Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's The Word?

For some time now, I've been trying to find the word that means adulation or the feeling of love you would feel for a person who is accomplished in your field of passion.

I have run across the word a couple of times but dismissed it from my mind and poof, it was gone. It's so gone, that I wouldn't even recognize it if you said it. I'd have to look it up.

The word refers to having this extreme admiration for someone of the opposite sex which would account for the feeling of love.

And I'm not referring to the groupie gals who wait outside a rock star's dressing room to offer him sexual favors. The kind of love feeling I'm referring to is almost on an etherial plane. It's as if you want to touch them but wouldn't dare because their talent is so far above you, so all you could ever do is worship them from afar.

The Greeks had names for four kinds of love: agape, philia, eros, storge. What I'm talking about is kind of a mixture of agape, philia and eros. I think of the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo and her life-time attraction and love for Diego Rivera. With them I've always felt it was mutual.

Does this sound crazy, or have others experienced this?

Marilyn has played flamenco guitar for as long as I've danced and she has experienced this with guitarists. Especially one. I'm in awe of Juan Serrano, greatest living guitarist. We had a Flamenco Juerga and had one of his students and a student of his student. I was in that strange mixture of love and awe over them because they got to actually sit with him and watch him play. Then I could watch the student's fingers move on the guitar just as Juan had taught them.

OK, you've probably guessed it. I have that love feeling for Robert Doisneau, the photographer whose black/white photos I use for headers. He is pictured above in his self-portrait. Of course, he's dead but it doesn't matter. I've had this feeling for years. It's like Heathcliff yearned for Cathy until he could join her in death.

During my last posts when we were talking about photography, Kj of 12 Paws and Frogs, looked up Robert Doisneau and wrote that she's in love. See, Kj.... you know what I mean.

Come on, all you astute people with brilliant minds. What's the word I'm looking for???? I'm going cukoo trying to find it.


  1. Beautiful face. I am going to look for him on the internet. I am thinking of several words - venerate, revere (both with a bit of eros). I imagine there are some more of this type. But I do know this feeling. It fills you up and expands your universe and you touch upon something of the sacred.

  2. OMG you said it beautifullly GMCrone. I think everyone has had it and it doesn't mean it interferes with a marriage, a relationship. It's more or less a fantasy but yet so real. And I know there's a definite word somewhere in the dictionary for this.. Thanks for your comment.
    And thanks again for my hair combs..... I am inraptured with my combs.

  3. Beautiful words spoken by truly beautiful women.

    I have no offering of eloquence or profound thoughts on the subject. What I can share, though, is my love for 'Ronnie'... Ronald Reagan -- It was love at first sight for me. So dreamy and strong, he ran for President of the United States during my 18th year on this earth. I ran to the polls to vote for him, and I was so proud when he won the election.

    How I loved President Reagan, and how I cried the day he passed away. Silly, yes, but maybe this meets the "adulation" criteria.

  4. Kj It's an important responsibility, that first time you vote. Yes, you had that "thing" too that we can't seem to find the name for. And Reagan was so handsome. Do you ever think Jane Wyman was kicking her own butt for divorcing him. Who wouldn't want to be first lady.

  5. I am no good with words.... but it is amazing to be so in AWE of someones talent.

  6. Manzi,

    You make my heart melt... you get me.