Monday, December 20, 2010

One Rose or a Dozen. Did Timmy Really Fall in the Well

Have you ever heard the old 50's song, "I got tears in my ears from lying on my back in my bed, crying over you." Every time I see John Boehner (new house speaker) I think of that song. I like him, but he's a cry baby. He actually went through two crying jags on TV. I know why.

I was strict Macrobiotic for 35 years. That main premise is built on Yin and Yang. Yin, being feminine and watery while yang is masculine and firmer. Some food is considered yin, and other food is yang. I can change my emotional make-up by what I eat. I can blubber when Lassie barks that Timmy fell in the well or I can flick off the TV in disbelief. Depends on what I've eaten for the past few days.

Things that are on the yin end of the stick ....... sugar, drugs, marijuana, sugary soft drinks. If I wanted to make my emotions hard as nails, I'd load up on salt and meat. Get the picture. What one strives for is the middle.... in other words, "well balanced."

Sooooo.... has John been smok'n too much weed, popp'n too many pills, guzzling the syrupy drinks or taking too many spoonfuls of sugar to make the medicine go down? Yin, yin, yin.... makes a guy all gushy and gooey, thinking it's more sentimental to bring a lady one rose than a dozen.

You can "man-up" John, by adding more salt, stop with the yin and move closer to the middle. But know where the middle is or you'll end up like Winston Churchill, soaking in the bath tub while smoking a stogie, dictating orders to your secretary and ordering roses by the dozen.


  1. Problem I see with his tears are that they only seem to come when he is reminiscing about his own life. We'll see where time and more experience will take him. I definitely don't like him now. If he does well, I may change my mind. Other than that, the food part was very interesting to me. Swedes, in general, are stoic and don't cry (I'm an exception) and we grow up eating a lot and I mean a lot of salty fish, salty meat and so on!--Inger

  2. I just went awwwww when he started to cry! Oh dear!! I guess I've got too much yin and not enough yang too !LOL!! Take care

  3. You are correct. Balance is everything.

    Did the last Speaker make everyone cry?

    Yes, Timmy did fall down the well.

  4. So were you on that type of diet or still are?
    That is interesting I guess I never equated food with emotions. Other than eating it as an emotional crutch.

  5. Goodness, I am going to try the food thing. Maybe I can toughen up enough to watch Hallmark commercials.

  6. Inger,
    Right, the Swedish diet leans more to Yang. My first husband was Swedish and all his relatives ate the typical food.

    Old Kitty,
    Females are supposed to be Yin so they do cry. Some women say they like a man who cries but I've always preferred a more yang man. Actually well balanced would be desireable.

    Well said. You are so right.
    I was on Macro for 35 years, then I went raw but right now I'm on the Gerson Therapy as a deep cleanse and I'll stay on a modified form of that for the rest of my life. I've always eaten for health and never ever been sick or had a pain in my body. (I'm going on 81) It's not luck or heredity. I work on it and it makes life so much more enjoyable. Thanks for asking.

    It's OK for women to be yin and cry. That's what we are supposed to be, the soft ones. Men, uuuggg, the hard warriors! I want to cry at those animal commercials. I run and turn the TV off because I can't stand to see animals sick and in cages.

  7. I got tears in my ears from lying on my back in my bed, crying over you.....
    …and If I get water on the brain, you will know you are to blame.

    Lol, Manzi, you sure know how to get your point across…haa.

    No extremes for me. I like a good sensible balance.


  8. Ha Ha Gerry,
    That song always makes me laugh. Is that the 2nd phrase really??? I don't even know all the words. That's strange because I used to be such a song freak. There was a magazine called "Hit Parade" that had all the words of the popular songs. I always got it because I loved to sing. I bet you did too.

    No extremes for me either. My first husband, when I was really, really young was a full blown Narcissist (but father of my children) I made bad choices then because I was just a country girl and thought all city men were like the country men in our family..... i.e. good family men. I soon found out, not so. But I stayed with him because of my kids. After kids mostly gone, I found Calvin, a good, kind, well balanced gentleman and had 25 years with a wonderfull role model and my kids adored him. God, I just told you my life story in a nut shell.

    You were smarter than I to choose wisely the first time. :) :)

  9. Yes, that line falls in 2nd or third...haa.

    I was so young when I married, too. I was studying to be a nurse, married and that was the end of that. Wonderful husband and father..just luck, mere luck.

    I believe you chose wisely with Calvin ;).

  10. Well could they be tears of joy? He sings that he was on his back in bed crying over someone who was where ??? (Naughty thought) Of course that's in a song. Bot I think the cry thing needs to be examined a bit more. Tears do not always convey sorrow. What do we really know about this Speaker guy? Since when is crying a form of speaking?? Odd way of getting attention since the media is picking this up and playing with it and now we are too. Hope I'm not the heartless one? I have shed a tear or two but then I am ying.

  11. I do not mind sensitive men but there is a fine line between sensitive and ......way too much yin!!?? For some reason, I expect, pray for, want, need and require my Government Officials to be stronger than he appears. I would hope that a person, man or woman, could hold it together during an interview.

    Your blog is amazing and I loved the flamenco have so much grace and style. How long have you been dancing? Hubby taught me to country dance when we met and since then we have enjoyedmtaking West Coast Swing lessons. Never in a million years could I have the smooth grace that you have. Sometimes I am like a bull in a china cabinet but I enjoy myself and that is what is important!

  12. Yin and Yang.......with foods?? never thought or knew that.
    I am a blubbering bawl baby .........guess I need to change my diet. (tee,hee)
    My mom and sister are quite stoic and always keep it together
    me and my dad wear our emotions on our sleeve.
    It take practically nothing to make me tear up.

    I sometimes wish I had more control, but then again, I am an emotional person WHO CARES about people . I am who I am. I'll always cry at hallmark movies and commericials.

    have a wonderful Christmas my friend.

  13. Gerry,
    A nurse too. Me too. We really do the same things. I got married and then finished. Mine was psychiatric nursing. But I only worked a few years and later when the kids were in school, I'd releave nurses for their vacations.

    Thanks for stopping and the nice comment. Yes, the media really picked this up but it picks up everything. As Shawn said, we expect our government officials to have some back bone. Sure, women are yin and it's accepted and expected for them to shed a few tears now and then. :)

    I totally agree. We need these newly elected officials to be strong now.

    West Coast Swing is a fun dance. I teach classes in that. Always been a favorite of mine but I can't pick a real favorite. I competed in International ballroom for about 35 years. I've danced Flamenco for 60 years and still teach. I turned an attached garage into a studio. Put in a floating maple floor and have the studio I've always yearned for. I also have a studio in Helelna in an old house but don't drive back and forth during the winter.

    Dancing is such a grand social hobby for a couple. My husband had no interest in dance so I always had dance partners. I "had" to dance. He totally supported me and was my best cheer leader. I am so very happy that you and hubby are learning dance. It will give you so much enjoyment all your life. And I'd put my money on you looking great on the dance floor. West Coast is rather a difficult dance. Just practice, practice. I've danced it for over 50 years. Cheers to you and hubby.
    Wishing you a beautiful Holiday.

    Thanks for stopping. I think you're at your relatives and getting lots of hugs. Girls are supposed to be yin and the crying ones. So go ahead and cry. Good for you.
    Love to you and your family at this Christmas time.

    Love to all from Manzanita and Christmas blessings

  14. passez un bon fétes de fin d'année.

  15. That's a funny line--"I got tears in my ears from lying on my back in my bed, crying over you." Makes me think of that saying "drowning in one's tears."...I agree, there's something to yin and yang foods. I've read that Boehner may have a drinking problem, which makes me wonder what he's troubled about. Maybe he's conflicted that he has gone over to the dark side of helping the conglomerates and very wealthy instead of the poor kids and others who remind him of his own growing up in hard times.

  16. Ian,
    And a very wonderful New Year to you. Thanks for dropping by.

    Don't tell me I heard of a song that you didn't. :) Yeah, alcohol would do it too, wouldn't it? Very yin.