Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Ended. Bring on Autumn.

Another Labor Day came and left with an abandoned picnic table of a few fat-solidified burgers on a plate, remains of potato salad and beans with sloppy serving spoons buried in the bowls,and cold pasta salads, now floating in the shiny salad dressing. Did I eat this? Nope. I insult hostesses and bring my own food. I also share, of course, but no one’s interested in healthy food. So be it.

On Friday I attended Karen's virtual BBQ and had a great time. The food was great and I could pick and choose from everything imaginable!

Now we can all go home and plant our gardens, (or harvest our fruit this time of the year) as Voltaire says. I guess very few people literally plant gardens anymore so let’s leave it in the abstract intention.

I haven’t thought of Voltaire in years. One of my favorites is his story about the widow whose husband left instructions that she couldn’t remarry until the Ganges changed it’s course. For 6 months, the widow mourned and remained faithful but the next morning found her out in the middle of the Ganges River with a shovel. (So much for the “I’ll be faithful to you Honey for the rest of my life ).

As I wheeled the trash bin to the street this morning, I could already smell autumn in the crisp pre-dawn air. Low clouds had settled over the mountains as a foreboding warning of what's to come. A double edged sword in my book, as it means adios to serious lawn mowing but hello to snow shoveling.

Do I care? Uh uh. I'll just plug in my light therapy bulbs, work on my "Moroccan Days" and kiss the winter blas goodby.


  1. I hope I'm not to late! I'm visiting from Karen's BBQ blog, I know by now you're probably tired of all the food, and completely full but at least I brought some more wine!!! :) I love wine!

    It's great to meet you, and the title of your blog rocks my socks off... I'd love to buy a duck, LOLOL.

  2. I only have a concret front so am confined to plant pot gardening - but I do love pottering around amongst them!

    Yes, autumn is on summer's doorstep eager to chase her out! Sigh.

    Have a great day!
    Take care

  3. I think I need to attend some virtual picnics and BBQ's myself. Sounds good for the diet.
    Love your header picture.
    Be well, Manzanita.

  4. Loooved the Ganges story, Manzanita. When we lived in Hawaii, I missed the four seasons, my soul cried to feel the cold, not forever, now, for spring is awesome. Have a great day!

  5. Hello! Just stopping from the BBQ. Thanks for the follow and nice comment on my blog, it is much appreciated. I hear you on chasing winter blahs away. My plan is to work on my poetry book and take as many adventures as I can, even in the snow! Enjoy always, Janelle

  6. Thanks Manzanita for stopping by and your kind words. I so miss my grandpa but knew it was to happen and I will always remember his bright eyes, his "hi-hi's" and love.
    We are working on finishing up our garden. Today am doing tomatoes, tomorrow too and then a few days off then more. The corn is up, beans are done, beets are picked and frozen all that's left will be apples and it's time for them too but not so many this year, have to beg from others so will see what we get.
    Take care and have a great afternoon. God Bless my dear~~

  7. Love that story! We did plant an actual garden. Well, my husband did anyway, and now we are enjoying the harvest.

  8. My father's illness seems to be getting the best of him lately, so last night I wanted to make our cozy dinner for four very special. The menu didn't matter, as Dad's really too sick to enjoy food right now.

    I went for an outdoor simple, elegance theme. We dined outside under the canopy of "Mother Tree-sa," our oldest and most beloved Oak. The crickets, the creek's trickling water, and the soft snoring from our Pug, all made for soothing background music. A recycled glass bottle held four beautiful Black-eyed Susans and candles and a garden torch provided ambient lighting.

    I know Dad didn't enjoy the meal, but hopefully the Garden fed his soul. I'm not sure I'm ready for Autumn; I wish I could freeze time for just a bit longer.

  9. Hey Jen,
    You're always welcome..... with or without wine, but a wee nip of the grape is very attractive, too. Ha
    Thanks for stopping and commenting on the duck. I'll let it "rock" my socks off too......(and my boots!)

    Old Kitty, by the way.... that name (Old Kitty) is really catchy. Me, too.... no garden anymore. Used to do the big one but my interests changed, although I gladly accept the fruits of other's labors.
    I like the way you put it...Autumn in on Summer's doorstep.

    And the food is wonderful at the virtual. I usually eat too much !!! :)
    Thanks for commenting on the picture header. From my Robert Doisneau collection. Sigh love.

    Thank you all, for stopping by and the wonderful comments.

  10. Manzanita, I have been wistful about the end of summer, but fall is my favorite time of year. I am (almost) looking forward to snow. I need a break from weeding. Next year, mulch.

  11. JW.....Janelle
    I see you're from MN so I know you understand winter blas. I consider MN my home although now I live in Montana. It's really a wonderful time to hole up, keep warn and write or read.
    We still have that gorgeous Indian Summer ahead of us. Take care.

    You do a big-time garden. I used to when my kids were little..... and preserved like you are doing. Now, I'm alone and it's too much work for one.
    The season of a garden is like life. Autumn is nigh here and your Grandpa reached the autumn of his life too. You, Julie are his beautiful fruit. Always remember that. Become special friends with your Grandmother like my Granddaughter is to me now.
    You are in my thoughts.

    You lucky people who can enjoy the fruits of your labor. I can taste that marvelous bite of a string bean. My hat's off to the hubby for doing all the labor.

    Kitty Howard,
    I'm with you in remembering the yearning I felt for the 4 seasons when i lived in Florida for 25 years. Then I used to meet native Floridians who had never seen a snow flake. Balance is the best, a little bit of each.
    Enyoy your beautiful day.

    Thank you all, for the great comments. See ya later. Manzanita

  12. Kj.
    I saw the pictures of your Father but when I think of him, I see that hunky young guy on the blanket with your Mom. That's a precious one. You are going through a very difficult time, now.

    Even though your Father couldn't eat the food, I'm sure he deeply appreciated the fact that you put on an elaborate dinner for him. It must have been a lovely setting and evening that was picture perfect. I'm sure you took pictures and we want to see them.
    My best to your Dad and all his family.

  13. I'm guessing it's still summer here in San Antonio. Tropical Storm Hermine passed right smack over us today and knocked out our power for about nine hours. Oh, the joy.

  14. That's one thing I must admit to not missing about winter in Europe and that was the snow shoveling. We get snow once every 20 years or so in South Africa. Here, Spring is in the air, but most mornings are still crispy, but I do enjoy the chill in the air.

    Have a fabulous day and btw - I'd be eating the healthy food with you at the BBQ ;-)

  15. Hum, have I been missing something not having read Voltaire?? Loved the story.
    I am also ready to stop mowing. Bring on the cold.

  16. Teresa,
    I'm always sick of mowing. I don't like loud noisy machines. I'd rather weed but tired of that.... Yeah... let's shovel for a while. Ha

    We have the snow but you have your share of weather problems in different categories.... 9 hours without electricity is time to melt everything in the freezer, isn't it? No hot water, lights. I lived in Florida 25 years and remember the hurricanes.

    Sounds like you got the perfect weather right now. Enjoy it. I like your phrase "Spring is in the air".... like the song.Thanks for stopping by.

    I read Voltaire when I was quite young..... I think I'd still like him ???? I don't find time to read for fun..... most of my reading is technical lately. Hope you are recovering from your altercation with the sidewalk or ground.
    Lawn mowers..... go to the back of the shed. (And stay there!)

    Thanks, everyone for the day-brightening comments. They cheer my spirit. Manzanita