Saturday, September 25, 2010

Farm Party

Since I rarely come out of my mushroom cave, I suppose everyone in the world has heard of a Farm Party. Ho Hum, I'm always the last to know.

It's Saturday again and my weekly conversation with my Granddaughter. Today she is working on the national program where people turn in their old prescription drugs.

She mentioned that kids have Farm parties. I thought. "Oh that's a nice rural thing to do."

But then she said, "That's spelled "Pharm" not "Farm"..... you know, from pharmaceutical. Each kid has to bring a bottle of prescription drugs and dump them into a big bowl to share with everyone."

Were my antiquated body cells shocked over this? No. I guess if kids are taught at home it's OK to take drugs, that's what they'll do. But what I am wondering is, at what point did kids begin to lose respect for their bodies.

I have a joking type personality. I worked my way through serious, found my soul and now I can laugh and concentrate on the humor in life. BUT I'm going to turn serious for the moment. Your soul, this beautiful nebulous thing that is your passkey for eternal life (or whatever spiritual belief you follow) lives inside of the skeletal mass of bones you call a body. When, in the past 50 years, have parents shed their responsibility of teaching their offspring the importance of keeping this temple pure? Instead, it appears that kids have been taught to give it no more respect than they would for a city dump.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the delicate tick tick of all your body organs when they are in sync with one another. If a little book of instructions (like the laundry care tag that comes inside of sweaters) came with each baby, it would say, "Caution, chemicals are harmful to this body." Kids have to be told they shouldn't take drugs. I remember a friend's little boy was a bed wetter. He stayed with another little kid one night and the mother told the boys good night and they shouldn't wet the bed. In the morning, the bed wetter hadn't wet the bed. The mother of the bed wetter was shocked and asked her son why he didn't wet the bed. He answered that no one had ever told him not to. In her permissive child rearing, she had forgotten to tell him that bed wetting wasn't the thing to do. This is a true story.

Some of you have kids, some of you don't, but they are the future of this country, of the world in fact and how do you feel about this drug problem that young kids have?

P.S. The old drawing above is the "Farm" where I grew up.


  1. Maybe we ought to send kids to real farms and do some hard sweat and grunt work. This is the first time I've heard of pharm parties. That's just so wrong!

  2. This is the first I've heard of Pharm Parties. It's so wrong, so bad, so dangerous. Obviously these kids don't have enough to do and need to work their butts off on a farm.

  3. Me too, never heard of them before. Of course, my boys are in their 40's so I've been out of touch for a long, long, long time.

  4. Hi I am Nicole from I found you on a blog hop and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

  5. There is a popular commercial here against drug use in which a kid brings in a pencil box a variety of drugs to sell. They are everything from aspirin to contraception. I did not know they were called Pharm parties but quite well aware of them. Scary!

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  7. I'm with you on this one completely, but I can't preach, seeing how I can't leave my house for a simple trip to the market without taking my brain medication with me for fear I'll be taken hostage during a hold up and end up missing a dose.

    Oh, how I love me some Dopamine! : )

  8. Never heard of Pharm Parties and I'm shocked. How potentially dangerous!

  9. We are a nation of pharm dependent people. They might well have gotten their drugs from their parents medicine cabinets. Look at that term. Medicine cabinets are built into almost every American home. They might call them something else now, but.... They are taking medical drugs for recreational purposes and that is very dangerous, not to mention highly addictive. Many of them are opiate derivatives. It also tells us how unsatisfied our young people are with the way of life they are leading and Seeing in American culture, if you can call it that. Manzi, you touched a nerve with me. :) Good post.

  10. I can't express more vehemently how opposed I am to the rampant dispensing of pharmaceutical drugs. Not everyone needs to be medicated. It's called: coping skills. I'm all for education of such.

    Your body is your temple. Worship it.

  11. Wow, I'm right there with you in being the last to know. I love the farm where you grew up. This pharm party stuff, in contrast, makes me feel sick. Thanks for this post. Everyone should know this is going on.

    I do hope you are well, my friend.

  12. Meant to tell you that I like the drawing of the farm where you grew up. What a nice piece of memorabilia.

  13. I also must be in the dark, because I have never heard of a Pharm Party either, but now that I have, I'm horrified. Sounds like Russian Roulette to me. I hope this trend has an abrupt end soon.

  14. Su-sieee and Kitty,
    I agree. Kids don't work and parents have lost control. I heard of a teen-ager suing his Mother for going into his FB and he won. The gov't is controling the children not the parents.

    Sunny, Naila, Kj, Christine, Robyn, Katie,
    I'm with you. In the dark about such things. All kids do some rebellious acts against society and parents but becoming druggies at such an early age will forever harm their adult life. I just heard the number of kids who become addicted to prescription drugs each day and the number was staggering. (of course, I can't remember the exact no).

    Thanks for stopping. I did stop by your blog and am now a follower.

    Thanks for commenting on my precious old drawing. It's a big drawing (framed) and when I want to escape I gaze at it until I'm there again and I find my peace.

    Right. Kids have to be taught to respect their bodies, the temple of their soul.

    Thank you, everyone for responding to this post. There are good kids who enter into sports, music, and other creative events and then they are able to side step the drug temptations. For instance, my Granddaughter, who is a song writer, holds classes for school kids in teacing them how to write songs. My daughter and I volunteer teaching kids to dance. They have to learn to respect their bodies..... something that should be taught by parents but apparently isn't.

    Thanks for you dear, thoughtful comments.

  15. This is a good post. Isn't it funny how the WORD/SAYINGS of the now generation differ from our own.
    Farm vs Pharm
    Righteous ...not meaning "righteous" but now meaning "way cool"
    hard to keep up
    BUT YES....I am with you..........our bodies are our gift....our temples so to speak
    to treasure and protect. respect, love

    I have a son who is a drug addict and OH THE PAIN of watching how it has ruined his life.....
    again, I repeat, such pain
    such a silly unworthy demon in our lives to TAKE OVER what was US

    it is sad, it is tragic, it hurts,
    respect this body, this temple...that has been given to us

  16. Wendy,
    I was going to say welcome back but then I dropped in on your blog and Oh.... yeah.... thank god for libraries.... po-dunk or no. I was wondering how Mr. Gorgeous is doing. Guess we'll have to wait a while yet.
    I am soooo sorry about your son. What a waste to himself and his family. All Mothers understand and share a little of your pain. We feel so helpless when kids have grown and we don't know how to help them.
    Thanks for commenting. I hope many people read this. You are a dear sweet lady. May the "Puter" have a speedy recovery.

  17. Wow. I've not heard of a Pharm party either. Makes me wonder, whatever next? Interesting story about bed-wetting too. I think the power of suggestion of whats right and wrong really is amazing.

    And btw I have an award for you at my blog, do stop by and collect when you can. ;)

  18. This is horrifying news. There are grown-ups who refuse to take medication because hey are afraid of side effects and kids take them like 'potluck'?
    Blimey - is there no end to people's stupidity?

  19. Wow. I've never heard of a Pharm party either. That's scary. Very, very scary.

    I agree, parents need to be more responsible in educating their children. Interesting story about the bed-wetting but it makes perfect sense.

    Happy weekend,