Saturday, July 17, 2010

This Mel Gibson Thing

Media dwells on the sensational. Of course, it draws more readers. I've found this out, just from blogging. If you watch any news at all, you can't avoid the Mel Gibson tapes that are smeared all over every news program. I've always thought Mel Gibson was a decent guy and that's why I liked him as an actor. He had been with his wife Robyn for 28 years and seemed to lead a peaceful family life. That is until he met a Russian (blowfish lipped) starlet, Oksana. He and his wife divorced. He and the girlfriend then had a baby girl together.

Now, 8 months after the baby's birth, 3 audio tapes mysteriously appeared to the media, in which he was shouting profanities at Oksana, some of them while she was supposedly holding the baby. The strange thing about the tapes is, he was visibly shaken, accumulating esculating anger, while she appeared to grow calmer. He accused her of extorting money from him and being unfaithful.

This is what I pieced together from listening to radio talk shows and reading various news articles. For a month previous, Oksana and her lawyer had, indeed been trying to extract money from Mel and he was protected by his lawyer. Mel was an alcoholic who had been in AA for many years. Evidently, the news of Oksana being a common gold-digger/cheat (and cementing the deal by having a baby), drove Mel back on the booze.

If you listen carefully to the tapes, his voice is the drunken outburst of a man who had just awaken to the fact that he had been hoodwinked as the typical older wealthy man by an ambitious gold-digging young female. Parts of the tape sound like an anguished animal, more directed at himself, as he discovered he had foolishly destroyed his marriage, his wealth, and probably his career. She was baiting him into rage and the more she acheived her goal, the calmer she got and her voice became lower as she was surer of herself. She accused Mel of hitting her in the face and chipping her teeth. A dentist examined her and said there was no evidence to her face that she had been hit and no teeth were harmed, although some of the media erroneously reported her teeth were knocked out.

His ex-wife, Robyn testified for him that in their 28 years together, he had never been physically abusive to her. It was then testified that a physical abuser will always abuse each woman he's with. Oksana also refused 2 million dollars settlement because according to her lawyer, she would have to share custody of the child.

I'm not condoning Gibson's actions, only reporting the circumstances that could lead to such an uncontrolled outburst.

Men, Narcissism and Testosterone ......... oh, let's put a little age on the man. Add "no fool like an old fool." Watch a life-time career flutter out the window. Move over Gore.


  1. Men have two heads, they think with one and eat with the other. He's been played!

  2. In Malibu the Gibsons were known as the perfect family, lots of kids, and living a very low-key life. Their house was off the beaten path from what I remember, nowhere near the star studded Colony or Malibu Rd.

    There's a really decent man in there somewhere, and he's proven so on many occasions. I just think he's having a difficult time accepting the aging process.

    I equate Mel's situation to a scene in Moonstruck, where Rose confronts her husband Cosmo about his affair with a young woman. Rose says, "I just want you to know no matter what you do, you're gonna die, just like everybody else."

    In the event Mel's one of your followers (you never know, he could be) I have a message for him.

    Mel, you are going to die just like everybody else, but you will die sooner than later if you continue to consume copious amounts of alcohol and make bad decisions such as getting behind the wheel of a car. You made some movies, you're not God -- get over yourself!

  3. With a cup firmly in place as I write this ; ), I would respectfully like to express my opinion---Gibson is just a man. A man who is aging, losing his career, probably needing someone to make him feel wanted and important. Everyone wants and needs that. And, seemingly, he may have been taken advantage of. Yeah, probably didn't make the best judgment there. Everyone makes mistakes. Gibson is no exception to the frailties of simply being human. He unfortunately is not an exception to the never ending celebrity obsession and judgment.

  4. kj, That's right, you live with the stars. I always thought he seemed like a decent man. Today I'm a little maudlin, anyway. My third funeral. That's enough. The man was husband to a girlfriend of mine..... 69 yr. Over 400 people at the funeral. I couldn't scrape together 400 people with a bull dozer. My husband used to say, if you want a long funeral procession, die fairly young.
    But back to Mel. Nice man sometimes or not....... I know that feeling to be the older discarded wife with the dried up ovaries while husband goes out and makes a new baby. I liked the revenge of the First Wives Club, too.
    Moonstruck. Yeah..... good movie. With Cher, wasn't it? I was taken with her red suede pumps when they went to the opera.

  5. Hey Big, I agree it must take extreme self control for stars when hormons rage to be required to be so intimate with a tempting tartlett who gets your tighty whities into a knot. You say he wants to feel important and wanted. I'll buy that. But what about the wife, Robyn at home, no career, just raised their 7 kids. She really needs to feel wanted. It's a time when they should come together and renew the love they used to feel.

    Are all of you too young to remember the first night soap on TV.... called Mary Hartman?? The program went along weekly for years, the problems of a typical middle class family. A lot of the scenes took place in Mary's kitchen with her girlfriends or she was on her knees washing the kitchen floor. Finally the marriage fell apart, divorce and both remarried. The last episode was husband having the same problems with new wife ...... Mary in her kitchen scrubbing floor talking to girlfriends about same problems. Do people really need this little drama that produces no change at all? It beats me. And it's their kids who are really harmed.