Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Thinking of Gratitude This Morning

Howdy Bloggy Friends,

I'm sitting at my new monitor with my overly-generous green drink. (Got a little carried away this morning with the green leafy stuff). I am extremely grateful for my life. I have everything I want or need. That means, my wants are fairly simple. I surround myself with furniture and objects that add only to my comfort. I've never been one for style, design or "what's in."

I turned my garage into a studio with a floating maple dance floor that I designed myself. This was not a "want," but a need. I have always needed to dance. I tell my students to put the music inside of them and the result will come out in the form of dance. It's absolutely amazing what music will do in your life. I am so grateful for good knees, a strong body and hips that still move in any direction!!!!!! Dancing may not be your passion but be grateful for whatever it is. Grab hold of your passion and embrace it. In the end, it's what really matters.

My daughter found the following video on YT. This woman is 107 and still follows her passion.

P.S. During the day hours, when many people are online, this has some pauses. When I watched the video in the evening, it was perfect and it really is worth watching. :)


  1. What an awesome video. I should've been writing, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. She's a beautiful woman.

  2. Thank you for this clip of this amazing woman. I hope her son is still with her - what a story!! And what an inspiration - I love that music and optimism and her refusal to allow her captors to imprison her soul saved her and her boy. And I love that she continues to play and continues to enjoy life and continues to smile.

    What a woman!! A true hero.

    Take care

  3. I agree. It's so important to follow your passions no matter how old!

  4. So full of inspitation, Manzanita! Thanks for sharing this. :)

  5. I've seen this one before. It's worth seeing over and over. She is amazing. That is what music is all about, isn't it. When you are full of it, you can forgive the disgusting and infuriating. Thanks for posting this, Manzi.

  6. I agree with what you say about passion. I can't watch the YT clip as our Broadband speed is too slow.

    I wonder what you put in your green drink? Sorry, just being nosy. :-)

  7. I want the recipe for the green drink too! More about the green drink, please.

    I'm from follow friday...

  8. What a video!!! As horrible as the Holocaust was, this woman and many like her demonstrate the beauty of living life to the max. Her passion, lived thru her music, seems to have insulated her and her friends from the psychological terror of the worst life had to throw at them. No hatred can sustain a person. Alice's smiles and laughing spirit, her love of living has been, and will continue to be an inspiration to those of us who follow her. Thank you for this lovely post.
    ps. I found you from "Life Can Be Funny,Sometimes" on Over 40 Friday Follow.

  9. Carol.
    It makes growing old so much easier if you sill have your passion.

    Old Kitty,
    I've wondered about her son too. I wonder if he's still alive.

    Yes, if you have a passion you seem young at any age.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks..

    I know you enjoy music too, as you post a lot of music video from YT and I always find them danceable and singable.

    Christine and Purple Cow,
    My green drink. I juice the Spring Mix salad greens and a big head of Romaine and some green pepper. I buy the Spring Mix at Costco in the big plastic container. It's thriftier. (is that a word?) I have a new juicer and it's the greatest invention known to humans. It's a Norwalk juicer. The juice is without a trace of pulp. The green drink is not my favorite taste in the world but I drink it because my body needs the green. When I slack on the greens, i can tell it with my nails, hair and teeth. I used to use kale and chard in the drink but it's too potent.

    Thanks for your meaningful comment and for stopping by. I'll be by your blog tool

  10. What a beautiful story Nanna,
    Alice is right, be optimistic, it's not that bad. I want to be more like Alice!
    Love you,

  11. Grateful. A word that I find most compelling as of late. How lovely that you follow your passion. Truly. I believe it's when you stop doing so, that life stops holding meaning.

    I have a bit of catching up to do with your blog! I promise not to comment on everything ; )