Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Said By Red Skelton in 1969. Strange How Things Have a Way of Coming True???

Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Bloggy Friends. Time to give thanks. I am so thankful for my country and the opportunity it provides us to be successful. Let hope shine in our hearts that this glorious country will once again offer all the advantages I grew up with. Rejoice and be grateful on this day of celebration. Yeahhh America!!!!!

The video below was done by Red Skelton in 1969. How strange that things have a way of coming true.


  1. Wow! I'm loving your blog more and more. What the hell have we done to our nation. I take responsibility for being one of the we, but I assure you I had no part in the onslaught that followed since Red's speech. We threw the baby out with the bath water. The great values we shared seem to have disappeared - but not in my home. We love America, and I lead my classes in the Pledge every day (even though it is optional!). I am thankful to be an American, and thankful to you that on my favorite holiday, I do not feel alone. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Manzi, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. There's a lovely breeze and quite a chill in the air on this lovely So Cal morning. I can only imagine the chill is quite greater in your neck of the woods, so stay warm and enjoy your day. kj

  3. JJ
    Thank you for the inciteful comment. Yes, I see this nation's values flying out the window. This country was founded on the rights of free people. I want this for my Grandchildren. Thank you for your common sense and freedom loving comment. You are a true American!!!

    I surmise your weather is lovely. Praise it. You bet your cute little bippy it's cold in Montana. But this climate is up and down all winter. Next week the skiers could be coming down the mountain sans shirt. Years ago, I've skied in a halter to get a tan. It's weird. Have a marvelous family day.

    Happy Thanksgiving , Manzi

  4. What a stirring clip - passionate and heartfelt!! Thank you!!

    I hope you have a wonderful and fabulous Thanksgiving!! Take care

  5. Wow. This was an inspiring. Thanks. It gives me much to think about. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

  6. Great video. I cannot wait to show it to my grandchildren who are studying the constitution and are being raised to be patriotic.

    I am visiting from the Over 40 Blog hop.

  7. Thank you for an inspiring video! We (the seven of us) used to sit around and watch Red Skeleton and, well, it was family.

    Hub was in the military. We lived in some challenging places overseas, before the computer, before a McDonald's on every corner, and so on. I'm not ashamed to say that when we returned home, I look at the big red, white, and blue flying and get misty-eyed. I am very grateful to be an American.