Friday, November 5, 2010

Like Water For Chocolate

Vibrational cooking or "how to get your man."

Cooking is such a powerful art that it’s actually scary when you give it your entire thoughts. The cook’s emotions are transferred into the food and those emotions are then, in turn, sent into the person eating the food. This process can be totally unintentional. It’s especially scary for people who eat in restaurants. Maybe the food is being prepared by a disgruntled chef who hates his wife or maybe your own wife is angry at the time she prepared your dinner.

I was Macrobiotic for 30 years and many times I recall Avelyn Kushi telling us that the Mother of a family, as food preparer had complete responsibility for the health and emotions of the entire family. Avelyn, being Japanese and speaking limited English, I never fully understood. I knew about the health part but not the emotions until I saw the movie "Like Water For Chocolate." Then I began reading more about vibrational cooking and I realized Avelyn was giving us supreme information.

I remembered the old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you aren’t familar with the movie, it’s a Mexican movie, made in 1992. It won a multitude of awards. These pictures are from my copy, an old VHS. Every so often I dig it out from a box in the garage and renew my love affair with the movie’s characters.


  1. What a great post!
    No wonder my husband is always looking at my spice rack ;)
    No truly. I had never heard of the movie but I will check it out. That is one nasty, "ancient family tradition."

  2. Aww I loved the film so much I went and bought the book - and was so delighted that it had recipes as well as handy hints like "put a piece of onion on your head" to stop from crying when chopping said onion! LOL! Or something like that!! It was a long long time ago!!

    I love yours and Avelyn's supreme information!! Take care

  3. Will check to see if netflix has it.
    Interesting how the mood and intentions of the cook could affect the eater.
    Scary thought about restaurants.

  4. I read the book and watched the movie some time ago. Time for watching again, me thinks. Being aware of how everything is connected, including how we prepare and eat our food... This is a good reminder.

  5. Interesting post! I tried Macrobiotics many years ago and still dip into my macrobiotic cookbook to re-acquaint myself with the prinicples. It wasn't always easy to get hold of some of the specialised ingredients and I found it a bit of a bother, possibly because I was trying to follow the Hay system at the same time.

    Hmmm, restaurants - all those mad, frenzied chefs shouting at each other. Makes you think...

  6. Elaine,
    Yes, a horrible tradition.... but many women seem to have that guilt that they give up their lives to care for a controling mother. Thanks for stopping and the nice comment.

    I never read the book. I'll have to because I loved the movie so much. Good cheery weekend to you and Charlie.

    Restaurants used to be thrill when I was very young. Have someone else cooking for me was great. Now, health nut that I am, it's the worst thing someone can suggest, is eating out. I know, I go overboard a lot, but you also know what they say about old dogs. Until later....

    After writing this post, I'm going to watch it again too. I have to be alone and concentrate because my copy is sub-titles and my Spanish ain't that great. See ya later.

    Is that Louise Hay? My daughter was into her. I don't know much about it. Macro was easy for me because I lived in Florida at the time and there was a huge community of Macro people. Now I follow the Gerson Therapy but it's all just eliminating meat, dairy, sugar, processed stuff and drugs. Here's to peaceful eating.

    Thanks everybody. Peaceful eating and good health and lotsa love.

  7. That's why my grandmother always sang when she cooked! I don't always sing, but I do always try to be in a good mood when I am cooking! I'll have to check out the movie! Following you from Over 40! Have a great weekend!

  8. I loved Like Water for chocolate. Gosh, its been awhile since I read/watched it. I remember crying though when she made the wedding cake. So true that we put emotions into our cooking!

  9. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Want a guy's perspective? You bet it is!! Great post.

  10. I've heard about the movie, but I've never seen it. However, I love to cook. Not just make dinner, but really cook creatively. This is something new for me to think about.

  11. I saw the movies years ago. I liked it. It's time to see it again. I think there is something to be said about the transference of the cook's emotions into the food she makes. Something different than skill. When I was a teenager, the mama told me that I must salt the food I cook to the taste of my husband's. Fortunately, my dad had great taste buds, not too salty. The husband of mine is on a low-salt diet, which means I very rarely will put any salt in the food I serve him.

  12. I never knew that saying was from a Mexican movie......
    I have never even heard of that movie

  13. Cooking is a great passion of mine. Food is not only fuel to sustain life but also a way to pleasure. Preparing food for other is a labour of love.

    I also read and watched your last post. I am incredibly moved by it.
    Thank you for posting the film, without you I would never have known about Alice.

  14. This is a wonderful perspective: one's cooking is transfused with one's being, affecting those who eat it. It's too bad that fewer families eat together any more to enrich the experience.

  15. I don't know the movie, but will try to find it, would love to see it.

    Cooking is certainly not my favorite thing to do. I cook only for the purpose of not having to eat out or have food brought in.

    Another interesting post, thank you.


  16. Empty Nester,
    How great to sing while you cook. I'd love to eat food from a singing happy chef.

    Yeah, I always cry at that part, too.

    You guys!!!!

    I think you'd like the movie!!!

    I don't use any salt. Once you get used to it, you can really taste the true flavor of food. In the beginning, everything tastes like cardboard, though. !!!!!!! uugghh

    That saying isn't from that movie. I was just tossing it in.

    I'll wager you are a wonderful cook. Tasty and nutritious!

    Yes, it's a pity ..... the breakdown of the family unit.

    Thanks for stopping and commenting.

    Even though you aren't so active in blogging right now, I do appreciate your stopping and commenting. You are a dear friend. I'm sure you would find this movie delightful. Here's "looking at you, kid!" Ha

    Thanks everyone, I wish you all a wickedly wonderful weekend,