Sunday, July 18, 2010

Music Under The Stars

What? "Music Under the Stars" by Helena Symphony
Admission: Free
Where? On spacious grounds of Carroll College
Spanish Theme: Selections from Carmen, Bolero, Espana

Thousands of people flock here with chairs, blankets,and snacks once a year to socialize and listen to Helena's summer concert. There's no way to get an exact head count because it's free & people wander in from all directions. My daughter lives a few houses from the College and with such a great number of people milling around, it feels as if it's in her yard.

She & I weed-whacked all day to help add beauty to the landscape, as people walked past her house. Geno, a friend & artist is painting the old house she's restoring, a little at a time. Geno is having an art showing this fall, but for now he's adding a little fresh color to her house.

Holy Moly, were we tired. But..... after an epsom soak in the tub and a wonderful organic dinner, we took the dogs for a walk. We hadn't intended to attend the concert. Big signs said, "No dogs."
But we went up on a hill and listened from there. I made a very short video of the whole day but at the end of the video I got distracted with 2 little girls who were dancing to their own drummer. Kids are so uninhibited and natural at anything they do.


  1. Nice day - so sunny and busy! Those kids were cute. :)

  2. Hi Manzanita, You video is great! I don't know if I enjoyed the visit with you at Lisa's house or with you on the hill overlooking the music or the little girls dance routine. Thank you for taking time to enter your productions. Gerry PS: I must see about buying an apricot tree.

  3. I love when people add videos to their blogs...Music under the stars looked like a very fun way to spend an evening :) Thank you for sharing.