Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who Are The Word Police?

I finally came out of my mushroom cave only to find they did it again. They changed the language on me. I just want to know who is the "they" who has such power.

I was feeling pretty good about my language progress. I lost my Nort Dakota brogue and my Fargoism's "squarsh and warsh."

Thirty years ago I learned to say "I dig it" if I really liked something. (no actual labor involved). I learned that "cool" could be anything that was pleasing BUT then in a few years, the things that were once "cool" became "hot". If that wasn't confusing enough, now everything "rocks." Holy Crap. What does that mean? Hard as stone? It bends back and forth as a rocking horse??? You like it? You don't like it?

A couple years ago "melt-down" threw me.

Someone said, "She had a melt-down. "

I'm thinking, I'm not getting tripped up by that. It means all her candles burned. But I asked anyway, "What's melt-down?"

You know, "went crazy."


On Bill O'Reilly's news he was talking to the blond who looks and sounds like Megen Kelly. (They all look alike and I don't know her name.). As she was talking to Bill, she called him Jack. He bristled and said, "You're talking to Bill."

She replied, "All the kids call everyone Jack, now."

Bill at first looked nonplussed, then down right annoyed. It kinda became a thing between them. He ended that segment of the program with "This is Jack." It was not in a complying ending but more as mocking someone too old to stoop to kid's lingo.

Gotta run. The evening rocks. (Whatever that means?)


  1. I too can't keep up with my 15 year old's newest lingo. The word random is used for everything, along with insane, which means everything from amazing to crazy.
    Dana @ Bungalow'56

  2. Hi Manzanita, This post is a blast...meaning I like, but not really sure if I am using the word blast in or out of context. I always enjoy your thoughs and opinions. You are the bomb! Is that word still in? It was the last time I looked, but that has been a while.
    Gerry PS:I love O'Reiley.

  3. Yo Manz! What up, Dawg? It's bangin' here in Callie today.

    Okay, enough nonsense. Loved this post -- made me giggle. It's like the Tim McGraw song "Back When":

    Back when a hoe was a hoe
    Coke was a coke
    And crack's what you were doing
    When you were cracking jokes
    Back when a screw was a screw
    The wind was all that blew
    And when you said I'm down with that
    Well it meant you had the flu

    I love being nostalgic, but I also welcome change.


  4. Dana, Hey, Thanks for visiting.Random..... haven't heard that either, yet. But I don't have teen agers. You lucky gals that do get all the new scoop!

    Gerry.... You cracked me up. Neither of us sound exactly "hip." There's another one that just popped into my head.

    KJ. What a blast.... (Let's steal Gerry's term.) I'm copying this down. Cute and clever. Listen to this. I was emailing a friend to an office at Christmas time. I said, Ho Ho Merry Christmas at the end. The company had automatic censor's and THEY CENSORED my email. Said they couldn't allow "THAT" kind of language. I had absolutely no idea what the "They" were talking about. Now I know. :)

  5. Noooo, please don't, I have enough trouble following TV programmes without having to bust a gut understanding street language.

    No, not cool, but then neither is cool, according to you. Thank Goodness I've never bothered 'to get with the program'.

  6. I actually prefer the lingo from childhood as well as past decades. I've never really conformed when it came to such things. It's a matter of slang and what you're most comfortable with. For instance, I love the phrase I can dig it. As well as: That's neato. However one of my all time favorites is you're the bees knees. Then of course there's: You're the tops etc..

    It's hip to be square my friend! ; )

  7. Every decade has its own vernacular, don't you think? Cool will always be cool (and I don't mean temperature). I say "cool" when I think something is. And, I still say I dig something, e.g. "I dig that dress you're wearing..." I seemingly always have used this lexicon, I suppose I always will. Can you dig it?

  8. Friko, Thanks for stopping and commenting. Cool, Man, Cool.

    Cinnamon, Ya, my lady.... you did reach back a few decades for the "bees knees." My Grandmother's time. But I like it too. My childhood period produced the weird, crazy songs..... Marezi Doats..... Hotsot Ralsin on the Rilla Ra & a Ralla Ralla to it. to name a couple.

    Big...Yup.... As we say in the midwest...ya betcha. I guess I got stuck in the cool mode too. I notice that often I like to do the "hick" talk. Is that kind of a "reverse snobbery?" Don't mean to, just comes out. ha

  9. I just had to add my little bit of 'Valley Girl' speak:

    Like Oh my god, that's so totally tubular. ; )