Friday, July 15, 2011

My 7 Links

Thanks to Red, of "Red's Australian Round-Up," I've been nominated to participate in My 7 Links, started by Katie @ Tripbase.

Evidently this idea is new and surging through the blogosphere. I have to place 7 of my posts in different categories and in turn I will nominate 5 bloggers to do the same.

Choosing the post is darn-right difficult. On re-reading my old posts, none of them seem to explode with excitement and some of them make me want to hide under the table.

But here goes......
My Most Beautiful Post ....... The Garden
Also my last post. The subject is the garden I'm trying to create and the established English garden I discovered.

My Most Popular Post ...... To Spritz or Not to Spritz
This post asked the question," is it OK to wear perfume in public?" There were lively comments on both sides but the general opinion seemed to favor "no perfume in public."

My Most Controversial Post .............. Spa Day Montana Way
This post is a pun on fancy, glitzy day spas. Old radon mines in Montana are popular with natural healing as a cure for certain diseases. Cody (dog) and I spent a couple hours in The Merry Widow mine in Basin.

My Most Helpful Post .......... What is a Feedlot
This post tells of the horrors that cattle are subjected to before the beef hits the supermarkets, all wrapped and red in cellophane.

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me ...... Bata de Cola
This post was the letter B for the A-Z April Blog Challenge. My theme was Flamenco and a Bata de Cola is the Spanish dress with a long train. The interest in this dress surprised the heck outta me.
A Post That Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved ...... Where is All The Talent
This post was very early in my blog writing and I doubt if I had any followers at that time. The post says that people die with their talents and all the talent ends up in the cemetery. Older talented people could pass on their secrets and teach younger people.
The Post I'm Most Proud Of ......... Car Show According to Marilyn
My friend, Marilyn and husband were taking their kids plus neighbor kids to a car show. Their car broke down on the way and they spent hours at a service station. The kids amused themselves at an old car graveyard out back of the station while the parents twiddled their thumbs. Too late to go to the car show, they were wondering how to tell the kids. On the way home, the kids were excited and thanked them over and over for the fun day at the car show. Moral of the story..... give kids an old car graveyard to play in any day, over shiny new cars.
What's next?

I'm to nominate 5 people to pass this on to and they will do the same as above. (If they are so inclined.) There are sooooo many followers I would like to select but I'm choosing 5 who have been with me since "Tad Was a Pup." Here they are in no special order.

The New Sixty ............ by Arkansas Patti

Teresa Evangeline ........ by Teresa

My Journey With Candida Terry

The Feathered Nest .......... by Delores

This & That, Here & There, Now, Sometimes Then ....... by Su-sieee
Thank you for being my faithful followers throughout all my posts, no matter how dippy they were. Now it's your turn.


  1. What a good idea for a post! Lovely for me to actually read all those older posts of yours, and I really enjoyed them. Enjoy the weekend over there!

  2. Hey, it took you about a tenth the time it took me to get your 7 links going! Now I'm off to read the ones I haven't read yet - and find some new bloggy friends!!

    I hope you enjoyed the challenge ...

  3. two of your links didn't work for me. but i enjoyed peeking back at the others! sounds like a very hard challenge tho to pick 7 this way!

  4. Wow!! I would never dare read back on my older posts!! LOL!!!!

    Awwww congratulations on being nominated and for such a fun excercise too!! Yay!! I agree about your most beautiful post!! That was lovely! take care

  5. I remembered several of those posts and did a little catch up work on those I didn't. Nice choices. Thanks for the tag. I'm in.

  6. This is Me : Thanks for popping in and leaving a nice comment. Enjoy your night out with the gals, again. Make your weekend a winner.

    Hey Red : It's a little time consuming, hey what? But it was fun. Thanks for including me.

    texwisgirl : I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I tried 3 times on those two but no dice. Sorry.

    Kitty : It was kind of a shock to look back. Some are embarrassingly bad. But it was fun.

    Delores : Good girl. It takes a bit of time but it's fun.

  7. Now this is an interesting and fun blog idea.

    Radon? I thought radon was/is a dangerous gas.

  8. Your posts are not dippy at all. I enjoy them very much.

  9. I was also unable to pull up 2 of the posts. Being a relatively new follower there were some I hadn't seen. Loved the one on the Montana spa! How did you end up in Montana, anyway?

  10. Thank you, Manzanita. I'll give this some thought...

  11. Thank you, Manzanita. I'll give this some thought...

  12. Your posts are always great, they make me laugh and are fun! I'm going to check out your most ignored post!

  13. I agree this would be a difficult task. I like all your posts, but I loved all the flamenco ones :)

  14. Suze : Thanks, Nice to see you.

    Bish : You must be back from your summer break. So nice to see your name. The old radon mines have about the right amount of radon left that cures certain ills. I've talked to people who take their vacations here every year and sit in the mine for about 2 weeks ...... an hour in AM and an hour in PM. They swear it cures arthritis but they need a tune up once a year. There are 4 mines outside of Helena and these are the only ones in the US. There are some in Germany and some of the Balkan countries I think, but they have been turned into expensive spas. It only costs $3 to $5 per session in these. You sit on old bus seats...So like Montana but who cares? Thanks for popping in.

    JJ : I just realized, I bet no one uses the word "dippy" any more. Something out of my youth just popped out. Thanks for saying that.

    Fran : I said this to someone that I tried 3 times to get these 2 but couldn't. I just gave up. We used to come to Montana on ski trips as a family. Then my brother moved here, then my kids wanted to go to school here. They all did except one son went to school in Co. My husband and I bought a place in Helena but we lived in Florida. When he died, I knew I'd live here. Whole family is here now. Thanks for asking. :)

    Climb2nowhere : Thank you for saying my posts have humor but I wish I had your sense of humor. Your posts crack me up.

  15. Teresa : This takes a bit of time. It's OK if you're not into it at this time. This time of year, I like to be outdoors as much as I can be. I put another bird bath out back and this AM I had 5 birds taking their baths. When I go out the door, they zoom around the yard.

    Carol : Thank you for saying you liked the Flamenco. I'm so happy you did. I was apprehensive about it at first.

  16. What a lovely reminescense, I enjoyed reading this.
    Thank You.

  17. Congrats, Manazanita for your award. And a big,heartfelt thanks for the lovely review you posted on Amazon for my memoir. You have no idea what that means to me. Blessings,

  18. I loved reading all your earlier posts!

  19. Manzy... Thank You!!! What a nice surprise!! I will have to get my post ready next week, I mean this week.

    I also have to go check out all these blogs. I will let you know when I get it posted. Thanks...

  20. How nice to have all of these posts highlighted in one spot. I will enjoy reading them this evening.

  21. Nice!

    It was fun to check out the folks you nominated...good stuff!

    Til Later,
    xoxoxo, cd

  22. This sounds like a challenging CHALLENGE! You did a great job thinking back to your posts.

    BTW, stop by for another challenge..TAG YOUR IT!

  23. Anthony : Thank you. That was very nice to say.

    Karen : It was my pleasure. I really enjoyed reading your book.

    Nas : Thanks. I always enjoy reading your encouraging comments.

    Terry : It's a difficult job to choose the posts and put them in a category. At least it was for me. But it was fun when I had finished.

    Galen : Thanks, my dear. Hope you are doing well. Take care.

    Clare : It's always difficult to choose a certain number of people out of all the bloggers. So many neat people but those 5 have been with me from the longest. Bloggers are the greatest people.

  24. That had to be a hard job with all of the choices out there. But you did it and you did it well.

    Got to visit The Garden and it was beautiful. Will get around to some others later.


  25. That would be a workout for my brain, trying to figure out what to put in each category.

  26. What a lovely idea. I've not heard of this blogfest before. (Mind you, there are so many out there at the moment that if we're not careful they'll take over our lives!!)

    I must have missed the Spritz debate. What's the point of wearing perfume if you can only do it in the privacy of your own bedroom. Spritz and be damned, that's what I say. I spray a squirt into the air and walk through it before I go out... wonder if I smell over-the-top and no one's had the courage to tell me.

    Now I'm off to meet some of those bloggers you've mentioned.

  27. That post about "Where is All The Talent" looks really interesting. This is one reason I like writing . . . the chance to leave a legacy behind.

  28. Those were all good posts, REALLY.
    I enjoy my visits to your blog.

  29. Lee : Thanks for the nice comment. Congratulations on your success with the YA books. I'll look up your latest with pleasure.

    Rosalind : I know what you mean. I never cared much for games or awards, I just want to write. Re: perfume, when I wear it around my daughter, she not afraid to tell me that she can't breath with my perfume. Walking through a mist of it is a better idea. Thanks

    Lla, It's a lot of work and I'd rather just write. Last one I'll do.

    Angela : That is such a grand idea for a legacy. My son once said he wanted a legacy. I suggested having kids, write a book or build a stone wall. He chose the stone wall. That will out last any of the near by buildings.

    Wendy : Thank you and I always enjoy coming to visit you.

  30. Hi Manzi! It's been awhile since I've showed up at your door, so it was surprise to see you've nominated me to do this. Thanks! I think it's a great idea and one that I will do once I get over all this high school reunion excitement. Can hardly wait to just be over the prep stuff and just party. :-)

  31. I'm glad I didn't read that "most helpful" post. Things like that bother me.

    Love the concept of 7 links!

    Receiving awards is nice, but gets old.