Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey Babes ..... Let's Move It

Dear Bloggy Babes and Babbetts.

That time again. Snow'n and blow'n outside and we don't want to brave the cold for our exercise. Below is a short video I made to a group of "My Fabulous Generation" about seven months ago after I had just turned eighty. Flamenco is my favorite form of dance and it teaches grace and agility. Grab a fan, (or not) get your butkus off the sofa and follow along. The basic step throughout is just side, ball change. Let's all have fun together.

P.S. Men can do it too. Leave out the fan and keep your fingers straight in a more rigid position, the only difference between men's and women's style.


  1. Cool, Manzi! I actually have a fan on my desk. I picked it up and got out of my chair to follow along. It'll take me many times before I get it down. I found out I lost some range in my bum arm. Bummer, but I'll get it back. Thanks for the push!

  2. That's why I love your blog and your attitude!

  3. This is beyond cool. It's fabulous! And so are you! I will, henceforth, aspire to this level of appreciation for life, staying vital and active. I think I may have to get a long swirly skirt and red shoes, perhaps. VERY inspiring. Truly.

  4. Oh my goodness!! Oh wow!! Oh you are GORGEOUS!! LOOK AT YOU!! OH YAY!!!!! I want those red shoes!! Oh wow.

    Wow again!! Take care

  5. Oh, you look wonderful! I can only watch the video in tiny bursts as our broadband is so slow, but I get the idea.

    I agree that we should try to keep exercising, even in bad weather. Managed to get to my zumba class on Friday evening. I went in shivering and came out glowing!

  6. IMPRESSIVE!!! Now that is great cold weather exercise. Now where did I put my fan.

  7. I really miss ballroom dancing! I never got to any dances that exotic. (Foxtrot was about as out there as we got!)
    We took lessons a long time ago. I found out very quickly that my husband cannot hear the beat in the music. He has NO SENSE of rythm. I had to lead, while watching my toes!
    But I had a GREAT time when I got to dance with the instructor or the other men at the open dances at our studio.

    Anyway, you are inspiring me.
    Do you think I could do my own version (with the fan, of course) to a Miley Cyrus video my tween girls are watching? It might freak them out?
    Better yet--I'll wait until the sleep over in a couple of weeks. I'll really impress their friends!

  8. Su-sieee,
    Thanks for dancing with me. :) It was fun. Sorry you have a bad arm so take it easy. That was for a fun exercise class for women who were in their 60's and 70's. I'll bet you are a good dancer, right?

    Ah, gee.....that's a nice compliment. Thanks.

    Thanks for stopping. Are you getting ready for your trip?

    You already have a great appreciation of life and you won't lose that. It's actually easier as you get older. I've found the key is feeling no.physical pain. Of course, red shoes help. :)

    Old Kittie,
    Thanks.... flamenco red shoes can never be sexy, as in the red shoes Charlie was looking at.

    You are really "with it." I don't think zumbra is even taught around here. It gives you great hip movement, huh.

    Find that fan. Patti, Have a great week. xo

    Thanks everybody. Dancing is such a fun way to exercise!!!!!

  9. Let's say that I enjoy dancing. I'm horrible at learning steps, but I'm a whiz at hearing the music and going with it. The husband and I think it would be fun to take dance lessons one day.

  10. Manzi,
    I have the fan, the dress (I can add big ruffles to the sleeves), I have my flamenco style shoes, I have the guitar and the wood floor. I have the energy so I am ready for basic dance steps!
    Seriously Manzi, I look forward to your blogs. I wish I had an award to present you on originality and presentation.

  11. Dear Su-sieee,
    Dancing isn't done with the feet, it's done with the body. At least that's what I always tell my students. So when you look at it that way, a lot of the people aren't dancing. Steps are just one way to get you around the room but the dancing comes when you move your body. So .... I'd say you're dancing!!!! :) You go, Sweet Girl!!!

    Dear Big D,
    I've danced all my life and since I don't really perform anymore, my aim "is" to be an inspiration to wanna-be dancers. Some people actually can't put music inside of them. Maybe your husband is one. And other's are just shy and afraid people are looking at them. I've known many people like that, but once they learn some basics of dance, they gain confidence and don't mind people looking at them and WOW.... no stopping them at that point.

    That would be fun for a sleep over as all little girls love to dance.
    Have a great week and good luck with the girls.
    Love, xo xo

    Seriously, I bet you are a very good dancer. You already know how to put the music inside of you and I'll bet it comes out in movement. That's all dancing is. My son went to a dance last Friday and he was at my house studio in the afternoon for a tweaking in his swing. I don't social ballroom anymore because there are absolutely no good male ballroom dancers in Montana. Some think they are, but I've lived and breathed ballroom my whole life and trust me, there are not.

    You are far too kind to this old broad but I thank you lovely Gerry. You are a Dear Dear Bloggy Friend.