Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Evening Was a Surprise

Hi Bloggy Friends. Around 7 PM I stretched out on the sofa with my kindle and a peaceful feeling. There was a blaze in my phony gas fireplace and a glass of fresh carrot juice beside me. The evening announced "quiet" and I wanted to become one with it. Such tranquility ..........

What seemed like the next moment, I opened my eyes and looked at the open kindle on my chest. OMG, I must have fallen asleep. Why am I on the sofa? What time is it? Ten PM? Impossible, I just laid down a minute ago. Am I in Oz or Kansas? Dang a foggy waking up. I'm still in Montana and Cody's sitting by the door, wanting out.

Surprise, surprise when I opened my door. The snow gods had visited and left 6 inches of fluff on the railing. That white stuff wasn't there when I laid down. It arrived in silence.

Cody pranced around the yard and nosed into one spot. "Now where did I leave that bone?"

The bird bath looked like the top of a big snow pie crust. My fluted edges are never that perfect. I will let Mother Nature make my pies from now on. What a glorious evening. The snow was perfect for making snow angels. I had the greatest urge. Should I???? I looked at my slippers and sleeveless tee. Nawww I'll dream that I did. Come Cody, let's go to bed.


  1. What a beautiful surprise! The weatherman is threatening us with much of the same. We still have trees in full leaf however, so I am in denial all the way.

  2. How beautiful.
    This is the second foggy morning of the week. I would happily exchange it for some snow. :)

  3. I heard about the forecast of snow in your neck of the woods last night and thought of you. :-) So, one can fall asleep on a kindle. The husband and I were talking about how if either of us had a kindle and fell asleep while reading, it would drop and get rolled on. We're supposed to get our first rainstorm this weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Hi,

    Beautifully written scene: felt I was there with you. Great pics, too. ;)


  5. What a marvelous surprise. I am so envious of your snow. Having lived in Florida so long, I get like a 6 year old when the white stuff hits.
    Lovely to be surprised like that but you did miss the beauty of it coming down. Next time---.

  6. How magical! What fun, to wake up to such a surprise. The "pie crust" on the bird bath is perfect. Mother Nature knows her way around the "kitchen." :) Have a great weekend ~ T

  7. Those fluted edges on the bird bath are wonderful. Six inches of snow in three hours: that is amazing! Swop you some mud for some snow! I hope you managed to sleep when you went to bed. If I fall asleep on the sofa like that I can't sleep in bed later.

  8. Your bird bath is beautiful. I love the silence of falling snow. Hope Cody found his bone :)

  9. Snow is beautiful but I would rather enjoy it through others' pictures than in person! Love that birdbath!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words! I'm following you now too!

  10. Wow!! Snow!!! Awwwww I feel all Chrissmassy now!! How lovely!! And I think mum nature makes beautiful pies!! Hello there Cody - great to see he loves the snow!!

    Making snow angels does look so tempting in such pristine snow... :-)

    Have a lovely rest, take care

  11. Rosemary,
    I think I'd take the trees in leaf for as long as I can. We have snow for far too many months...... but we live in frigid climates, in spite :)

    OK, I'll trade. LOL

    See, it does rain in CA. That song is wrong!!! You gotta buy the cover for the kindle (yeah another expense) The amazon cover is the best. It holds better and has a cover, so the kindle will take a fair amount of abuse. Without that cover thing, I would have broken my kindle long ago. When I'm tired, I read one word and zonk and yes, I'd probably lay on the thing.

    Thank you so much for the nice words. I value your comment.

    Never fear ....... I'll get plenty of chance to see it coming down. Bozeman is in a bowl, surrounded by mountains.... It snows almost every day in the winter. Reason it's such a great spot for skiers. I did for many years but now I value my bones. LOL

  12. Teresa,
    Hey, I love that. Mother Nature in the kitchen. Sounds like a good blog name. Of course then you'd have to cook. But cooking is your thing, isn't it? Or one of your things..... Ha.... you are a woman of many talents!!!
    You have a great weekend, too.

    Ahhh, mud for snow.... that'll take some thought. Do you have mud all season or does the ground freeze? Our ground is nearly all frozen until spring and then we'll have mud. Oh boy, will we. That's when I wear my new plaid mud boots.

    Dear Carol,
    She has bones hidden all over the year. It will be a bone grave yard come spring.... You got 2 dogs and twice as many bones, lucky you!!! Great weekend to you

    Actually, I'm with you but I guess you live where your roots are. Thanks
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    Glad to help get you in the Chrissmassy mode. Cody says, "Howdy." Come spring she says she'd share her bones with Charlie, but I told her he'd prefer if it were a fish!! Thanks... I did.

  13. Coming from Northern New Hampshire, I appreciate the beauty of the snow. I miss it. Thanks for the memory.

  14. I like how you began with a perfect evening and your Kindle. Then to awaken hours later to have Mother Nature prepare the perfect pie and scenery.

  15. JJ,
    Hey, your memory is my memory. Everything's a brand new memory. For us is good-by green and hello white.

    I think Mother Nature is better at perfection than we are. Isn't that amazing?

    Thanks for stopping.. Manzanita

  16. Oh so lovely!! I'm very envious! I want snow in London, there's been a few snowfalls outside of the city. ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving! Do drop by mine when you have can, I have a shiny award for you to collect my dear. ;) x