Friday, August 27, 2010

Zip-pate Do Dah. I Sat In On A Recording

I'll let you in on a big change. They don't "sing into the can" anymore like George Cloony did in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou." My Granddaughter, Ashly, is making her 2nd CD and I sat in on a little of it. The recording companies want the performer to be relaxed so they make the recording room personal by bringing in some of their items from home. Here is Ashly with her lamps and pictures and a big "I'm Gonna Ace This One" smile.

Ashly writes all the songs for her band, "Little Jane and the Pistol Whips." She lives and breaths Loretta Lynn, not that her voice is especially like hers, but she idolizes Loretta for her songs, lifestyle and the person that she is.

I had never set foot in a recording studio before. In the old movies (not the "can" one), the performers were always behind a big window and people could sit outside and watch. No. Not today. The performers are in this closed recording room, where all the personal stuff is set up with their instruments and techie stuff and you can watch what's happening on a big screen. (Of course, dummy Manzanita. Techie Time again.)

Below is Ashly with Doc, the head honcho recording guy, who has been awarded the coveted award of Grammy for outstanding achievement in his field. Doc is a charismatic artist who runs a relaxed but totally efficient ship. I sat behind him during a recording and watched him manipulate the big scary board with all the knobs, buttons and lights.

Below is a short vid that I made of part of a song being recorded. Nothing is more annoying to me than uninvited music on a blog, so I always give you a button and a choice.

Besos you little country gal.


  1. They will have to look into playing the 2 very big 'country" festival's they have here in Western in spring and one in the fall :-)

    Thanks for sharing

  2. How exciting for you! The lyrics and music were so beautiful -- Ashly looks so happy and at ease. A natural.

    Oh, the pride and joy you must feel!

  3. How totally awesome is that. I loved the song, the sound. I bet that was a neat experience for you too eh.
    All the equipment....pretty amazing how they operate that stuff.

    p.s. I'll let you in on a little secret, I always fantasized about being a country singer.
    I love to sing.
    I just stick to karaoke night.

  4. I googled your granddaughter's band... and wow! They are incredibly good! She has one of those voices... you know, those!I just finished listening to "Hey Lord".... wow

  5. Jeff,
    Is MI Michigan? As in Gee but I wish again, I were in Michigan, home on the farm. An old song. Thanks. I'll have to tell her about it.

    Thanks. Yeah, she's doing OK for herself and she's still the sweet little country girl she always was. Hope you're feeling better.

    If you like singing that much... you're good. Make a video for YT and your blog. Or have you already and I missed it. If you don't, I promise, I'll keep bugging you till you do it. And I always keep my promises.

    Very kind of you. She does have a unique quality to her voice. I told her this morning that I really think "Oh Lord" is going to be a big hit, now that she's getting the right promotion. Ever since I put the vid on, Oh Lord" has stuck in my head.

    Thanks everyone, Manzi

  6. Manzanita,

    How interesting! I know you enjoyed that recording session, especially with the star being your granddaughter. She has a very nice clear voice. I googled her and found that she is not only a singer and guitarist, but also a good fiddle player. She performs from her heart and is very entertaining. She will do well.
    I played piano for a little country band when I was a young teenager. We had a weekly 30-minute spot on the local TV station. That was long, long ago. haaa.


  7. I've always thought it would be fun to watch a real-live recording. Ashly has a beautiful earthy voice. I bet she hears that a lot. Her guitarist is one awesome guitar picker. Thanks for sharing, Ms. Manzi!

  8. How fun! I've been on both sides of the recording booth and it was a great time in my life, but on we go... Best wishes to Ashley as she creates her life in music. What a fine path she's on... and how proud and happy you must be, to see her follow her dreams.

  9. Now that was special. Thanks for letting us come along. That is the only way I would ever see a recording session.
    She really has a good voice, you must be so proud.
    Thanks for stopping by TNS. I will be back.

  10. Gerry,
    WOW, another talent. I thought you were hiding some. ha ha Did I see a piano in your house? Thought I did. I bet you still play....

    I don't play anything. I bought a small accordion a few years ago and it collected dust. I gave it to Ashly and she learned to play it immediately. She plays it on a song she wrote called "Allen's Song." She wrote it in memory of a friend of mine who died and I cry every time she sings it.
    I miss Allen. He was not a boy friend just a very good buddy and one of the best swing dancer's around these parts. I kinda stopped social dancing after he died.

    I bet you're still good at the piano. No wonder you like to sing so much. I sing all the time too .... but just for my ears...:)

  11. Su-sieee
    It was fun to watch the recording. They do each song at least 3 times and I think she had 16 songs so it took 4 days to do this. Thanks for the nice words.

    On both sides.... does that mean you are a performer? There is so much talent blogging. It's such a pleasure to meet you and all the great writers and talented people. Keep us informed on your greenhouse.

    Arkansas Patti,
    Thanks for coming by. Your blog is a real treasure house of great stories. I really enjoyed it. I hardly ever write about my kids but the recording session was a real thrill for me to watch.


  12. know, we are all hiding much. Perhaps not hiding, just not bringing it out. I don't play much anymore and I think about that, no practice much, not good. But, I have played much, very much. I was the pianist for our church for over 30 years. I have a Knight piano, purchased in the 60's. Gerry

  13. Beautiful!! Wow can she sing! How proud you must be and lucky to have such talent in the family! I loved listening to the video!!

  14. Very cool! I wish her much success!

  15. I be you are proud of her!
    More power to her elbow.

  16. She's very talented! I'll be on the lookout for her in the future. It's always so heartening to see someone go after their dream. You must be so proud.

    Brava, Ashly!

  17. You began following me last week, but I had troubles with your follow button. Today I am now following you.

  18. How incredibly cool! You all must be so proud! Congratulations!

  19. How exciting! Good for you and good for your niece! Thanks for sharing this.

  20. She's awesome! I loved it. I want it on my Ipod. Thanks for sharing! Candace

  21. Gerry, I can just see you being that wonderful pianist. I'm proud and happy to know you.

    Big, Friko, Cinnamon, Lynda and Sunny. Thank you all for commenting and all the good wishes. I'll be sure and show her this post.

    Traci66, Sorry if you had trouble. Most be something I'm doing wrong. I know so little about this. I always welcome and pointers or help. Thanks for stopping.

    Candace. Thanks for the comment. Her song, Oh Lord, is on Youtube but that one is with her old band (but I like them, too) Her new one will be out soon and that's with her new band.

    I didn't want this to sound like "bring and brag" time but I suppose it is. I usually never do this, in fact, I never carried photos of my kids when they were little. My first recording watching was supposed to be the focus but I guess it moved over to Ashly.

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