Friday, March 4, 2011

When The Deep Purple Falls .... Over Sleepy Garden Walls

Here's a secret. I sing all the time. Old songs. It's all I know. Here I am singing in my little sauna. It's a neat little infrared (not steam) sauna. I zip up leaving my head and hands out so I can read or take pictures in the mirror.

More than a toy. It eliminates toxins through the pores by sweating and it does get HOT !!!!!! I wear exercise clothes in it, a tank top and tights. First I do floor exercises and then jump in and zip up. I've improved my thyroid temp a couple degrees with this. ......When The Deep Purple Falls ......

I put together a short vid of Granddaughter Ashly washing Cody at the Doggie Wash and singing a song from her new album, "This Town." Song, "Best I've Seen" is written by Ashly and played by her band, "Little Jane and the Pistol Whips.


  1. OOohhh...I love your granddaughter's song. She'd great! The video is really perfect with the song. Now I must admit that the pic of you in your little sauna is hilarious, but, kudos to you for sharing!!!

  2. I've never heard of an infrared sauna. Great if it does you good. Has anyone ever rung the doorbell while you have been cooking in there?

    Unfortunatly I can't watch the vid because of our slow internet connection. I'm sooooo disappointed.

  3. Old songs are the best songs! And duets or even trios are the most fun...ready? "When the deep purple falls over.........."

    (I sing all the time too! Now "Deep Purple" will be my companion for the days!!) :)

  4. When I first saw the picture (and didn't read the explanation) I couldn't figure out why you were standing in a padded garment storage bag :-)

  5. I sing all the time too - at home, at work, under my breath when in more public places - although occasionally out loud when I forget!
    It used to be a great source of embarrassment to me when the good old ma used to sing in the street on the way to the shops, etc - but for years I have had to put my hand over my mouth when I have found myself doing the very same!

    This week I have found myself singing 'I love to go a wandering along the mountain track;' ma used to sing it when I was a nipper - but why it suddenly popped up in my head - I don't know!

    Wouldn't it be nice if everyone sang - just when they wanted to?

    Your grand-daughter is great by the way!

    Anna :o]

  6. :-) So funny. Love the song, but that poor dog looks so sorry for himself.

  7. Awwww Cody is just brilliant!! What a good patient doggy! Yay!!!!

    Great to see you too being de-toxified Ms Manzanita!!! And your graddaugther's got a great voice!! Take care

  8. Turquoisemoon,
    Yes, it's a silly looking contraption. As Jeff said, he thought I was wearing a garment bag. Ha. Thanks for listening to the song.

    Doorbell. Oh I wear clothes. I thought I better add that. Thanks for reminding me. I usually do my floor exercises in a tank top and tights and then go into the sauna. Sorry you couldn't see the video. It's really short.

    Oh, I love to sing with people and especially people who know all the words to the old songs. Well, that was fun, wasn't it ? I taught myself to play a couple tunes on the piano. Deep Purple was one and Mack the knife. One fast and one slow. Ha.

    They remind me of those funny TV skits where people are
    being camouflaged as trees and they keep moving around. I feel like a little tent in that.

    I love to sing with people. I know that song. "I love to go a wandering." Kids are funny. They get so embarrassed by things their parents do. I often use that word Nipper too. Not too many people do. Thanks for listening to my little video.

    Cody is awfully good during a bath but her ears go up the minute it's over.

    Old Kitty,
    Cody is a good dog but she won't take her ears up until it's over. Thanks for watching my little video.

    Love you all, Manzanita

  9. Love the pic of you in your "garment bag." That is awesome. And I loved the video. The song was great and Cody was so GOOD. I kept thinking that our dogs would have jumped out of there as soon as the water came on. I noticed that as soon as the air hose came on, Cody was ready to make a jump for it. And sure enough...

  10. That's a catchy tune. The husband started whistling it after the video was done. I'm impressed with Cody being so good about getting a bath and a dry. I'm also impressed that the sauna improved your thyroid temp. Thanks for sharing everything,Manzi!

  11. Infrared sauna is new to me also. How do you know when you are "done."
    Cute video and I enjoyed the song. I will have to google Little Jane and the Pistol Whips.

  12. Oh, love your pic! And I'm glad to know you sing all the time! So do I. ;-) Its a happy healthy habit and I enjoy it very much. ;-)

  13. I like to sing in the car! Cute sauna--sounds very healthy.

  14. Robin,
    Garment bag. That Jeff's a hoot. But if it looks like it, name it. Ha. Well Cody wasn't very happy (ears down) but she loves Ashly so much that she'll stand still for anything with her.

    Thanks.... I'll tell Ashly. She'll be so pleased that you like the song. That infrared is really good for my low thyroid. And it ain't good to be always cold in Montana.

    I started out at 20 min a day and increased to 40 min per day. I'm surprised how much warmer my body temp feels. My thyroid is usually low. You mentioned something about yours once, too, but I can't recall what.

    Happy to hear you're another singer. You can't be unhappy when you're singing. At one point, when I was young, I wanted to be an opera singer but I did the dancing route instead. Now it's such fun to see my granddaughter want a career in singing. It's good to see you again.

    Thanks for your sweet comments. Love toa you all, Manzanit

  15. Oh my gosh, I thought you were standing in a garment bag! I have never heard of a portable sauna!
    Cody is a very patient pooch.

  16. Loved the whole scene...I'm a singer too. I hear words and a song pops in my mind that matches what I hear. I think I let loose with my songs more than other people; I get stares but I have to be me.

    Your granddaughter is awesome and talented. The tune is catchy; all the best to her.

    Keep warm,

  17. Fun Post!!!

    Ashly is terrific! I watched several of the videos, (I'm a Country Music Fan)...and Cody is my kind of pup!

    I can't sing a note...but I do it anyway, to the consternation of my family. Yesterday's number was "It's De-Lovely". I heard it while I was on 'hold' during a business call, and it was stuck in my head all day. *Sigh*

    BTW...You look great in silver!

    xoxoxo, Clare

  18. Manzi: Sing away! Say hello to Nino and April.

  19. Whoa! It's all happening at your house!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  20. Shawn,
    Wearing a garment bag might be better than pulling the drapes off the window like Scarlett. .... huh?

    Always happy to meet another singer. I do the same thing. There seems to be a song for just about every word. I used to be in a bridge group with a gal who did the same thing. We drove everyone nuts when we burst into song.

    I caught De-lovely fever. You mentioned it and now it's in my head and I'm belting it out every so often. Thanks....

    A good thing I live alone, huh? Neighbors haven't complained yet.

    It's all right here in River City.... amen.

  21. Is the sauna a hold over from when you lived in MN? I so miss a good sauna. Granted your is not steam, but still. Thanks for sharing the picture.

    Love your granddaughter's song. Does she play with a local band? Is she in Nashville?

  22. Bernie,
    I just got the sauna recently. Never heard of infrared saunas before but I guess they're getting to be popular. This little tent gets really hot and I DO sweat.

    She lives in Bozeman and has her own band, "Little Jane and the Pistol Whips." She's Little Jane from her name, Ashly Jane. Of course, she's trying to hit the big time but music bigtime is such a hard nut to crack.

  23. Wow! I'm super impressed with your granddaughter. She is very talented! My nephew is also in the music business and travels everywhere. He performed in Waikiki before he moved to LA and had 4 CDs out. But the Big Time? Very difficult and requires so much luck.

  24. I know the little person saunas are getting popular, glad to hear they work. :) I loved your daughters song and went to check the web site out. Would you or she mind if I did next Sunday's Media Madness blog post about her CD? I love finding new music and when I can let other folks know about it its fun. My little blog won't make her famous by any stretch but I can try. ;)

  25. Kay,
    Thanks. Whats your nephew's name or the name of his CD's? I'll check him out. I'll see if my granddaughter has heard of him. I wish him luck.

    Coupon Queen,
    I'm sure she would like that but you can communicate with her. One good way is FaceBook. Her name is Ashly Holland. You just never know where luck lies. I send her new CD where ever I can. Thanks, Bernie.

  26. Cool Video, love the music. Love that you's so refreshing to sing.
    Thanks for sharing. Take care and God Bless!!!

  27. Nice song, good singin' and pickin'. Never seen a doggie wash or a sauna like those. People come up with the coolest ideas.

    Thank you for the follow and I am doing the same for you.

    Tossing It Out

  28. Hmmmm...sauna looks tempting but in about 3 months it will be 120 degrees in Phoenix, and then completely unneeded.

  29. That picture of you in the sauna is hysterical. I love it! I had no idea they sold things like that. I'd love it. I love being hot. What do you mean you improved your thyroid temp by a few degrees?

  30. Julie,
    Thanks for stopping and sharingl Bless you.

    So nice of you to stop and comment. Looking forward to your blogfest.

    Mrs Tuna,
    Yes that is true. Arizona has it's own Sauna in the summer.

    Take your Basal Metabolism temp for 3 consec. days when first awakening. Normal BMT is between 97.8 and 98.2 F. Mine was very low .... between 95 and 96, indicating low thyroid activity. After using the the sauna for a couple of months, the BMT is around 98 and I feel an inner warmth.

  31. LMAO! I agree with Shawn up above...I thought it was a garment bag!

    I haven't heard that song in ions! Now it's stuck in my head.