Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blogs And Posts You're The Most

Fickle Finger of Fate here again. I think blogging is the kitty's meow. A year ago, Face Book was an accomplishment so I thought I'd give this a whirl. I started with Word Press. Too much for someone who had their coming of age in 1944. I was excited to find Blogger to be more friendly. I had no idea what I was doing, just pushing buttons, and I'm not much beyond that today. I'm a terrible speller and usually forget to use spell check. I'm sure you've noticed. Ha

I received three awards but don't know how to get them on my blog so I just said thanks. My first friend was/is Modern Military Mother. We've also become friends on FB and I'm friends with her British Air Force hubby, Hagar. He's a fly boy who fly's into the war zone and my good thoughts constantly go out to him, dear Milly and the kidlets. Millie is also a damn good writer. "Your book is crying in my kindle. I plead busy." I have so many neat, new friends but I won't begin to mention you for fear I'd forget someone and that would sadden me. ( I sound like I'm accepting an Emmy Award)

Just about everything is pleasing about blogging. I like a good debate. I love it when I write a post and you disagree with me and tell me (in so many words or dang, use the words) that I'm full of crap. My friends are pretty good about that. Once I put on a picture of some chocolate pudding I was touting and Milly said, "It looks like poo!" I could almost hear her say that in her British accent. I nearly choked laughing as I'd just taken a sip of tea. We get some pretty good discussions going and it's wonderful.

I notice some other people's posts where it looks like Narcissist's Life in Silicone Valley. Everyone always "loves" it. Be honest. Squeak up, are you man or mouse? Reminds me of the "yes" men who hung around my husband. He said that was one of the reasons he married me, I was the only person who was honest with him.

I have a passion for most music. It's been my whole life. But, I have a real dominate streak for having control over the button that turns it on/off on my blog. I often post videos but you'll always have a button and a choice. It's very annoying to open a blog and have uninvited strains of "who knows what" burst out at me.

Thank you, all you illustrious bloggers, for the comments and I graciously accept all help with the techie stuff of the computer. :) You're a wonderful lot, you are. I revel in your versatility and your intelligence and wisdom.


  1. Great pic, chick! Is that recent? You look awesome. What can I say, I'm all boy, baby. HA! You do have an interesting blog. Cheers!

  2. That's a very sweet, sincere post, Manzanita. I agree that this world of bloggers is amazing. I also agree that the happy-go-lucky/"Life is so grand" blogs are full of crap. Here's to more of your honesty. Thanks for the visit, too!

  3. I am no good at the techy stuff.
    But I enjoy the people I have come to know through blogging, the different lifestyles, opinions, laughs, struggles....I grow from alot of it.

    I prefer reading about Life Experiences, struggles and joys over "fluff".

  4. Manzi,

    Is that you in the pic... I'm guessing it is -- What a looker!

    I'd have to agree with you on the piped in music (I know, boring "Yes" woman). I work late hours and find it relaxing to read blogs once I get home. The hubby, on the other hand, works normal hours, so he's usually sound asleep. When I check out a new blog and the music starts blaring, I have to scramble to find the volume or get the hell out of the blog before ol' hubby wakes up.

    Scares the "brown pudding" out of me every time! : )

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  6. Big, Hey, Man, recent. Thanks for the compliment. Me too.... all woman (ahem, I guess that should be "was.") Ha! You're fun, Big, and I always appreciate your witty comments.

    Robyn, Good to see you and read your take on subjects. I always enjoy your blog and it's full of great human interest. A heat warming picture of your family.

    Wendy, Good to see you. How's Nurse Wendy? Mastered the needle yet? I sincerely wish Mr. Gorgeous a wholesome recovery and why wouldn't he with such a chick for a nurse? You can sing him a cowboy lullaby. :)

    Kj.... You crack me up... ha That was a good come-back.... loved it. Yeah, when touting music, give listners the button. How about if you're at work, sneaking a peek at a blog and WHAM....... loud rock music hits the boss in the face.

    How late do you work, anyway?

  7. I am the boss. : )

    My ending hours vary from 9:00 pm and at least one day a week 3:00 am.

    My schedule has been kicking my booty lately -- hence the lack of blogging.

  8. Hi, Manzi. The other night I spent a few hours getting confused at WordPress. I want to turn a blog design into a website for my work, but that WordPress. Too many things to figure out. shudder. Maybe I can do what I want with blogger. We shall see. Always enjoy checking out your new posts, and don't think I'm squeaking like a mouse here. :-)

  9. Su-sieee
    You said it too.... "spent a few hours." I wasted soooo much time when I was trying wordpress. Most of it is just beyond my techie level. What am I saying, I don't have a techie level. Just the thought of what you're trying to do scares me. I think you're light years ahead of me on the computer and that's not squeaking, either. Ha
    Good luck

  10. Somehow I think that "brown pudding" phrase and how Millie and kj used it, may become a substitued in my daily language for a less descriptive term. Too funny and much more polite.

  11. Arkansas Patti,
    It is funny but I know someone who isn't laughing... "Poor little cacao pudding." Ha

    Hope your hand is fit again. If I hurt my hand I couldn't type or TALK. I use my hands for both. :)

    Holiday weekend.... make it a great one. Manzanita