Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Robert Doisneau It Is Not

A Robert Doisneau this is not. But it is a humorous bit of realism that just happened to pop in front of my new little Flip Camcorder. If you've visited my blog before, you know I'm on a quest to find a digital camera that takes photos like my old "crying in the closet, Leica."

The black/white photos I use for headings in my blog were shot by my beloved Robert Doisneau. I use that term of endearment out of a cherished respect for a photographer who captured a timeless essence of human wistful foibles.

Many of Doisneau's shots were staged from the original circumstance. Mine wasn't. Just trying out a new cami. Here's the deal.

As I walked down the camera aisle in Costco, a little Flip comcorder just jumped right into my cart and said, "Buy me, buy me." My reasoning was, "It's probably an orphan and needs a home," as it went through the checkout with me.

I unboxed it in the parking lot, became acquainted with the minimal buttons (much to my liking), put it in my purse and drove off to the health food store. As I waited in the checkout line with my groceries, I took the Flip out of my purse to give it a try. You'll find the results below.


  1. I can only imagine what the people in the store were thinking as you stood there filming them... too funny.

    I like how you zoomed in on the kid once you saw what was going on. Good skills, Manzi! And nice clear picture.

  2. HAHA....maybe we can all take up a collection and send him a belt :-)

  3. Good morning, Manzanita.

    I have admired your header pictures, but never realized they were from the famed street scenes of Robert Doisneau. Your Flip creation may not be a Robert Doisneau, but Lady it is close! You were standing in the perfect spot at the perfect moment for your first video on your new Flip, capturing "Life As It Is".

    I hope you put your Flip to work. I enjoyed this interesting post, as always.

    PS: I believe you can buy a digital Leica now.

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  5. Kj,
    The clip was clear for coming from such a tiny contraption. It's so tiny that I never know where I put it. Thanks

    And suspenders. :)

    I was a little surprised to see a man's "tidy whities" in front of me. Doisneau said the old time photographers would set up their cameras and wait for the perfect shot. Sometimes hours.

    P.S. I don't know if my pocketbook is worthy of another Leica.
    Doisneau used a Rolliflex for most of his shots.

  6. So glad I came over to visit your blog. I have a few Pisces girlfriends and they all have a fab sense of humor. You, too! Love what you "named" your blog

  7. Manzi,

    I just checked out the photography of Robert Doisneau -- I'm in love.

    Thank you.

  8. Explains a lot of the salmonella outbreaks, doesn't it? ; )

  9. Oh, for a Rolliflex!!!! My granddaughter is drooling for one. She, Carla, is studying photography and right now she is using my D90 and I her D50. She also has some box cameras, which are necessary in her schooling, but no Rolliflex by any stretch...haaa.

    Manzanita, I meant to tell you, your video is very nice and clear


  10. How cheeky of you!
    still, if you can't be 'different' when you have reached mature years, when can you. The people in the store probably just thought: 'crazy old girl', and raised their eyebrows.

    Congratulations on the new toy, may you be giving us many more examples of 'private moments'.

  11. Gerry, How wonderful that your daughter has the photography bug too. So great to go to school like she is and learn it the correct way. Good for her.

    Friko....ha ha ... you crack me up!

  12. I have wanted a camcorder for a long time. I will be very interested in your opinion of the Flip after you use it for a while. It seems to have a good picture. Can you also take still shots with it? I'm doing some research on the web right now, but I would really like your opinion.