Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Days Do You Ever Just Want To Run Off To Spain And Be A Flamenco Dancer?

I did that once. Sixty years ago to be exact. I'll let you in on a little secret. Once Flamenco music gets into your soul, it never leaves. Flamenco dancers wait for the Duende. It's that special emotion that happens at a moment that spellbinds listeners. Duende isn't a constant. It can happen one day and not the next.

Lately, I've been getting rid of the "stuff" in my life. It bogs me down. I have to return to that feeling of freedom. Perhaps I won't be a street dancer in Seville but I will be free to chose my existence. I fulfilled my responsibility as wife, mother, grandmother ...... and now it's finally my turn. Oh Glorious Feeling.

Below is a street dancer from Seville. Welcome it into your soul and perhaps you'll join me.
Adios Amigos and Ole


  1. Great video, chica! I love dance. Flamenco and tango being two of my personal favorites [I took tango dance lessons I love it so much.] Oh, and I know you'll be pleased to learn that I adore European women ; ). Such unbridled, raw passion--and this dancer clearly demonstrates that!

    Less is more; and, being true to yourself: It is the only way to travel thru life.

    "Bailale al flamenco!"

  2. Dancing is so freeing. Thanks for the video, the moment.

  3. I don't know much about Flamenco Dancing, but I do know that this lady's rhythm on the wooden floor is fantastic. Gerry

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog !! My husband purchased a Cannon Rebel T1i and I love it. It's an easy camera to use with lots and lots of functions :) I would suggest it .
    I'm your newest follower :)

  5. Oh, I love this! All my fantasies center on running off to (somewhere) to be a (something). Why not a flamenco dancer!
    I'm here from the Over 40 Follow -- following now because I like your style.

  6. I only have to things that I wanted to learn pole dancing/exercise and Flamenco dancing. Watching the video my long dream emerges again to do Flamenco. Thanks for sharing!
    Kim, MI

  7. Following from over 40.
    Have a great day!

  8. Hola! I would love to run off to Spain and dance. ;-) I so appreciate your stopping by my blog and I look forward to reading more of yours. The spa day post really speaks to me. I'm following now.

    Have a wonder*filled weekend!

  9. You can do this? You really can? You can do flamenco?
    I am gobsmacked!

    Digital cameras are a doddle, they all have an 'automatic' setting, which does everything for you. And eventually you'll learn the rest of the stuff. I reckon you are curious enough to want to do so.

    I have two, a Cannon Power Shot SX 200 which does brilliant 12x zoom and a tiny Olympus 840, which lives in a spectacle pouch and comes with me everywhere I go.
    The spectacle pouch is a very handy receptacle for it. If I forget and leave the camera lying on the table at a restaurant, say, everybody shouts" you forgot your glasses"; whereas they'd probably nick a camera.
    Believe me when I say that I am a digital virgin and find all the stuff that kids learn in the cradle a real effort to learn.

  10. Thanks everyone for watching the flamenco vid.
    Big.... A Tango Guy. Muy Bien. I think Argentine Tango is hard. I took it for 3 years and felt I didn't even scratch the surface. But being a follower, I never had a dynamic leader either.... so I put it by the wayside. All the years I competed in ballroom, I had excellent partners but Argentine Tango isn't/wasn't one of the International dances. We just did the English Tango for competitions. I agree, there is a kind of mystery about European women.

    Su-sieee, amodernmilitarymother, Gerry, Thanks for stopping. My 3 favorite bloggers. Yeah, as we get older, it's all about freedom. Sometimes I feel like running down the street, naked, yelling freedom. I guess I would nix the naked part, just yelling "freedom" is scary enough. :)

  11. Friko
    Gobsmacked or hornswaggled, Flamenco has been my passion since I was 20. Of course, that was when I was lithe, limber, and a Scorpio-rising sex goddess ..... Dream on about the sex goddess. 2 out of 3 ain't bad :)I still have 2 studios but I don't charge for teaching. I just pass my information on to students with talent and dancers are always poor.

    Thanks for the info on your cameras. Your photo's are outstanding. A lot of people seem to lean toward Canon. What an idea about the glasses pouch! Who'd be stealing spectacles?

  12. Manang Kim
    Did you ever learn pole dancing? WOW That's for a limber body. Flamenco is a dance you can do on into old age. In fact, the older you are, often the better because you have more of life to put into the emotions.

    Matter of Fact. Thanks for the camera comment. Canon seems to be a favorite of many. I'll look into the Rebel T1.

    Anne @ The Frump Factor...You've got a great blog. Return sometime. You crack me up.

    Gypsy Heart...Pat. You got the name.... play the game. WOW... didn't know I was a poet. ha Eso Flamenco

    Harriet... Nice of you to stop. I am following you, too.


  13. You had me at the title!!
    I am from Over 40 Friday Follow and can't wait to read more of your blog!
    You can find me at:

  14. Correction....I am GOING TO Follow you, once I get blogger to cooperate with me. It is wanting to connect through my other blog, not the one I want to use.
    I know, more info than you need, but.......

  15. Ole! Es muy perfecto!

    I now wish to be a Flamenco dancer.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. I love the dance! Thank for sharing! Your post reminded me of a doll my grandparents brought me from a trip they took to Spain when I was young girl. She was a beautiful Flamenco dancer with a lovely green dress and ivory hair comb. I adored that doll! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Thank you for the birthday wishes ... I'm going to have to put aside a few hours to spend here on your blog ... loving what I've read so far!!! Have a fabulous day.

  18. Manzanita, if you ever write a book about the time you ran off to become a flamenco dancer in Spain I swear I will buy it. How fascinating.