Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bon Bons

Hey there Cutes.
Put on your Danc'n boots
Come Dance with me.

You'll want to go dancing after you eat a few of these bon bons. More cacao ...... more magnesium. For the joy and health benefits of Cacao, look on my "Cacao Breakfast Pudding" post.

These tasty tid-bits can be as chocolaty as you desire. I'll give you a sorta basic recipe but you can adjust to your taste.

Use a food processor.

1 C. almonds (remove skins)
1 C. Cacao powder or nibs
1/2 C. coconut
Agave necter to taste
1 or 2 tb. pine nuts (optional)
small amount of spring water. Maybe 1/4 C. Go easy & slowly as you want to be able to make balls
Process everything to a ball-rolling consistency. Roll small balls in any of the following..... finely chopped coconut, cacoa powder, any finely chopped nuts. If you are lucky enough to have Virgo patience in your astro chart, roll them into small, round, even balls, (not the lumpy kind like mine) Then come to my house & help me color code my underwear drawer. :)

But seriously ..... a tip on almonds, the most alkaline of nuts. Almonds contain a small amount of amygdalin (better known as laetrile which is cancer curing/preventative). But don't go crazy on this nummy food as it's high in fat UNLESS you have a degenerative disease, then eat up. When I was young, I used to eat several apricot pits (laetrile) a day to help avoid degenerative diseases. But after the Feds found out it would cure cancer.... bye bye pits. I know many people who now get them from Mexico or grow their own.

How to remove almond skins ....
You want almonds to be raw ....... heat them on stove in a small amount of water. DON'T BOIL. Just bring to a boil so almonds are heated. Drain H2O and toss almonds in a bowl of ice cubes and water. Now, pinch almonds between thumb and finger & the skins pop right off. It's rather tedious but I sit in front of the tube with 3 bowls. The bowl of almonds in the ice cubes, 1 bowl for the skinned and another bowl for the skins. As long as I'm "doing it" I skin enough for almond milk. hummm ..... ever tried the milk?

Wanna know how to make almond milk?
Toss a couple handsfull of organic skinned almonds in the blender
Chop up 3 or 4 medjool dates (be sure to remove pits) & toss in
Add spring water.... enough to make it a milky consistency
Mix. I use a high speed blender so everything gets chopped up. If your blender isn't as powerful and a little residue is left, you can squeeze the milk through a cotton bag or cheese cloth.

Tip.... For sweetner, you can use any dates or agave, or honey or even maple syrup. Date are known for curing throat & chest ailments.

I recently happened to spot organic corn flakes in the health food store. Shades of my childhood. Used to love corn flakes. The bag just jumped into my cart, so I thought, oh what the heck ..... Soon as I got home I poured a bowl of the crunchy flakes and added cold almond milk. OMG I thought I was that skinny little Indian again who they were always trying to "fatten up." I only recommend corn flakes as a special memory treat. It's a once-in-a-while thing. Remember ..... when ever you cut a grain, you are devitalizing it. Far better to eat the whole grain. I eat whole grain oatmeal every day. You can cook it slowly (all night is good) in a crock pot. Nice & creamy. I go against my belief system when I cook with electricity ..... ex. crockpot, food processor, blender, etc. but they are such labor savers and I'm healthy. If you are sick, don't put this extra stress on your already over-burdened body. It's far better to cook with gas & use hand chopping.


  1. Oh those look sooooooooooo good.
    If I ate bon bons it could be the death of me...I need to loose a good 20lbs.....I gained it all this past winter with all my new life changes. It was a traumtic time.

  2. I just don't know man - I am not into the cacao. But I love what you are saying about the prep and the life living. I need more space. My kitchen is tiny. You are making me think. I ate pumpkin seeds and sesame seed last week.