Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Blood Pressure. I Don't Ever Check It

I opened a desk drawer and it looked like Fibber MaGee's closet (If you're under 60, you won't get that remark). I began tossing out stuff and came upon a blood pressure apparatus that I hadn't used in a long time. I put it on my arm (batteries still good) and this was my reading. I'm adding the chart of normal by age BP readings. All my life I've had low BP so I think I'm still low or else I'm already dead. Perhaps some of you medical people know what mine means as I know nothing about allopathic medicine. I just turned 81 but the BP chart only goes to 64. Maybe just outliving charts is good? hummm, scratching my head.... "I just don't know........"

Chart of Normal Blood Pressure Readings by Age

Age 25-29 Minimum 109 (systolic) 76 (diastolic)/ Max. 133-84

Age 30-34 Minimum 110 (systolic) 77 (diastolic)/ Max. 134-85

Age 35-39 Minimum 111 (systolic) 78 (diastolic)/ Max. 135-86

Age 40-44 Minimum 112 (systolic) 79 (diastolic)/Max. 137-87

Age 45-49 Minimum 115 (systolic) 80 (diastolic)/Max. 139-88

Age 50-54 Minimum 116 (systolic) 81 (diastolic)/Max. 142-89

Age 55-59 Minimum 118 (systolic) 82 (diastolic)/Max. 144-90

Age 60-64 Minimum 121 (systolic) 83 (diastolic)/Max. 147-91

If you own a BP apparatus, you most likely already understand these numbers. Even though I have the little thingy that goes on my arm, I don't understand what the numbers mean. In another article, I read that the large number should be one hundred plus your age. For me that would be 181. Sounds high compared to the reading I got of 110, doesn't it? Good luck.


  1. I only know I try for 120 / 80 but I don't know what it really means either (my hubby would know as he was an EMT in an earlier life).

    And yes, I think outliving the chart should give you lots of good marks!

  2. Hi, Manzi!

    I don't know what these numbers mean, either, but for some reason my Doc gets all bent out of shape about them.

    My BP was 106/64 this morning at the periodontist's, and HE seemed to think it was GREAT!

    I feel fine, so I guess that's all that matters.
    BTW...I get the Fibber MaGee reference...
    xoxoxo, cd

  3. Manzanita - I just love you!

    When I was a student nurse I was told: Systolic a hundred plus age - that would make me 102! Now Big Pharma have gotten their greedy little hands in the business and docs follow their 'guidelines' blindly! Doh!

    Last year I was informed 120/80 is the ideal - and I'm no spring chicken(!) - this year it's 135/85.

    Carry on as you are - ignore everything - low BP, high BP - who cares! Live for today for tomorrow may never come!

    Anna :o]

  4. The reading means you'll probably live past 100. My Wife is a nurse. Systolic is the pressure in your arteries when your heart is working. Diastolic is when it rests for a split second between beats. 120 over 80 is good. Your's is excellent. Actually if its too low that is bad. If it was 80 over 50 that wouldn't be good. The other number that is excellent is your pulse which shows 65. Most people depending on their health have 60 to 100 heartbeats per minute. Top athletes have a pulse between 40 and 60. I'm glad to know that you will most likely be around for a long, long time.

  5. I've had low blood pressure my whole life too. but I think about bp because my husband is having problems with it right now.

  6. My blood pressure is the ONLY thing I have going for me. Everything else is going to pot. Sigh...

  7. Anna,
    I think you're a spring chicken. It's spring !!!! And you're one hot chick !!!!!
    Do you mean they upped the normal or the minimum? That's a lot higher. Yipes, I am dead! But I love your advice, who cares if you feel good and are still breathing. Love you. Manzi

    You sound like you know what you're talking about.... I don't even know what an EMT is. Guessing... Emergency Medical Tech ????? Am I in the ball park? Let's just keep outliving charts.

    According to what people are saying, your number is terrific. Good girl!!!! Oh Clare, you're giving your age away by admitting you know of Fibber McGee's closet.

    Michael, you are sooo informative. Thanks for all that good information. I'm sure people will appreciate it. I do.

    Right, I'll live forever if I stay off the road with my bad eyesight. The day that my kids put their hands out and say, "Give me your car keys, I'm gonna run and hide my keys. Ha

    I've heard low BP can be a problem. There were times that I've felt dizzy when I get up. Guess that's from too low. Sorry about your husband's low BP. Take away his salt shaker, I hear tell.

    You don't look like anything's going to pot. Everything looks pretty normal yet, kiddo. :) And congrats on good Blood Pressure.

    Thanks for sharing all your good information and advice. From Manzi

  8. I am 65 and have never had to worry about my blood pressure. Hubby, on the other hand, has to take two types of meds to keep his normal. Glad you are doing so well!

  9. My BP is usually good too, around 110/70. You are an amazing woman, I love it that I found your blog!--Inger

  10. I have no idea about blood pressure and such like!! Oh but I do like the idea of you outliving these charts!! Yay for you! Take care

  11. Yes, Manzi: I am old enough to say that, like me, you are definitely already dead, and I love absolutely everything about you. I am always telling everybody, "When I was alive, I ..." However, in about 50 years, when I am middle aged, I want your BP. You are my idol!

  12. Yeah, I'm always dancing on the upper end. Given up frozen diet lunches and now weaning myself off coffee.

  13. I don't really understand the numbers, but I do know that my blood pressure is almost always right on target. Don't understand that either with all the salt and other bad stuff I consume.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  14. Well, if you went to the mama's doctor, he would say to you, "Great. That's what I want to see."Something like that. You don't want 181 for the top #. That's very bad news. Both the mama and me are on the low side, too. Last I looked, we were both still ticking. As is you.

  15. I bought a blood pressure thing last month because when I went to the dentist(which I hate doing) my pressure was high. After purchasing the thing I took it every morning for a while and all was good so I will keep it in the junk drawer. :0)
    Hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful day!

  16. My blood pressure also tends to run low. I only get it checked once a year when going to a doctor for a check up..... probably should do it more often.

  17. Gigi,
    You are fit as a fiddle, as the saying goes. Too bad your husband has to take medication for his BP.

    Hey, our BP are the same.

    Old Kitty,
    I never take my BP..... just found the cuff in the junk drawer. I don't even know why I bought it.

    You're funny. It's probably good to already be dead. That way we're immune to everything.

  18. Mrs. Tuna,
    Yeah, I suppose diet has a great say in our blood pressure. I don't drink coffee or eat processed foods or use salt. Maybe that keeps my BP down.

    I believe we all have different genetic bodies. Mine is really very weak so I've always stuck to a natural diet. You're one of the lucky ones who can eat anything I bet.

    Hey, as long as we still wake up each morning, we're in the ball park !!!

    LOL.... junk drawer.... where I found mine. Dentists just recently started taking BP. Never used to do that. I fight my dentist with x-rays too. I don't want any and ask him if he can't do it the old fashioned way. Dentists never used X-rays as much as they do now. I bribed my dentist with a book I knew he wanted. Now he doesn't fuss so much when I refuse them.

    I'll bet you'll be really healthy now that you got rid of those parasites. Did you repeat the Coffee E? You have to because there would have been eggs left after the first one.

  19. Congratulations on having such a good BP reading, Manzanita! You are one very fit lady. My husband has to take medication for high blood pressure and mine fluctuates a lot, sometimes high. Salt is bad and we aim to avoid it.

  20. I have low blood pressure, too. So low that the nurse will often get this funny look on her (or his) face and take it a second time. I've been told that it is a mystery that I'm even walking around. Oh well.

  21. you sound like a healthy chic to me....albeit I think that is probably pretty low?? What do I know.
    I just was to the Dr. yesterday and mine was 120/60

  22. I don't have a clue in hell what that all means.

    When I go for my yearly and they take my BP and tell me those numbers and don't say anything afterwards, then I know I'm golden!

    My son has had his BP taken quite frequently lately because of the many drs. appts due to the accident and each time the numbers are different. We ask them if it's good and they say yes. So I'll take their word for it.

    I'm glad your BP is good. Then again why wouldn't it? You're the calmest person I know.

  23. Hey, I'm well under 60 and know about Fibber's closet. I listen to old radio show daily. I love "The Saint" with Vincent Price.

    I have no clue about blood pressure.

  24. I've never had one of those wrist thingies and haven't a clue what blood pressure should be or what happens if it isn't what it should be. Maybe the only thing we should be concentrating on is, 'If we're blogging we must still be alive!' so here's to many more years of blogging.

  25. Christine,
    I've been off salt lately, too. At first the food tastes so blaaa but after a couple weeks, you can really taste the real flavor.

    Low BP can be a bad thing. You need Blood pressure to live !!!!!! Mine used to be a much lower number.... like the high was 80 but now it's higher. Things go a little black when you first stand up.

    You sound perfect. Yes, mine is too low. People say it's good, but I don't think it is. Too low makes you dizzy. So that's why I'm dizzy !!!!!

    I'm glad your family is healthy. I'm putting the BP thingy back in the junk drawer and forget about it.

    Hey, thats right you're my retro gal who loves old movies, purses, music and old radio programs.

    You're right. It's going back in the junk drawer. And then, back to blogging.

  26. I know what those numbers mean. Manzi, you're gonna be rockin' for a long, long time. But, hey, put a little salt on something once in awhile.

  27. That chart you posted is really out of date. 120/70 is now considered the highest to still be healthy. So, you are doing just fine. Mine is usually 128/84 and my doctor shakes her head and says, "more exercise would do you some good." She's right, I don't get enough!

  28. I don't understand the readings either; each time mine is taken I ask if that's good, the doc says yes, and I immediately forget what my reading was. I have good BP and bad detail retention.

    I know about Fibber McGee, but only because there was a pub in Pacific Beach where I young-adulted, and I did some research.

    Good reference, Manzanita! I found you through A to Z, and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I like your voice and your material.,