a great weekend!