Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are You A Survivor?

These English roses are survivors. Left to grow behind a shed among weeds (notice the weed behind it) with very little water, they come out every year smelling like a rose. Pardon my corny pun. It's my slap-happy morning personality.

I'm a survivor. Like the raggedy rose, I don't sweat the small stuff...... and much of the time I live in the past. You'll catch me saying phrases like, "They don't make things like they used to." I'm a bore-ass about that, for sure.

Take hair combs, for instance. The kind that you leave in your hair to keep hair in place. HAIR COMBS..... you'll say..... I thought you didn't sweat the small stuff.
A hair comb is no small stuff when you have a front forward hair growth. Who can see with hair in your face??? Anyway, I just ordered some combs made in France. They look like the old-fashioned ones.

Toasters. That's another one of my bore-ass complaints. In Helena I use a flippy-down-door toaster from the 30's. Great toast from that little jobbie. But in Bozeman, I just replaced a 4-holer with a new 2-holer. (We are talking toasters, aren't we?). So tell me why the 30's toaster is still working and the new ones go kaput?

Car's ..... don't get me started on that one. Of course they have to break down with all the new gadgets on them.

How about potato peelers? By the way, I'll interject that my wedding gifts have become antiques. Having said that, I still use a trusty potato peeler that I got with a bunch of kitchen tools as a wedding shower gift in 1948. OMG .... it really gets the job done. I wanted one like it at the ranch ...... no dice. I went into a fancy, expensive gourmet kitchen shop and bought five lousy potato peelers. Not one could hold a candle to my antique. Am I sweating? Not really.

Am I surviving? You betcha.


  1. It's funny, I too use this phrase often "they don't make things like they used to". Others tell me to live today, see the beauty in today. And, obviously I do. But there's something sturdier, known and real about the past. I'll take a hand held crank whisk any day over a blender (and I have one that is from the forties!). I think of things that have shaped me (in the past) and share them. I don't live there, but it's nice to know I can go back in my mind anytime I'd like.

    Very nice!

    I need more on your toaster, a picture perhaps?

    Happy day, sweet woman!

  2. Well I'm glad those roses survived because they are damn beautiful :)

  3. I love roses!!! I gave you an award on my blog today. Your blog is always a treat to read :)

  4. I have a profound appreciation for the present, as in, being in it, however, I can and do appreciate many cars, objects, ways (especially!), people...of the past. I concur with your way of thinking; I think life is way too short to sweat the small stuff. I'm old enough and experienced enough to know that you need to enjoy the moment. It's all you have for sure. Enjoy your point of view. Cheers!

  5. Cinnamon.
    WOW......You have one of those neat retro blenders? What's the popular name? Kitchen Aide? They came in such luscious colors. But if you don't have a big job to do, they're a pain to wash. So, I'm with you. I even wisk with a fork a lot. I'll see what I can do about putting a photo on. Glad yoou enjoy old things too. Of course, you like classic cars, too. :)

  6. Big,
    Thanks for the good comment. Well stated. I agree, Appreciate but stay in the now. It's the best thing to be.......... older (as in "old" like I am :) because you can see things so much more clearly than you did at a younger age.

    Yeah, it was tongue in cheek about Marilyn. It's often hard to decipher the meanings without the voice.

  7. Oh, I have a kitchen aid too, however it's from 1970 I believe. It still works perfectly!

  8. Manzanita--your tone came through loud and clear vis a vis your written words. Ha!

  9. Last month we were traveling back from a visit with my daughter and family. It's an 18 hour ride, so we stop for breaks. One stop was in a lovely little town. We struck up a conversation with two young college girls (it was a college town). It turned out one of them was from an area in NY that I was familiar with. I said, Oh, that's where Perry Como lived. She said "who?"

    Thinks were made to last in the "those days". Today we live in a disposable society, in more ways than appliances. Too sad. I still have my old potato peeler from way back then - the tin (?) one with the twirly inside that we also used for carrots, apples and the like. I also inherited one just like that from my mother-in-law. She NEVER threw anything away. I found lots of treasures.
    For old time treasures (hair combs +) try googling The Vermont Country Store.

  10. GM Crone. Paramount idea.... the Vermont Country Store. They may just have my combs. Thanks. Perry Who..... Oh yes.... I was just wondering if I new who were the popular stars, singers, etc before my time, if someone had asked, and Yes I DiD. Rudee Valley Al Jolson, Ruby Keeler, to name a few.