Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 3 of Blog Your Name

I'm posting the third letter "N" of my name, MANZI.

N is for Novelty Dance.

Novelty Dances include unusual steps or names. They are often quirky or can be fad dances that retain some popularity. You'll see them danced at parties or private functions. The "Hokey Pokey," "Chicken Dance" and "Bunny Hop" are often danced at wedding receptions.

The great advantage of Novelty Dances is they require no special training or dance skills. They are fun, spontaneous group dances where anyone can get up, act crazy and have fun. No need to feel self-conscious because everyone is looking slightly silly and having a good time. :)

Examples of novelty dances: Susie Q, hitch hiker, chicken dance, shimmy, twist, creep, hokey pokey, electric slide, pony, monkey, bunny hop, loco-motion.

The video below is the Hokey Pokey being danced at a wedding reception.


  1. I remember in Kindergarten or First grade we learned all those novelty dances in music class.
    Now my kiddo is learning the macarena in school. LOL

  2. Love novelty dances, especially that no skills required part.
    I really used to "twist" the night away.

  3. Just pure happiness with no one keeping score.

  4. Manzi: You know I love you, but for me, doing the Hokey Pokey at a wedding is like being on a cruise with a thousand dentists from Minneapolis.

  5. Jennifer : Fun for the kids to learn some novelty dances in school. The macarena is another great novelty dance.

    Patti : Ain't that the truth. That twist was not only fun but such great exercise.

    Delores : Great way to put it. It's also a good way to get most men out on the dance floor.

    JJ : Ha ha, you crack me up. I can't even imagine one dentist doing the hokey pokey, let alone a thousand. :)

  6. Sending you an invite to come and link up to my weekend hop open Thursday night through Sunday at 11:59pm on my blog I hope you have a great weekend!


  7. I LOVE the chicken dance - LOL. What in the world does that say about me - I'm scared to find out :)

  8. I was reading a bunch of random blogs a day or so ago & someone (I can't remember who) asked a question that I think is appropriate here--"What if the hokey pokey IS what it's all about?" Think about it...

  9. Manzi-- that is a very unique name. Cool idea for a blog fest.

  10. My generation is all about novelty dances. I never thought of that before. Cracks me up. My class is having it's 40th reunion in August. I'm so looking forward to twisting and poneying and swimming and all that on the dance floor. :-)

  11. I love novelty dances, though I did know they had a name. I spent many a day doing the hokey pokey before a ball game. Our good luck dance :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. Of all of the novelty dances that I hate it's the chicken dance. It's so ridiculous! LOL!

  13. Even I can do a novelty dance!!!! Yay for novelty dance! Btw, this is the nicest rendition of Hokey Pokey! Take care

  14. In other words, even I could do it, but I'll still look ridiculous?

  15. I am showing my age.... I know all those dances.

    My little grandson loves the hokey pokey

  16. twana : Thanks for stopping. I'll be by your blog.

    Carol : It must mean you have delightful Latin motion. :)

    Fran : I thought about it and thought about it and in a circle fashion, it came back to where it started. Kinda like those old Chinese puzzles that you don't see anymore. :)

    Suse : Thanks for stopping. Have a bloggy weeked.

    Su-sieee : OMG.... you are a baby boomer, like my young brother. 40 years. I bet that will be a special one. Those ten year ones (what's the word I want for 10 years?)take on a different meaning. We had our 60 yr. a couple years ago. No twisting or swimming going on. It was funny. I remember the grand old pavillion by the lake where we used to dance the summer away. I was up for dancing the night away but the rest went out for ice cream at 7 PM and back to their motel and to bed. Phooey.
    Have fun doing the novelty dances and throw in a waltz too and a swing and a tango. Have fun.

  17. Jules : Oh, that's so cute. You must have been a cheer leader or a fan leader. I bet you won the game.

    Climb2nowhere : You're right but I think some like that butt wiggle. Ha

    Kitty : It did have a certain dash of class about it, didn't it?

    Alex : But all you have to do is look around you and it would be like looking in a mirror. :)

    Terry : I think those dances must have been originally choreographed with little kids in mind but it's so nice to see grown-ups who say they can't dance be able to do these.

    Thank you dear bloggy friends. Loved all your fun comments. Love to all.... Manzi