Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eeeekks..... the snow is melting and all that's left is brown soggy grass with spots of ice. Today it's raining. Perhaps that will help green up but who am I kidding, we'll have more cold and snow.

I was digging around in the potato bin and found two sweet potato birds. Vegetable art. Hummm.......There's a cauliflower in the fridge. Wonder if that has any possibilities? Got some radishes, too. See what happens when you spend too much time in the house during the winter.

I live a stone's throw from the Mall. I did meander over there yesterday and the casino beckoned me in. Montana has more casinos than people. Most people in Montana gamble when they need a few extra bucks and the drinkers get free booze AND a chance at a few extra bucks. I'm easy for the casino attendants, I don't even drink water. I had $20 in my purse so I stuck it into a keno machine. I always play a buck so that would give me 20 tries and I'm outta there. After 10 tries I hit 6 out of 7 and those lights were really pretty. I cashed out $230, tipped the casino guy my original 20 and I was outta there in less time than I had anticipated. Now I can fill my gas hog SUV a couple of times. Oh joy.

In the face of Japan's disaster, all we ever hear from the media are the glowing reports of how calm and polite the people are. When there are lines, no one pushes to get ahead or no signs of looting. I remember during the Katrina news, people were looting right in front of the TV cameras. Some of the Japanese had no food or water for two days and they were not complaining. When the bombs were dropped on Japan during WW2, I recall the people who were eating the traditional miso could resist the radiation fall out. Perhaps this will be true with the nuclear melt down, too. Many of the older people still adhere to the traditional macrobiotic diet but sadly, the younger people eat just as much junk food as they do in the US.

I've never done musings before. It's kinda Twitterish. Well, Bloggy Friends, that's all that's on my mind so Adios.


  1. Love your vegetable art! And $230 wow! Send some of that luck streak my way please.

    I have had to stop watching the telly and reading the papers. My soul and heart just feel so bogged down by all the tragedy and grief in Japan and elsewhere in the world right now. The attitude of the Japanese in this crisis is only to be admired.

  2. I love this! Your musings are interesting and fun to read.

    One catastrophe overtakes all the others that are still fomenting. Life on Earth is never dull.

    Love the sweet potato art. At least you've moved past the cleaners under the sink. :)

  3. Congratulations! The money will come in handy!

    David and I spent 5 nights in Las Vegas back in 1998 -- our first and last time there. We lost $200 total in the casino. Wish we'd had your luck!

  4. I never have any luck when I gamble, so I simply don't go, except sometimes they have a seafood buffet...then I go! When my mom was young, a tornado distroyed their home. Flattened it. All 8 of them moved into a garage/barn till my grandfather could rebuild the house. He could only do a little at a time(depression era). No FEMA, no insurance, no government nothing. They didn't whine, cry, steal or loot...they just buckled down and did without. It took them years, but they survived...with dignity. Oooh and is today your birthday? Happy Birthday! Your last post said Wednesday,but March 15th. So maybe Happy Birthday late!!!

  5. Ann,
    Me too. I just turn the TV off until there's some good news. Guess I'll be waiting a long time because the media never broadcasts "good" news.

    I told you on your blog that I nearly choked on my oatmeal this morning as I read your comment. Tooooo funny. I need a life.

    It seems like it impossible to make money gambling when you're on vacation. I think you've already counted that money in as part of your vacation price and you stay until you lose. I live so close to casinos that I only go when I feel lucky in my gut. It's usually right and if I don't win, I'm outta there.

    My mistake. Sorry my dear. I didn't even pick up a calandar this year so I never know the days or dates..... have to check the computer or phone. Sorry about your families hard luck with a tornado and yes, I remember those times. No one expected the government to step in and hand them money. People had so much integrity and this makes me sound like such an old fuddy duddy but I wish today's kids had 1/4 as much.
    Love and peace...

  6. Those are such sweet sweet potato birds! I'm now curious to know what you did with the rest of the veg!

  7. Congratulations on your win and your birthday! Was it birthday luck?

    That's an interesting fact you popped in there about the miso and protection against radiation. I followed a macrobiotic diet for a while and really enjoyed miso, so much so that I continued with it after abandoning macrobiotics.

    Hope you enjoy spending your winnings. Don't give them all to the gas guzzler!

  8. Great photo of the yams! And much to think about regarding Japan. Thank you.

  9. You should check on the DNA of those taters :-) Congrats on the winnings. I remember once I was in Vegas and as i was leaving the hotel I plugged a dollar coin in the slot that was in the lobby and Holy bells and whisles...I won $1,000.00 :-)

  10. Manzi: I also love to gamble now and then, and yes, we are rude. That is all.

  11. Congratulations on your win!!! Wow! I have never won anything at the slot machines. Sigh... never.

    My mother spoke to my aunt in Sendai. Yes, they are polite. However, my aunt was quite upset with people at the front of the line buying too much and not leaving much of anything for people in back. Unfortunately, there is some hoarding going on which is upsetting.

  12. Manzanita!! Your potato birds are brilliant!! I love em!!! Awwwwww!!!

    And wow!! You got $230 dollars from the casino - that's just excellent!!! Yay!!!

    Oh the tsunami disaster in Japan is just too awful. Take care

  13. Rosalind,
    I ate em. I ate my potential art work. Woe is me!!!

    I think it was B/D luck but I live so close to casinos that I only go when I have "that" feeling in the pit of my gut. You macro, too..... me too for over 25 years. At that time there was a large community of macro in Fla and I felt wonderful all that time. I remember that Kushi said that about Miso. I do have a terrible gas guzzler but we need them in the winter in Montana.

    Thanks. I hope you are doing well.

    You're one of those, one buck for a thousand... Heard of you !!!! Hope you are enjoying your trip.

    We love to gamble, especially if we're winning. Right?

    I live near casinos and can pop in and out often. Makes a difference. Thanks for telling me about your Mum and your Aunt. Well, a little hoarding might me human nature. I was a depression baby and remember what hunger feels like. I wish I'd had something hoarded. ha

    Old Kitty,
    Now I feel silly over my potato art. But they looked exactly like birds. Thats what you call girls in your country, isn't it? Or is it bad to refer to a gal as a bird?

    Love to all from Manzanita

  14. Likin' your potato birds!
    When does it start getting warm out there?
    We're planning a trip to Yellowstone in June. The daughters are expecting to go swimming, but I told them it will likely be a polar plunge in a lake!
    We hit 63 degrees today, so it's feeling a bit like spring around these parts!

  15. I wonder what's in miso that it resists radiation. Guess I'll stick a container of miso in the survival kit, if I ever get around to putting one together. I've been adding miso into dishes now and then. Can't remember the good about it anymore. I used to be so good about knowing. See your musing has me musing along. :-)

  16. What a fun way to make some money! Good for you. It's supposed to rain for a week here in our desert mountains. So lots of mud again.

    I have something for you on my blog. Please stop by and pick it up.--Inger

  17. Oh, any pal of Canyon Girl's is worth finding and following! :) LOVE the spud birds!

  18. I love casinos! We live within 5 mi of the Twin River Casino, and go about once a week. We're hooked.

    Hope the birds were tasty!

    xoxoxo, cd

  19. I think that is called CABIN FEVER. It sure has been a long cold winter. We are having a beautiful day today.

    Congratulations on your win!!

  20. Congratulations on your win, Manzanita! :)

  21. that was fun "randomness"
    I think I'll go look in my vegetable bin and see what "creatures" I can find. I agree, being cooped up in the house is not fun as I ain't no chicken.
    I am very familiar with through it 1000's of times back and forth from my place to Utah. Good winnings!!
    I think soon, we'll all be lined up at the casino in order to fill our gas tanks! BUT..gambling can also be a devil.
    and WOW, Japan has good manners. and are a very resilient people.

  22. Really, when you start seeing animals and inanimate objects in your veggies, it might mean you need some time outside the home. LOL!!

    It is amazing how calm and organized the Japanese are in comparison to our own disasters here in the states.

    I don't know the first thing about gambling. And Bethlehem has the new Sands. Emeril Lagasse has a restaurant there.


    Random thoughts are always fun. Helps the rest of know that we're not crazy either.

  23. Like the vegetable art and I love to gamble.
    New follower from over 40 or should I say well over 40 Blog Hop.
    Hope you come by and laugh with me at

  24. Yeah, OK, so you're 'musing'!! Please don't change your blog name to reflect that - there's enough musers, ramblers, ranters etc out there already! Not that I mind that, of course, but your blog name is the best!!!

    PS - Love that approach to gambling!!

  25. I was amazed when I moved here how many casinos Montana has. Every couple blocks it seems. It would be more fun if they were slots, but not its Keno.
    Congrats on your win!