Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's a Poor Dog To Do?

Incarceration Sucks

Boy, it really sucks. But it was even "suckier" when I was "do'n time in the" big house." you know, Humphry Bogart lingo. I don't even know why I was there. I try to be a good dog. Then this nice lady came and adopted me and she gives me great food, takes me for walks, and gives me treats. Then the old one called "Nana" says, "Don't give the dog so many treats. She's getting fat." But I like my treats. I wish Nana would keep her mouth shut but I hear that's the way it is with Nana's. I still have this fence but there's a grassy yard behind it. Oh, and I have lots of balls to play with, too. I love balls and my little fluffy toys.

P.S Maggie, a cocker, was adopted from a dog shelter by my daughter, Lisa. A smart, good little dog. Please friends, adopt and spay your pets. These little innocent angels are at our mercy. Make a dog your responsibility, only if it's volunteering to walk a shelter dog once a week. They're worth it and you'll be loved unconditionally.


  1. Maggie looks like a sweet dog. In our village there used to be an animal sanctuary. The owner did great work and cared for all sorts of animals from hamsters to retired racehorses. Then she moved and the village was all the poorer without the sanctuary.

  2. What a beauty. How can you deny those big puddle eyes treats!

  3. Awww! So cute. I'm Mummy to two dogs, one of which is a rescue. We love them both dearly.
    P.S. I'm wearing shorts and barefoot today. It's about 80.

  4. Hello there Maggie!! Aren't you just the sweetest, prettiest doggie doin' time for goodness knows what cos you're so innocent of all wrong doing and should have as many treats as possible! :-)

    It's so wonderful to meet you! You are with a wonderful and amazing family! Take care

  5. Maggie is simply adorable. Who could resist adopting her?

    Your yard is awesome in it's snowy blanket. Very pretty.

    We are in the high 70's here in the SE. Perfect for me.. :)

    Be careful using your snow blower, don't fall. Stay cozy by your fireside. Gerry

  6. "Doin' time in the big house," not a very pleasant place to pass the time. Sounds like Maggie really scored! Sweet post. Important, too, for our animal friends.

  7. Cute dog, waiting till I retire before I adopt:-)
    Love the snowy pic, I love this time of year as well :-)

  8. Great post. I rescued a couple of them, and in my next life, I'm coming back as one of my dogs!

  9. I do NOT understand why anyone would pay a fortune to a breeder when there are so many good, healthy, loving pets available for next to nothing at shelters! Ours was a high-priced, pure-bred pooch that the original family couldn't keep anymore, so we were really blessed to get her.
    I would say for free, but there's on such thing as a "free" dog....

  10. Christine,
    Poor town. Maybe something for Christine in your "spare time." You can feed them cheese... see I remember your posts.....!!!! That lady who had the sanctuary is a true pet lover. Race horses would be a bit much for me... Ha

    I know ..... they always get to old Nana in the end.. :)

    You have lovely dogs. Don't tell me your temp or I'll be on a plane down. Guess I won't with that new "pat search." LOL

    Old Kitty,
    Gee Thanks. I'd like to get to know Charlie. There are 2 cats in my new house and we get along purringly grand.
    The Paws that refreshes.... Maggie

    That temp "is" perfect. Last year we had a huge snowstorm the beg. of Oct and it continued to snow the rest of the winter. So we think this year is sensational. Looking forward to your neat post again.

    Yup... do'n time in da big house! Those old movies always had such fun slang. Even sounds weird to me. Ha.

    She's such a smart little cocker. I really feel bad for the past life she had and then to get put out for adoption. So sad. She has a good home with my daughter.

    Hey, that's one way for a guy to get pampered. It's a dog's life.

  11. Big D,
    You can say that again. An old rancher was beating 2 of his puppies and I got sick watching. I said if they were too much for him, I'd take one. So he gave me one and I didn't really want another dog.... I had a chihuahua, age 15. But I took Cody and had to put up a big expenive fence.... so she sure wasn't free!!!!
    You were lucky to find your dog at the shelter and I bet it's a great companion for you kids.

  12. Maggie is a cutie all right. Good advice Nana. Obesity in dogs is much more critical, their life spans are too short as it is.
    Loved your PS. Wonderful advice. I ran a no kill shelter 15 years. These 4 legged wonders give so much more than they take. We owe them.

  13. I am glad you embrace this time of year. I. Don't.
    I'd be happy with one month of winter and that's it.
    I know, I know, what am I doing living in Alberta eh.

    It just makes for long days, cold, windy.....(ok wendy, quit complaining)

    I used to have a cocker spanial. She was LadyBug.
    Oh, how I loved her. She died about 4 years ago.

    Now me and hubby got a standard poodle. She is Lucy and we are having a blast with her. Pets becomes such a part of the family. And YES, we had her spayed.

  14. Rrff, rrfff! I've been lobbying the mama and the husband for a dog for quite awhile. They seem to be almost okay about it. We definitely need a mature dog to come into our lives to teach us how to be his handler. Just like our parakeet Cu'Pie did....Your backyard looks so lovely. Seeing it makes me want to go sit by a cozy fire and read or snooze. :-)

  15. I just discovered your blog through the 40+ blog hop; it's great.

  16. Oh what a sweetie, I dont have a dog but a good friend of mine does and I am his second home (and he always make himself very much at home) Lovely blog, found you on Follow me Friday but unable to follow problem keeps occurring :(