Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is For Zeolite

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

The whole, exciting
trick to longevity is
staying healthy by
eliminating toxins.
Every direction we
turn, we run into
poisons and chemicals
that take a hit on our vitality.

The zeolites are from a natural formation of volcanic
rock and natural saline. It has a remarkable chelating
effect for removing heavy metals and poisons from
the body. A healthy body, free of chemicals and
toxins is about the thing that leads to a long, happy

The 2 zeolites I take, are fulvic acid (not folic acid)
that dissolves bad calcium and I occasionally take
MSM.  (I talked about that under the letter M)

We must be vigilant to promote good health in our
twilight years.  When I talk to my older friends, we
all agree that it takes all morning to take us through
our health routine. Is it worth all that effort when one
gets old?  That is up to the individual. If one gets
old and cranky, probably not. Let it go. But if you
are filled with laughter, enjoy people and still have
hobbies, I'd say, it is definitely still worth the effort.

A young couple moved in across the alley.
When I was in my garden last week (and the sunshine
was pouring down) the young gal came over and
said, "I'm so happy we moved here because I can
learn so much from you." That made it all worth
while and I'm closing with laughter and happiness.

Thank you for reading my posts and it has been
a fun journey through the alphabet with you.


  1. Manziii, i am here!! Am i so slow or is it the alphabet which is so short?! )) I'm just so busy with everything these days, so i've been failing to find enough time for computer. Anyway, i am back, now for reading and soon for blogging again!
    Well, i never heard of fulvic acid, and i am not sure if i can find it in my place. What brand do you use?
    Haha, i'm going throught my morning health routine at a snail's pace too! Yeah, just hate being in a hurry, it makes me nervous and everything goes wrong. )))
    You are so right, joy and hobbies are always a very powerful motivation!
    Hugs to you! Keeping in touch! ツ✿

  2. Zara
    Are the clock's hands moving faster or have they removed some hours because I too, have no time ...... especially in spring. But never fear, you are always in my heart.
    The Fulvic Acid I have is made by Optimally Organic out of California. You probably couldn't get that brand.
    Snail's pace. Yes I know. It often feels like we're going backwards. We should show down a little, huh.
    This is the end of the A-Z and i've been terrible about keeping up. I hope you wil be able to plant a garden this year and enjoy all the beautiful flowers you love so much.
    Take care of yourself and we can talk more later
    Love to you from Manzi

    1. Manzi dear, thank you for your answer! I've been again a very busy bee, but now i'm here to do what i've been missing a lot -- getting in touch with precious Friend! ;)

      p.s. still no real piece of land, but we have 2 balconies. I saved life to 5 strawberries only. They are happily growing, but i'm afraid to do anything wrong to them. )) Seeds of asters, tomatoes and peppers didn't sprout at all. ;/ So we are going to buy lots of flowers ready to bloom and arrange our lounging areas with them.
      Will show pics, of course, once it gets a desirable look.

  3. I always enjoy your posts since we are 'so' into vitamins/supplements--in order to stay healthy and to stay OFF of Prescription drugs... I keep hearing about MSM---but haven't checked it out yet.. Think I'll do that. Thanks!

    I have a 'heavenly' post today. Check it out --if you haven't yet.

    1. Betsy
      How wonderful are those photos. I was at your post and the flowers are life-like. But thanks for pointing it out. I would hate to have missed it.

  4. You are the wise woman, we are the students, sitting at your feet learning, absorbing. Great posts, each one packed with information. Thanks.

    1. Bish
      You forgot to mention my long white beard and the staff in my hand. Hahaha
      Another A-Z challenge to our credit. Congrats to you on your fun but yet "teaching" posts.

  5. Such an awesome A-Z. You did a great job. And hurrah too for nice neighbors (in real life and in the blogging world). :)

    1. Rosey
      Oh yes, my mind is at peace and I seem to attract only like minded people. It's wonderful
      Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to have a friend like you.

  6. I've never heard of fulvic acid, but I will check up on it. I couldn't remember what you said about MSM, so I revisited that post. Seems like you use a salve form, but it seems like I've seen it in a pill or capsule form.

    1. Robin
      I've had both but right now the one I'm using (when I use it) is the powder form.

  7. Teaching the young couple I bet will be fun indeed. I got most of the crap out of me, not sure on heavy metals though

    1. Pat,
      I'm getting there, this time around. The new hydrotherapist was taking her 90 year old mother to someone for the ozone treatment today. I didn't know we had any of them here and neither did she ...... before, that is.

  8. Hi Manzanita - well done on finishing and more importantly perhaps on offering us all a way into improving our health as we get older ... I've never heard of fulvic acid either ...

    So pleased you have nice young neighbours ... who want to learn - what a great environment they landed themselves in ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary
      Another A-Z down the hatch. Here's to the finish line and most of us made it.

      Young neighbors are wonderful. At first I wondered, as there were 5 houses right around me that were recently sold. This is a good thing because they all want to take excellent care of their house and lawn. Many of them know nothing about flowers and gardening but they've come to me for advice. Not that I'm any expert but I'm willing to share my knowledge and my flower cuttings.

  9. Oh no, it is Z all ready?. How quickly that went and how much I have learned. Yes you are right, the older we get the higher maintenance we become.
    Your new neighbors came to the right place.

  10. Flushing out the system keeps everyone young

    1. Holy Ghost
      Right on. We're not much different that an auto.

  11. We all need a bit of young blood around.

    1. Merle
      Yes, very necessary. That keeps us from becoming a stodgy old foggy. Haha

  12. The zeal of zeolite dizzzolves zee calzzzium. I'm feeling quite punchy, can you tell? I went too crazy at the free gym last week and this week I'm paying for it. I didn't think I overdid it, but all the pains in my joints have been protesting. Such is life. I shall rebalance myself yet. I enjoyed your series. You've given me much to consider, as always.

    1. Susie
      Well, we did it. Yay Can't get too silly, especialy on the "Z" day. I enjoyed your "Letters" and all your famiy photos. Thanks for supporting me, too.
      On to the next.....whatever that may be

  13. "staying healthy by eliminating toxins"
    great idea.
    but some people seem to live forever and haven't done a single healthy thing. they smoke they drink they eat fatty foods, then they're on TV with birthday cake and celebrating their 100th year!
    Doesn't seem fair (*~*)

  14. River
    I guess it proves that genes matter so ya gotta choose good parents. Thank you, River for supporting me with your wonderful comments during this A-Z. I always look forward to your logical explanations.

  15. Like the young couple I've learned a lot from you, too.
    Such as..."zeolites" aren't something from Star Trek.

  16. Al
    You jest. What do I know? I'm from that school of Hard Knocks.... like Little Orphan Annie.

  17. Dear "Little Orphan Annie",

    You might just notice I've popped in at the sort of end to yet another year of alphabet mayhem, Manzanita. Good thing there isn't reflection posts about the alphabet challenge. That would be just too much, eh.

    I shall have to also move in near you. You could teach me all about healthy stuff from A to Z.

    Thanks, my lovely friend.


    1. Gary
      Ha.... I KNEW you couldn't stay away from your favorite challenge. I just knew it. Not a day goes by that you don't think of it. LOL
      But it's nice to see you out and about on this warm spring day and I am enjoying your A-Z visit. It's such a pleasure to see you again.

  18. I'd say it's worth the effort! And I'm Blue 24/7! Oh how I'd love to have a healthy body, free of both chemicals and toxins...

    1. Blue
      To have a body free of chemicas and toxins would be a heavenly dream. Of course there's a big but, It wouldn't even last the day....unless........unless one lived far, far, far off the grid.....but then we have that poison falling from the sky. Nope, I guess we've allowed our perfect world to evaporate.

  19. Your posts are always filled with zillions of wise suggestions for all of us. Thank you.

    1. JJ
      Thanks for the visit and the kind words.

  20. MSM as well as borax are on my list . Cocoa powder and red chillies too. We cannot do enough for our bodies. Walking is also a must do!
    I'm glad you took this journey and feel happy with your outcome.

    1. Heldrun
      Thank you for visiting. We all seem to have our own "pets" for good health in our cupboards. You hit on some very good essentials. I agree with all.

  21. Hello there.
    Congratulations on surviving the A-Z Challenge! I didn't get to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess