Friday, April 17, 2015

O is For Oil Pulling

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

When you begin to
get a little long in
the tooth, what about
those pearlies that
used to bedazzle
every time you opened
your mouth. Oh boy,
now when you smile
do you say a tiny prayer that your dentures won't fall

Dentistry has failed us and tricked us into a life of
root canals, crowns and implants. If you've fallen
into that trap, you are no doubt walking around
with the economic equivalent of a Maserati in your mouth.
If you are still fighting to save your teeth, (like
I am) here is some hope and it's called "oil pulling."

It is simply swishing coconut oil around in your
mouth, perhaps twice a day. I do it but dang, I'm
not consistent with it and I've only myself to blame.
People who do it with regularity, swear by it.

A good book to read, "Cure Tooth Decay" by
Rameil Nagel. I wish I had read it when I
was younger, but it wasn't written yet. Ha
Some of you younger people still have a
chance to save all your teeth.
But...never ever get a root canal.

It sounds like I'm bashing dentists but they were/are
only doing the available procedures that have
been available and taught to them. Now there is
care for teeth that involves healthy, holistic dentistry.

Right now I'm going through the uncertainty
of a root canal gone-bad.  I may have to lose
my first tooth. Thanks root canal.  Years
ago they sure saw me coming.


  1. I'll avoid a root canal at all costs if I can, but some of those other ones cost a ton more. I already argued with a dumb dentist about the fluoride crap he wanted to give me, hell no to that.

    And oil pulling I do every morning for 20 minutes at my sea, going on 2 years with it without missing a day, go ocd lol sucks when the phone rings though or you have to sneeze lol

    1. Hahaha
      You were the one I had in mind when I wrote this. I'm impressed and now I'm "trying" to do it steady again. Thanks. OMG those dentists. Have to get those kids to college.
      I know. I wanted to call the dog when my mouth was full. lol

  2. I have two friends that religiously enjoy oil pulling and swear by it. I tried but didn't continue. Bad Patti.
    It is never good to lose a tooth, especially one we have had for a long time and given it all the dentistry available. Good luck with your tooth.

    1. Patti
      It's the stupid root canals. I doubt if it can be saved but I'm still trying. Keep it up and I'm going to try to be more faithful to it too.

  3. I have one tooth that had a root canal. Maserati you say? You ain't a' kiddin'. Even with insurance it was close to two thousand bucks over and beyond (far more than they quoted me) because my dentist was out of network. I didn't want to drive an hour away for one in the network. They saw me coming too. And it's dark around the gum, which irks me.

    1. Rosey
      One isn't too bad but they work their way up..... first the root canal, then a crown and then later, build up the bone so it will hold an implant. That is equal to a Maserati. We could driving in style. Hahaha

    2. They put the crown on too. I haven't got the build the bone up speech yet.

  4. I've never heard of swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for the health of your teeth! So far no root canals for me. Maybe this is a way to avoid them altogether????

    1. Robin
      Yup. I wish I had heard about oil pulling when I was young but those were the days of the dentist and his big sign out in front saying, Painless Dentistry. LOL

  5. I have intended to buy this as I heard it is good for Diabetes. I've been told I'm borderline. Thanks for all your info.

  6. I have never heard of that, but wow, think I'll try it. Gotta be better than taking fish oil.
    All those cats chasing me can get tiresome.

    1. Al
      Hahaha Especially the cod liver oil. I take that too and I hope it's doing something for my teeth. But the coconut oil is a little more pleasant, huh?

  7. Great information... Most of us spend tons of money on dentistry... AND --we are some of the unlucky ones who do NOT have insurance... Gads--so expensive... Didn't know about coconut oil.. Wish I would have known that many years ago... Too late now... ha


    1. Betsy
      I wish I had known too. I read that the practice is really old, old, old but I never heard anyone talk about it when I was young.

  8. I think I tried oil pulling a few times. I can't remember if I did coconut oil with my teeth or my face. You'd think I'd remember such a distinction. Now, why did I stop? Beats me. If it was the teeth, I probably didn't like the feel.

    1. Susie
      I guess it's just getting into the habit of being regular with it. I'm going to try once more.
      You mean putting coconut oil on you face, right?

    2. Yup, on the face. I read that using coconut oil is good for cleaning your face of dirt and such.

  9. I have a bridge, that wasn't fun. Nor was paying for it either.

    1. Adam
      Too bad, Adam. You are young and should try the oil pulling because it's so important to save your teeth. You could have put that money toward your coming marriage. (Thrifty me)

  10. I believe in holistic everything, and I hate going to dentists! I'll give coconut oil a go.

  11. I've had eight root canals so far, NONE of which has gone bad on me. I had them because the nerve in each tooth was dying and infected, the pain from that was so bad I felt like bashing my face with bricks just to feel better. Those teeth are now dead of course and discoloured greyish and ugly, so I would love to be able to afford crowns to look nicer when I smile.

  12. River
    It's a shame when we have problems wih our teeth because they are so connected to the rest of our body. My aunt, when she was young (she's now long deceased) developed serious mental problems. At that long ago time in dentistry, they pulled her 2 front teeth and she was instantly cured and remained that way till she died in her 90's. So, one just never knows.
    Teeth can really cause pain when they go awry.

  13. I was oil pulling but when I started this cleanse I'm doing right now, I don't have time to oil pull

  14. Manzi, thank you for advicing this book! Already bookmarked to buy! I've never thought there exist anything alternative to a serious teeth treatment of a dentist with all their dental nightmare procedures! Now i have my hopes high! :)