Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Am The Same Age As Betty Boop

Betty Boop and I were both born in 1930. BUT she's held her age better. Ha I learned to read on Betty Boop books. I bonded with that coy flapper and have used her trademark line..... Boop- Boop-A-Doop. Thank you Betty. Her looks were modeled after Clara Bow, who was one of the first and most famous sex symbols. Happy 81st Birthday Betty.

I'll turn 81 on Tuesday, March 15, The Ides of March. "Beware the Ides of March" and Julius Caesar was killed. A true doomsday to be born but I'm having a terrific life. There's a sharp demarcation between young and old. You're young and smug one day, laughing at old people's jokes and ka-bang, the next day you turn eighty. Now people are laughing at jokes about you. What a blow that was. OK, come on 81, I'm used to it now.

I'm not one for buying a lot of new things that plug into the wall. I was looking at a magazine of "retro appliances." RETRO...... that's what they call my appliances. My toaster, my mix-master, my waffle iron, my vacuum, my clothes iron and even my ironing board...... all retro.

The big blow came when I found out my wedding china is now an antique. Holy Moly, seems like I just got it last week. No that was 62 years ago. A great number of my books have become collector's items. My jewelry is vintage. I do wish I'd kept my cars !!!!!

The one thing that bores me is women's fashion. I've seen styles come and go several times. What more can they do with clothes? The hem goes up, the hem goes down. Add shoulder pads, take em out. Flair the skirt, pencil it. Cap the sleeve, short sleeves, long sleeves..... who cares? I know a gal my age who kept all her clothes in a large room. When the styles change, she just goes shopping in her large closet. To end this clothes subject, I'll just say that Betty looks damn good in hers, vintage or not.


  1. I can remember talking with my cousin about never want to be one of those boring 'oldies' pointing to our parents. They must have been in their 30s at the time. Scary, isn't it. And now I'm having to accept batwings under my arms where once there was firm skin.

    As for fashion, my tracksuit trousers haven't changed their style in decades and they're still just as comfortable. Betty Boop might look great but I'd rather be slouching round in my trackies any day.

    You have the best of birthdays and here's looking to a wonderful year ahead. *holds wine glass up for clink*

  2. I agree with your comments on fashion. This season there is a bit of a seventies revival, but who wants to wear it when you've done it the first time around? Nothing new under the sun!

    During the week I missed a few of your posts but I think you understand the reason. I'll try to pop in on Wednesday for your special day.
    Best wishes.

  3. You and Betty both look great. If I also had known I was going to live this long, I'd have kept my lunchboxes and dolls which would now be valuable. Who knew.
    My fashion sense reflects comfort these days, not trends. Aaahh.
    Hope you have a day planned on the 15th with things that make you smile and bring you pleasure.

  4. OMG Rosalind,
    I shudder when I recall how I thought anyone of 30 was ready for the glue factory. But then as you get there, life picks up momentum and it goes faster and faster, like a big snowball rolling down hill. Aahhh, those batwings. I'd rather have them in clothes, not skin. Thanks for the toast. Great idea.

    Yes, clothes really bores me lately.... but... Oh well !!! Have to be covered with something. I like the idea of your job.... for a short time. If I were working, that's how I'd like it.... small dabs and not in one big gulp. Thanks Christine.

    Oh we could make a fortune on our every day necessities. Yeahhh for comfort. I live in sweats. Thanks for the nice B/D wish. Wouldn't it be fun to get all the good bloggy friends together for a party. We feel like we know each other already.

  5. Ewww, never thought that my appliances were retro!

    Eh, Betty does Botox and has so many boob lifts, if she gets too close to a candle they melt.

    We like you natural! I hear you on the clothes. It's a big industry though. Like make up.

    You are our older and wiser resident blogger. We look to you for the insight and knowledge to help us lead the way to a happier and smarter and "I wouldn't do that if I were you" life.

    Therefore, I am bestowing the "Cherry On Top" award. I've created a blog page for it. You can accept your award there if you wish. Congratulations!

  6. You are better looking than Betty and a darned site sultrier!! Yes!!! I've seen your red shoes and your sizzling flamenco moves!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 15th!!!

    I can't wait for all my stuff to turn vintage too!!!! :-)

    Take care

  7. Two fabulous feministas sharing a birthday! May yours be full of fun and many Betty Boop moments!

  8. Darn I'm a little late to wish you a very happy birthday but I hope you had a wonderful day. I know what you mean about fashion...even I am starting to wonder what else they can do with it.
    March is a great month to have been born in...Spring is on its way at last and all the best people I know have birthdays in March - so that's my mother, father, Hubby and you!
    Funnily enough I spent yesterday morning (12th) with my neighbours who are the same age as you and who also wish they had kept their cars...they have loads of vintage stuff too.
    Many belated birthday wishes to you.

  9. Irene (do you get mad at me when I call you that? I really like your name)
    You always make me laugh. So it's not Betty Boop, it's Betty Botox Boobs. I'm not knocking the whole clothes industry..... just for my personal use. From now on, I could go the rest of the way in a saffron robe with a beggar's bowl. But I used to like clothes too. Betty and I had a great time shopping. Tee Hee
    Oh, I love cherries... I'll meander on over. Thank you for your ever kind words. So Sweet of you.

    Old Kitty,
    You are so generous. My head will get as big as Betty's. Naw you don't want your stuff vintage. Too much old baggage goes with it. Keep it new and sparkly. Thanks so much for the B/D wish.

  10. Teresa,
    Feministras..... oooooeeee I like that. I'm going to make each birthday count from now on. Or maybe I'll just stop counting. But it seems like such a treat to know how old I am because I lied about my age most of my adult life.

    No, your are early. Not till Wed. the 15. I think I forgot to leave a comment about solange. I got interrupted. Sorry. WOW.... you are surrounded by Pisces. Mellow people for the most. lucky you.
    Isn't it amazing that most of the old appliances still work. I was going through a new toaster a month so I went back to my old flippy-down door toaster and it works like a darn. My regards to your neighbors. How great they still have each other.

    Love you all, from Manzanita

  11. Happy Birthday to you! My best friend, Lin, will be 90 this year and she is just as fun and vibrant as you. I was born in 1940 so I've seen my share of stuff going vintage as well. One of our first Christmases here, my husband gave me six pairs of new jeans. I couldn't figure why, but now I know, it's all I wear. And I haven't had to buy a thing since then. I know you will have a wonderful birthday, Inger

  12. 81! Are you serious?! You've just about given me a heart attack here - wow!

  13. Manzi,
    As you know, Mom just turned 80 (Feb 26).
    You and she are very much alike, and I know you would get on famously! She'd love you!

    I love you, too.
    Whenever you comment on my posts, it makes my day!! You are a positive presence in my life, just by being my blog friend, and I will treasure that always...

    xoxoxo, c

  14. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY you vintage chic you.
    I love that you are blogging at 81....LOVE THAT. You have so much spunk, and I love hearing about your experiences.

    so, boop,boop dee doop....have a GREAT DAY!!

  15. At my age, I where what I wanna. In style or not, but it must be comfy... Love reading your blog, enjoy your stories.'ve lived!!! Anyway, I'll be back around to wish you a HB on Wednesday.

  16. I just happend to click on your blog at the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Your blog name captured my attention right away "Wanna buy a duck". Reminded me of the Marx Brothers duck bit. Love your comments on retro. I'm a follower! Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy 81, Manzi!
    I think it's so funny--your observations about your appliances and stuff. I've thought the same thing when I've seen some toys sold as antiques--and I'm not an octagenarian! (Did I spell that right?)
    Regardless, I wish you many more happy, active years!

  18. Really? 81? I would have never thought that. Have a wonderful birthday and many, many more.

  19. Happy 81st Birthday on the 15th!!! It's my first time reading your blog and I must say, I enjoyed it. I found you on Kay's blog.

  20. Just so I don't have a "senior moment" on Wednesday, I wish the happiest birthday ever to you, the most extraordinary woman on the net! May you have a wonderful day filled with happy moments. If I were there I would make you a cake and sing you happy birthday. The cake would be okay but I am sure you would be grateful if you heard me sing that I am a few states away. Have a lovely,lovely, lovely birthday.

  21. Happy birthday for tomorrow (or whatever day it is wherever you are)! Betty Boop is making a comeback - unless the BB bottle opener my BIL gave me for Xmas was 'vintage'!!

    Now ... some bad news for you! I actually know of a blogger older than you!! I thought of her when you were wondering about being the oldest, but as I didn't know how old you were, wasn't sure! Yes, it's devastating, I'm sure! So I'll only reveal her identity if you want to know!!!

    Have a great day!

  22. Inger
    Thanks for the nice comment. You are the same age as my friend Marilyn who I include in my posts from time to time. We've been friends for 50 years. My regards to your friend.

    No heart attacks allowed. But thanks for being surprised. :)

    Warmer weather in RI???? Feels like spring here.... finally. Thanks for the sweet comment. It's always fun to have you visit.

    How is life up in Canada? Glad you stopped. We can go to a piano bar and "sing" a little.

    Yup, I'm a Pisces, Scorpio rising, Libra Moon..... just about no earth. I have to tie and anchor to my foot to keep from floating away. Ha...Nice to see you...

  23. Luana,
    I'm happy to meet you. It was nice of you to visit. Wanna buy a duck phrase is really old. Joe Penner used that phrase. He was even before my time. But it does sound like a Marx brothers thing. Thanks for the Birthday wish.

    Big D,
    Those metal toys used to be popular long ago. Wouldn't they be a little sharp for kid's toys? Thanks for coming by.

    I don't think so either, but time just keeps on passing. Thank for the Birthday greeting

    It's nice of you to come visiting. Hop your weather is behaving from the shocks of the quake in Japan.

    Oh a cake would be wonderful but I'll think about my imaginary cake. No calories, that way :) I would welcome your singing. I'd even join you. Thank for the Birthday wish, Cherie.
    Love and peac.... xo xo

    Red Nomad,
    A BB bottle opener??? I'm impressed. Good taste. Also good taste for what it is you are opening. I didn't want a contest to see if I'm the oldest. I would enjoy being a follower to someone near my age. Don't worry, if I'm desastated, I'll get over it. :)

    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I love you all... Manzanita

  24. Happy Birthday!
    I don't care how old you are ... you ROCK.
    Cheers, girlfriend - show 'em what life's all about.

  25. Yes, Manzi, the weather has warmed up...a tiny bit anyway! I am beginning to see iris leaves sprouting up, and the crocuses are peeking through, so it can't be too long, now... Today is drab, and typically raw for this time of year, but we have eternally Springing hope!

    Love to you,
    xoxoxo, cd

  26. Vintage and retro. Every 20 years or so I'm in fashion. The funny part is I see stuff I wouldn't mind wearing and then realize it would probably be age inappropriate. And, I think, so what! I'm already thought of as odd. Love it. Happy Birthday, Ms. Manzi!!!

  27. Happy, happy,

    Happy, happy,


    To you!

    (you have just experienced the spectrum of my poetic skills. Wouldn't wax rhapsodic for anyone else but you!)

    Best day, luv!
    xoxoxo, cd

  28. Hey Clare,
    I appreciate your poetry. Today I'm going to do exactly what I want to do. but gee, I do that every day. Ha. Maybe I should do something different and do something that someone else wants me to do. :)

    I bet you could wear anything. You're tiny, lucky you. I like odd. It's my favorite!!!!

    Thanks. Yeahhh, I rock. Always wanted to. :)

  29. I am so glad I happened upon your blog from the "ove 40 Friday " hop. Happy Birthday tomorrowr!

  30. Wow! I guess you really are 81. *picks self up off the floor* Girlfriend, you don't look it and that's the honest truth! But birthdays are birthdays and I raise my glass to toast you *tea at the moment, sorry* and hope that you're having a really fabulous day! Teresa's right, two feministas! Oh, it doesn't get much better than that. CHEERS, Manzi!

    (and thank you for stopping by and your warm words...yes, peace has returned...we're on the same Katrina/looting wavelength...there was no reason whatsoever for that looting. Horrible!)

  31. Just wanted to catch you on "the day" and hope it was just a wonderful one. Happy 81st year.

  32. Just in case I don't make it back tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I haven't know you long enough to know you were that old, you sure don't look it, sound it or anything.
    Take care and do have a happy birthday. Blessings!!

  33. You look great, too! Maybe that's what I should do. Just keep my clothes and wait till they're in fashion again.

  34. Alapha woman,
    Thanks for stopping. I am going to be visiting you soon.

    I like the Tea Toast.... My speed entirely. Thanks for dropping by and may everything in your life be back to normal.

    Thanks so much my friend Patti. You are a dear person. Can't get over what you did for Ruth. Not many people would do that.

    Thanks for the birthday wish. Hope all is going well in your world and that you are thawing out.

    Thank you all for the lovely, lovely comments and the Happy B/D wishes. You all made my birthday one to remember.
    Love you all, Manzanita

  35. Kay,
    No kidding.... if you have a big space to keep them.....They'll come around again as sure as Christmas. The one trick is to keep the exact weight, too. Ha.

  36. Me again.
    Hope it was the best birthday ever!
    There's an award for you on my blog.

  37. Happy Birthday!!
    I think you might even have more sass and spunk than Betty.

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