Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lazy Hazy Days of Acupuncture

I was at my acupuncturist today and he pushed at a certain spot beside my knee and asked if it hurt. No. All I felt was pressure, no pain. He said if he had pushed in that spot on 9 out of 10 people they would be screaming in pain. Then I said what must have been a really dumb thing. I said, "Well, you can push harder."

He looked puzzled for a second and then started laughing. I figured out pretty fast that he had pushed with exactly the right amount of pressure. I started laughing with him and we just laughed for around a full minute.

He said to me, "You're funny." But I wasn't trying to be funny. It made perfect sense to me that if it was supposed to hurt, just push till it does.

He was testing my lymph and the fact that it didn't hurt meant my lymph was working. (I guess)

All my adult life I've used acupuncturists. They were always Chinese until now. Jean-Louis is French and extremely knowledgeable about healing. Today he was working on my liver..... the general of the whole army. Three herbs good for liver are stinging nettle, milk thistle and dandelion. I found a remote patch of unsprayed nettles this summer and dried some for tea.

I have an appointment every two weeks for a little tweaking and tune up. My liver loves it.


  1. I've often wondered if acupuncture actually worked. I'm having a lot of strange issues lately and I'm giving it great thought. It's so interesting and somewhat serendipitous that you should write about this at the moment.

    I take milk thistle! But now I'm going to try the other two as well.

    As for pushing harder, makes sense to me ; )

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. Hey Manzi!

    Just gettin' in from a late night at work. Someday, I'm going to come to Montana and visit. Don't worry, you can have the FBI check me out first, and I'll stay in a hotel. : )

    Actually, my hubby has to travel around the states quite a bit, and he likes me to join him, but I often decline, as I like being home with the 12 Paws. But yesterday, I asked him if he has any Montana engagements coming up -- he wasn't sure, but I'll get a confirmation

    I need help getting in to your way of thinking about the body and soul. You are my guru right now, and I'm so glad!

  3. I'm glad to read your taking care of your body. Something we all should really be doing. I've though about acupunture but in my area don't even think we have anyone but I do go to a chiropractor for tune up's.
    I'm already your follower, have been for awhile but haven't had time to check in. Glad you were near my post on Java's blog hop, made me come to visit.
    Take care and have a blessed Friday.

  4. A holistic approach to preventative care combined with an East meet West philosophy on maintaining, and/or treating, one's health makes the most sense to me on every level. We are a combination: Mind. Body. Spirit; are we not? All need care for wellness and well-being. Seems you tapped into this approach and it's working for you.

  5. Cinnamoncoatedcandy. Acupuncture has a long history. Allopathic has only been around since WWll and it's losing ground every year. Oh well, it's totally political and I won't get started on that.

    Milk thistle is wonderful for the liver.

    Julie, Thanks for stopping by. I'll come by and see you soon. Do you live in Minnesota. Why do I think you live in Minnesota? But if you do, I used to have a marvelous Chinese acupuncture guy in Minneapolis.

    Kj.... You are the workenist gal I've ever seen. Late hours and you do such a variety of things at home. You have so much energy.

    Big...Yes, we are complex and we each understand our own bodies if we would only trust our judgement. I have more or less grown to know what my body needs and with a well body, the mind is clear. Thanks for bringing that up. Would make a good post, huh?

  6. An acupuncturist with a sense of humour, usually they are so serious it hurts.

    I loved your previous post too. I think he did well, stuffed shirts like the exec need taking down a peg or three any time of day.

  7. a question, please: why does your profile say "I have lived most of my life" ; is there a bit missing?

  8. When I visit your blog, I like to think I'm in Montana while I'm here....I did acupuncture and Chinese herbs from a guy of western ancestry for my eczema. I saw a dermatologist who was of eastern ancestry give me the traditional prescriptions for it. I think that's funny. Both treatments helped keep the disease under control, My druthers though is with the acupuncture.