Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is For Yacon Root

My theme for the
A-Z Challenge is
Aging into Longevity

Yacon Root is a favorite
natural sweetner that
also offers many
health benefits. It has
an amazing quality that
regulates and nourishes
the friendly intestinal flora. This positive factor is a boon
at any age but especially appreciated by those who have
reached the top of the hill and are slightly on the declining

The Yacon Root resembles a yam and is juiced into a
concentrate.  Besides being a guardian of yeast, diabetes
and bone density, it has been touted as a food for weight
loss, made popular by the Dr. Oz. show.  Mostly, I
believe the weight loss scam should be replaced with
holistic reasoning, but that won't sell the manufacturers

Always beware. Too many weight loss gimmicks. Here
is a secret. Keep your body in sparkling health and
the pounds will melt away. But I think we already
knew that.


  1. Easy to keep it off than to get it off, stupid weight loss scams. Sounds great for health though

  2. I've found that weight loss meant much more to me several years ago. Now, I just try to eat healthy and everything takes care of it itself.

  3. Another something to check out. Thank you kindly, Madame M.

  4. We all just have to eat right and no weight issues

  5. I like your tip .That's the one to think of when those hot chips on the grocery store shelf are begging you to take them home. ;)

  6. Because I have intestinal issues this is one I need to look into. I don't fall for any of those weight loss gimmicks. The only healthy way to loose weight is eat less, cut out sugar, and exercise.

  7. How do you ingest this one? Do you eat it as a yam? Turn it into a juice and drink as is? Mix with something?

  8. Great point. If we feel good we will be more active and if we are active we will lose weight. Simple. You are so smart.

  9. Dr Oz! I wondered where I had heard of Yacon Root before. I almost never watch his show, it's mostly one giant advertisement for supplements etc.
    Keeping the body in sparkling health is a great idea, but the pounds won't necesarily melt away unless portion control is also used. Many people eat all the right things, but simply eat far too much at one sitting. Like me. I eat right, but I eat too much. So I'm cutting portions by a third and will cut again in the summer until my jeans fit again. Then I'll stick with the smaller portions.

  10. Manzi, i googled for the pictures and it looks like batat... is this it??