Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Gentian

A-Z Challenge
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G is for Gentian

Go to the nearest
mountain above
8,000 feet and
you will find
Gentian in the
wet meadows.
The higher you
go, the more
plants you'll

Gentian is, perhaps the best stomach tonic in
the plant kingdom. Intensely bitter but it has
none of the after taste of some of the other
bitter herbs.

Gentian was an ingredient described on
Egyptian papyrus from 1200 B.C.
Greeks and Arabs used Gentian
preparations for liver and stomach cures
and here's a big cheery NOTE.....
It dispels worms!!!! That would be for
all you squimish people who would get
wormed and not even know it. Ha

The tea is useful for fevers and joint
inflammations. BUT before you dive
into it, check your tongue.
If the tip of the tongue is red and your
mouth juicy, You don't need Gentian. If the
mouth is dry, your tongue moderately
coated, gums puffy.... you need bitters,
hence, take Gentian.


  1. Hi Manzanita .. interesting information about Gentian - I'd heard of it .. but not sure what it was used for. The Egyptians, Greeks and Arabs and no doubt ancient Chinese were very knowledgeable about all the herbs ... no doubt they found these in the mountain passes ...

    I'm pleased to say my tongue is red and my mouth has plenty of saliva - having just eaten a pear! Cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary
      I'll say, a pear sounds mighty tasty right about now. Last month I found a big bag of D'Anjou organic pears at Costo (don't suppose you have that store). I thought, I'll never be able to eat all these and then just waste them. No way.... I finished the whole bag before they turned bad.
      I put my complete trust in the Chinese herbs and their acupuncture.

  2. Hi human, Manzanita,

    I've finally arrived on your site. So many are doing this ridiculous A to Z that I've been unable to keep with commenting on the alphabet challenge. In fact, I haven't even been doing pawsts because of this.

    Anyway, if Gentian be the best stomach tonic in the plant world, I should get some for my human. He's been feeling woozy for quite some time :)

    Penny, the pawsitive host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014!

    1. Dear Penny
      This A-Z can become a muddle and cause one to feel woozy. Be glad your human is sitting this one out. Take care of yourself, your human and go with the flow.

  3. Gentian is also in a lot of wormers for humans. I have taken it many times. Much love to you!!

    1. Terry
      I love that fact too and if you put it in a recipe the bitterness is not noticed. Yeah.... you and I took it at the same time. You talk a lot about your tongue burning. The tongue is a big sign with you, so you understand, my dear.

  4. Never knew that about the tongue, the acupuncturists and the Chinese doctor I went to the other day both ask to see my tongue, must be why.

    1. Pat
      The Chinese always check the tongue. I wish I knew all the depths read by the tongue alone. A great indicator.

  5. Goodness, all these wonder herbs seem to share the bitter quality. I guess if something tastes good, skip it.

    1. Patti
      Then there is just a big bottle of Swedish Bitters that I always have on hand. I take it for a few weeks from time to time.

  6. As soon as I comment I am going to my bathroom to check my tongue and gums. Thanks... I think.

    1. Robin
      I'm sure you are very healthy with all your energy. Energy is always a big indicator for me. If I can go all day without fogging out, I feel I'm doing "OK."

  7. Dear Manzanita, I'll be able to read your A-Z postings only once a week, but I'll so look forward to learning more about herbs. Your curiosity and knowledge are just phenomenal. I read your posting on Feverfew also. I take it in capsule form to help with the Meniere's headaches I get. And I can attest to its helpfulness. Peace.

  8. Dee
    Oh good. Thanks for the positive info. I'm so glad you found something that helps with the pain. My best wishes for your continued good health.

  9. Yes I certainly do need some bitters, my mouth is constantly dry and the tongue is coated. I know the cause though, too much dairy and sugar, so I'll cut that out and stop buying ice cream. Not sure that will help the dry mouth though. I've heard that dry mouth can be a symptom of aging for some people, perhaps I'm one of them.
    I read your previous post on Feverfew, it's a pretty little flower, I used to grow it in a border with other things. I've read that German chamomile is the best for headaches, a cup everyday will help to prevent them. Roman chamomile isn't as effective.

    1. River
      Thanks for the info from your bag of tricks about the German chamomile, I'll add it to my notebook. The seeds are tiny, tiny and round. It looks like they'd have to be planted close to or on top of the soil and kept constantly moist. It might be a good idea to put wet cheeze cloth over the seeds. I hope I can get it to grow.

      I have to keep away from sugar, flour and dairy too. If I stay on a simple diet of a little chicken and veggies, I feel really good.

  10. I will have to copy and paste your herbal info! I am fascinated by this topic.

    1. Susan
      I've always gone the herbal way for healing too.

  11. I will have to try this next time I have a stomach issue. I much prefer going herbal when I can to over taking an over the counter remedy.

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    Mighty Minion of Co-Host Nicole Ayers
    @Safireblade on Twitter

  12. Gentian. Good to know.
    Thanks, Manzanita

    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge
    Mainely Write

  13. if the worms hate it, it must work

  14. I haven't heard of it. I'm def. a squeamish one though, sad but true, and would want the 'didn't know it happened' version, if I had to have it. :)

  15. Interesting.
    I've got another one that starts with G.
    Green tea!