Sunday, July 11, 2010

What Car Would You Buy?

I would buy this 1929 Desoto if I could afford it, have a place to protect it and have a chauffeur to maintain it. But after a lot of consideration, it's not worth the added annoyances. I recall I was once talking to a Gypsy and somehow the conversation got around to refrigerators. He didn't own one and said he didn't want one. I asked why, of course, dumb but curious me. He said a fridge would be nice to keep his food from spoiling but think of the expense and it would completely ruin his life. He went on to say that if he had a fridge, he'd need electricity and an outlet to plug it into. Ah ha.... that means a house. A house means a mortgage. A mortgage means money and money means a job. No thank you. He'd rather deal with the rotten food.

Some years ago my old Plymouth went kaput, finito, the end. My husband, never having put his energy into cars, simply said, "Go out and buy another." I knew he really wouldn't fuss about the price or what kind of car I chose, so that was no problem. Well ..... he might have raised an eyebrow if I'd come home with a Lamborghgini (I don't even know how to spell it so how would I know how to drive one) but I didn't. I came home with a little Nissan pickup. I think the price was about eight or ten thousand, but so long ago I don't recall. People were shocked at my choice. My husband could certainly afford a more expensive car and a truck, yet!!!!! Why would I chose a truck? It was way before it was stylish to drive a pickup ..... especially for a woman.

At the time, I was into antiques and a truck was perfect for my scroungings. It was small and easy to park. Zippy for little vehicle. It had AC and a radio with disc player (the old tape thing, but it was long ago, remember). It also had a heater, of course, which I didn't really need because we lived in Florida at the time. It met all my needs. I loved it.

What would I buy today? Well, now I live in Montana & do mountain travel. I recently did buy another Nissan X-Terra.... bright red. I put the doggie shield in the back and Cody has her little apartment. Still suits my needs. If I'm stuck in the winter, I shove it into 4-wheel and zip I'm out of the muck.

Cars are rather fun. What would you buy or what did you buy? It's been said that you can tell a person by the car they drive. Is zat so? That would be a good conversation. Tell me. I want to see & hear about kj's "pride with Grandmother sitting on the bumper." Gotta love that car.


  1. I drive a Cadillac Seville. I am ready for a new vehicle and am trying to decide what to buy. In my mind, I want to get an SUV, considering a GMC Terrain, something I can "haul" my young 'uns around in :). But in my heart, I am stuck on the Seville. Somebody help me! Gerry

  2. Hi Gerry,
    My husband always drove Lincoln Town Cars.... Kinda like a Cadillac. I always drove my trucks or SUV's. It's a matter of getting used to sitting up higer but I liked that feeling. When I then rode in his car, I felt like I was getting squished by other cars, being so low to the ground. It depends on the climate of where you live too. If you have snow or even ice, SUV's are great. I have a ranch 2 miles up a bad road in the mountains and the town car wouldn't make it 40 feet. That's my 2 cents worth. Hopefully somebody will come along with some more information. See ya later

  3. Cool car that you posted and a great story that you told. I had a great appreciation for classic cars when I was younger, I suppose I still do to some degree. Right now, I am driving a company car that doesn't come close to me. But, the price is right. For me, BMW or Mercedes just speak to me. The faster the better.

  4. I'd have to agree with the Gypsy to an extent. When I look at classic cars on the highway, or I see the pictures of the cars once owned by my family, I start feeling like I failed in keeping up the family tradition. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I love a shiny new...yes, NEW!!! car. Old cars require dedication and love, and I just don't think I could provide a vehicle that kind of attention.

    What car would I buy? A Porsche Carrera, white convertible. I currently own two Land Rovers, a Range Rover Sport (X-mas gift from my hubby) and a Discovery that I purchased in 2002. The hubby brought a Porsche Boxter to the marriage, so we're a happy three car family.

    Not sure what the cars say about me. They are a bit pricey, but that's not what I'm about. I'm grounded, I shop for clothes at the Goodwill (know you'll like that Manzanita), I used the same pot to cook in for the past twenty years (until my mom bought fancy cookware for us last X-mas), I don't have matching dishes (again, Goodwill rarely has a complete set), and the list could go on.

    Big car, big payment! Maybe that's all my cars say about me.

    Love the Desoto -- She's a looker!

  5. I love antiques too! I don't care about cars but I love vintage but know they are impractical tto. I drive a mini cooper with a union jack flag on the roof. I love it!!

  6. I drive a Chevy Avalanche, my 2 sons have Chevy Trucks and my husband has a Toyota Camary because he drives 80miles to and from work. I always said Id NEVER drive a truck, but I opened a Reproduction furniture store in 00 and HAD 2 make deliveries, pick-up orders etc. and I LUV MY TRUCK! Now we are old car enthusiasts, we have owned 23-25 69 Camaros, 55 Chevy, 2 late 50s early 60's Vets a few Mustangs and several Harleys and an Indian motocycle. At the end of the day we have 1 69 RS SS Camaro left that we are restoring to keep. Love your choice of rides and the reasoning behind them (=

  7. I love classic and antique vehicles. My dream car is a classic Jaguar E type. I imagine myself driving with a scarf over my hair and Jackie 'O' glasses. Divine!

  8. I recently bought a Kia Soul. I love it!
    That being said...I have been through a variety of cars in my time as a driver... My favorite has to be the MG Midget that I bought. It was a clunker and I rebuilt it.... yep! engine and all, restored it completely. That was such a fun car! I also built myself a motorcycle. Ever see the Mad Max movies? Well my bike looked like something from one of them ha! I built it using Honda and Triumph parts and it was such an accomplishment for me. I rode that thing for about 9 years. In my early 20's I drove a 1967 Mercury Comet coupe...3 on the tree with a 289 under the hood. Had a large time in that car too!

    If I could go out and buy any car I wanted...I'm not sure what it would be. Most likely a classic/vintage vehicle that has been completely restored...

  9. I would buy a Toyota Supra for my boyfriend. Its his dream car and Im sure if it stayed in my name (because lord only knows what a males insurance would be on it) he'd let me drive it.

  10. I don't even know right this minute what automobile I would buy. I haven't driven in over 2 years due to a very rare illness that has left me homebound and bedridden, so I haven't even thought about it lately. However, I DO know that I absolutely, positively would NOT buy anything that I could not pay cash for. My husband and I no longer buy anything on credit. Living debt free is SO AMAZING!

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  11. That was a fun Sunday conversation. Thanks for getting in on it.
    1. I agree with you, Big. Take the company car. You can pay cash for the BMW later.

    2. kj ....gypsy sopresso. I completely see your point. I wouldn't want a classic car without a chaffeur. For me, it would be like, "Driving Miss Daisy." Land Rover...... I like that. We could drive one to the Goodwill and "fill it up." I love non-matching dishes. You never get bored looking at the same pattern.

    3. Modern Military Mother ....You crack me up. Wish I could hear your voice. I keep wondering about your accent. I know people who drive Coopers. Like a mini BMW. Is the flag on top for your husband to spot you when he's flying overhead?

    4. Ain't Nothing But a Thang .... Yeah .... i'm with you. I've driven a truck for years. Until recently I had 3. My main drive now is SUV but that's just a modified truck. You go, girl. I picked up a girlfriend who is short of stature and had to chuckle a little as I watched her struggle to get in the truck. You have to be a long-legged gal to drive a pick-up....or extremely agile!

    5. Cinnamoncoatedcandy.... I think that mysterious Jackie O look would suit you well. But be sure the scarf stays on your head.

    6. Sherri..... You are a Road Warrior!!!!! You are like Vinny's GF in "Cousin Vinny." (I always relate to movies ...... typical Pisces) I just like to look at em.....don't know what's under the hood. You are one surprising gal.

    7. Priscilla. How generous are your thoughts. But by all means...... keep the car in your name.

    8. Teresa .... Driving is only a means of getting from "here to there."Thanks for stopping by, So sorry that you are ill. My hat's off to you & your husband to live debt free. This country would be a whole lot better-off if everyone lived like you. I've always lived debt free, too, because I come from the age of pre-plastic. Congratulations.

    That was fun. Let's do it again some time on some other subject. Have a grand week.

  12. I'm a little late coming to this post but that photo caught my eye. We drive a Dodge Dakota pick-up since we always have to haul hay and building supplies.

    Eventually we hope to buy the Tesla Model S, which is an electric car and we can charge it with our solar energy system.

  13. Katlupe. Dodge pick-ups are the favored transportation of Montana, too. I like the way you live, so close to nature. Even the air you breath must be pure.

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