Sunday, March 27, 2011

An Affair to Remember

I was TV surfing and caught the last part of "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr (1957). I ran for my box of kleenex and watched the rest. A classic timeless plot of 2 people who meet on a cruise, fall in love and agree to meet in 6 months. (they are both engaged to others). The cruise ship they're on is the SS Constitution. I made 2 trips across the Atlantic in that ship in the early '50's. But not with Cary Grant. Dang!!!

Everyone knows the movie story but I snapped a few photos from the TV (not so good).

Below, C. Grant is picking up the shawl that his deceased Grandmother wanted Deborah to have.

After the 6 months, he's waiting for her as she's rushing in traffic to meet him but she is hit by a car, taken to the hospital and didn't make their rendezvous. She can't walk and is too proud to let him see her in a wheel chair. Since she was a singer, she gets a job teaching music in a school. Below, she's directing a kids choir. (I'm pulling out tissues)

She goes to a concert with the man she was engaged to. They are now just friends. C. Grant is also there with his ex-fiancee, also just friends. They see each other and assume they are both married. (I'm frantically pulling kleenex out of the box now).

C. Grant discovered where she lives and suspects something so he pays her a visit after the concert. She's on the sofa and her wheel chair is out of sight. After some hurt feelings conversation, he opens the door where her chair is and he knows. Picture below, they are telling each other they weren't at the rendezvous meeting so they could save face.

They embrace and kiss. (More tissues, more tissues). OMG it's so sensual !!!!

They are both crying. Hell, I'm crying. She wipes his tears. I have to wipe my own.

The end, the unreal ending. If that were today, he'd probably dump her anyway but it's such a beautiful fantasy. It's the way all little girls want their life to be. That ever-lasting love. Today the movies are into realism. "Sleepless in Seattle" is the closest fairly modern movie I've seen that comes close to a true forever love.

OK, gals, let's wipe eyes and blow noses and get back to reality. C. Grant..... what a hunk. Was he gay? They used to keep that information hidden.
He was married several times but I don't think it ever said in his biography. But I love that man !!!!!


  1. I loved him too... Gay??? Who cares!...and may I add a few sniffs??? Great movie.

  2. Cary Grant was defintely good looking. I think he was straight, but who knows. As you say, they were much better about keeping that info hidden back then. It was a much bigger "deal" if you were gay then. I suppose it is still somewhat important if you're a movie star and love interest to many a lady. If everyone knew you played for the other team, that might ruin your appeal... hmmm. I don't know. Anyway, it is definitely a "cry movie." Those are the best kind.

  3. When he opens that bedroom door and sees the chair, oh my! Hand me the tissues! That shot of him with his eyes closed as he absorbs what that chair means is one of the most eloquent silences on film! That is an actor!! Actually the whole film is a classic for so many wonderful reasons. It was beautifully directed. The scene on the ship where he circles the staircase is brilliant. The grandmother (a great actor whose name I cannot recall at the moment), and the fiance, so expressive and understated. Cary Grant, he was perfectly cast. (I don't give a hoot if he was gay or not, he surely wasn't on the screen!) I am loath to admit it, but although she was good in the role, Deborah Kerr just never seemed quite right to me. I think it's because I kept wanting it to be me! The most wonderful tear-jerker ever! sigh....

  4. Oh me too! Me too! I loved that movie! And I loved Cary Grant also. He seemed like such a nice man. I know Rock Hudson was gay, but I think Cary Grant was straight. Didn't they talk about An Affair to Remember in Sleepless in Seattle?

  5. I saw it on TV, but have just now told hubby to rent it from Netflix. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. turquoisemoon,What a love he was. so glad you agree.

    just love to look at him.

  7. Mellodee
    You really know that movie. I'm impressed. You do a great review. I agree about Deborah. She always seemed a little cold. When he played with Rachal Welch..... they were on a boat..... she was sexy enough for hi
    m. I'm laughing when you said you wish it had been you... me too.

    Kay He did seem like such a gentleman. A sexy gentleman.

    Yes, see it again. Wish I'd seen it from the beginning.

  8. Oh, who cares if he was gay!! I LOOOOOOVE Cary Grant!! There's a movie where he plays (I think) an angel who falls for an earthling - the scene where he's ice-skating is a classic ... And gay or not, no one quite does 'suave' like Cary!!

  9. *Swoon* to Mr Grant and *more swoon* to the divine Ms Kerr and her cheekbones!!! :-)

    Take care

  10. He was such a handsome, classy man--who cares. And the neat thing is that he got better looking with age. If I saw a movie had him in it, I went, no debate. That movie really was a classic and one of the very few I can watch more than once.

  11. Oh, yes one of my all-time favorite movies AND one of my all-time favorite actors (regardless of sexual persuasion).

    Just watched him with Audrey Hepburn in "Charade" the other night. A different persona, but still attractive as hell...

    xoxoxo, cd

  12. Hi,

    Oh yes, a real tear-jerker movie!

    Absolutely fab casting.


  13. I have seen many older movies, this is one I have yet to see. I think that the Mr. and I shall have to rent it one day.

  14. That's such a fantastic film - I always keep the tissues handy when watching!

    Those are pretty good pictures!

  15. I love that movie. And Charade. And anything else I've seen him in. I'll agree about the tissues for this one.

  16. Manzi: I love the era, but can't identify. Yes, Cary was gay. Also, he was a great actor and starred in some of my favorite movies.

  17. Cary Grant was always great. I liked it better when we didn't know so many about the celebrities.

  18. I have yet to see this movie. I don't know why I haven't I like Cary Grant films, especially his younger ones. I don't know how many times I've seen the ones with him and Kate Hepburn.

  19. I don't care what Gary Grant was, only know that he still is a hunk. Just thinking about that movie makes me want to sniffle. *sighs* Oh but the greats could act!