Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Your Life A Song?

Is your life a song? Is it a scintillating, soul grabbing, emotion retching, gut crying story? Would I dance it, wallow in it, and slurp it up like a smoothie? I just realized my own life is pathetic. How do I know? Here's what happened Saturday morning.

My Granddaughter and I were having our usual little week end chat on the phone with me learning more than I need to know about the loves and flirtations of the young single life.

Especially when she started out with, "Do you know where I spent last night?"

Big alert for the Nana. "No and I don't think I want to."

"It was with Sam."

Sam was the guy the whole family approved of. (Do you think that could trigger a rebellious break-up?) We covered the details but it wasn't at all the shocking scandal you might expect.

We finished our conversation, hung up and I started my morning green drink. I gulped down the drink (shouldn't do that, bad for digestion) and quickly washed the parts of the juicer. I had just finished cleaning the kitchen when my Granddaughter's phone-ring sounded again. I picked up the phone, thinking she had forgotten to tell me more of the Sam story.

She was breathless. "I just wrote a song about you."

"Aaaaaah." I didn't know what to say. It had been fifteen minutes (at the very most) since we talked and no song. Fifteen minutes later, how could she have a song? But, I swear she did. She put the speaker phone down and sang (with guitar) three verses, plus chorus, a song about her Grandmaw. Holy Moly, I was shocked. Songs come to her as a vision, in a flash. The song had a foot-stomp'n, old-tymey waltzey melody with words that would tweak your heart strings into a quivering mass of emotional tears.

OMG..... that's me. That's my pathetic life. I'm a loser. I blew it. I wasted what little talent I had. The chorus was a real dancey beat, repeating"Twirl on, twirl on." The verses told of my Grandpaw who played the fiddle as I danced and my yearning to be a dancer, go to NY and be a star but instead, the babies came and by this time, I'm sobbing for the girl in the song and what a dumb jerk she was.

But I liked it. I more than liked it. It had that hit tune quality that stuck in my head long after we got off the phone. She said her song inspiration had been looking at the old fiddle of my Grandfather's that I had recently passed onto her. I told her I remembered going out in the barn with him and grabbing some hair from the horses tail for his fiddle bow. Oh, that was in the song too. My life in three verses!

But would I change it? Nawww. Not a teeny bit of it, pathetic as it sounds in song. I still danced, though never a star. The picture above was Flamenco in my early 20's. I'm in the middle.

Imagine your life in song. It's actually fun.


  1. Wonderful picture, Manzanita. I love the idea of having my life put to song. I think I'd be a ballad with a few minor keys thrown in during the sad times and at the end of each verse, a happy chorus. Great post!

  2. Manzanita! I'm going to give this a bit more thought and have some fun imagining "my song." I, too, wouldn't change a thing. It All brought me here, to this time and place, and despite the twangy time I seem to be in recently, I know tomorrow might write another, toe-tapping, verse. Very cool post!

  3. BTW; What a great photo! You have a spirited look.

  4. A song capturing all 21+36 years of additional experience in one song would sure simplify my life ;-) But I imagine that it would be a hard sounding guitar smashing ear shattering type of song and be "R" rated on itunes :-)

  5. I want to hear the song!!! And you are gorgeous - look at you with your dancer's hat on!! :-)

    What lovely talented granddaughter!

    Take care

  6. How cool! It sounds like you have a great relationship with your talented granddaughter.

    I came over via Java's Follow Friday 40 & Over and have enjoyed my visit.


  7. I hope I get to hear your granddaughter's song one day, Manzanita. Only a star would have a song, so I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a star, too. The husband wrote me a song awhile back. A happy, sweet song how I make him crazy. So here's one star to another. Look how we glow in the night from the love of those who know us...Yeah, I can get mushy sometimes. Hugs!

  8. Just popping in from Follow Friday over at Never Growing Old. Love your blog. I am a born again Christian. I am a sewing and fashion diva. I have also have an art blog, homeschool my five kids and hula hoop for exercise. Just a quick little get to know me. Come on by if you'd like to learn more.


  9. Great post and I loved your photo. What a talented granddaughter you have!

  10. You have a beautiful life, a loving family, wonderful wit, and stories so fascinating I (and 77 others and growing) can't seem to get enough. You are a BLOG Star!

  11. Loved the photo. You are beautiful but also very confident looking. The girl to the left is obviously very envious of you.
    Your relationship with your granddaughter is definitely special to her also since she wrote the song for you.
    If I had to chose one song, it would be "We Will Sing in the Sunshine." Not proud of it but true.

  12. Roxy,
    Sounds like you have a very well balanced life song. That's what we all strive for and you've achieved it. Well done.

    I always value your opinions. You have a beautiful song. I can feel it.

    You'd have a wonderful life song. And....we can all use a little "R" rated.

    Old Kitty,
    Thanks but that pic was a long time the time when we are all perky!!!

    Thanks for stopping. I'll be by to see you.

    Thanks every one. Your comments are meaningful to me. Manzi

  13. Su-sieee
    I laughed out loud at your "crazy" song from your husband. From one star to another.....always keep that sparklig personality handy. You make the world a better place.

    Trudy Callan,
    Thanks for stopping. I'll be by your blog shortly.

    I appreciate your stopping by and your comments. I thank you.

    Hope you are feeling better. I think of you. You are generous and kind.
    Hello to your family and the 3 pups are included in that, too!!!

    Thank you for stopping by, dear blogging friends. Manzi

  14. Patti,
    "We will sing in the sunshine." If that's your song, do be proud of it, you know your song and so many people don't have a clue to what their's is. At least you are singing until the adios comes. My words have probably been to "Crazy" ..... duh!!!

  15. What a lovely relationship you have with your granddaughter. You and she are very fortunate. I never thought about my life as a song. I have no idea what it would be. Probably something that skips a beat every now and then.

  16. Manzanita, you have a wonderfully gifted granddaughter and I am blessed at the relationship that you share with her. I have got to give some thought to my song. I might change a few things if I could.

    Have a great weekend,

  17. Hello Dear Manzanita,

    Lucky you, for a close relationship with your granddaughter. I must say I have that too and it is worth more than gold.

    I so enjoy your blog. I have been skipping out on posting past few days, yet I am constantly looking for a new entry of yours! I do have enough time for that. :)

    Thinking of my life song...can't come up with a title. I will take anything "Happy and Joyful". I am a blessed one, all of the way.

    Picking you in the picture was an easy thing to do. You were a shinning star of rare regal beauty among your peers. I cannot help but wonder if this dance team was a practice or perhaps a play? That would be interesting to know if you would like to share more.


  18. How adorable for your granddaughter to write a song about you. You must be so loved by her. Love the photo, such great memories even if we think we were losers back then,lol.

  19. There you are, fame at last!
    To be the muse of a talented young musician can't be bad but to end up being happy with your lot after a long and colourful life is truly good. Who knows, the best may yet be to come.

    Here's hoping!

  20. Carol,
    Ha.... skips a beat like a jumpy old phonograph record? I've been there too. Enjoy your weekend.

    Thanks for your kind words. I always look forward to your fun and advice on your blogs.

    Auntie E,
    Thanks for stopping and commenting. I will stop at your interesting blog. Wishing you a joyful weekend.

    Thank you for coming by. You words are always very welcome. Yes, dang it, I always wanted to be someone's muse. Finally made it, just under the wire!!!

    Thank you, everyone for the comments. I waddle in them!! Manzi

  21. Hey Gerry,
    I'm happy to hear from you. I was afraid perhaps you were ill. Glad you're OK and just taking a blog rest.

    You too, have a very close family and we both know how important that is. I watch my Granddaughter going through the same decision process I once did. I really don't know, Gerry. I couldn't face my "old age" that I'm now in if I were not surrounded by a loving, caring family. Fans are like dispassionate paper dolls. Ashly sees every man as a threat to her creativity.

    I've always belonged to a Flamenco troupe and that old pic is from a performance we did. We never took many pictures back then. Throughout the years, I got my itch for dancing out of my system by keeping it as a glorified hobby. That way, I really had it all. From what you say, it seems like that is what you chose, too, with your music.

    Happy that I heard from you....
    Make it a great weekend....Manzi

  22. What an interesting new header you have. I love all of them, especially this one. I am a hopeless romantic. Gerry