Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rocks Water Soup and Diamonds

Do you flower garden? I like my flowers outside, not in the house.

When God created this part of the world he was thinking stones and rock and said, "Oh this doesn't need water." So try to have a garden in solid rock without moisture.

Give me an A for trying. I planted pickup loads of flowers some years back and a few tenacious roses and struggling dasies is all I have left.

Try again. Sunday, my Granddaughter and I pulled weeds (ahem..... they grow well) and planted more flowers.
Spend an afternoon digging holes in rock. You press your foot down on your shovel and every time you hear screeeech. It's wearisome. But we pursevered, got everything planted, hoping the drip system would find the new plants, and called it a day.

I had a pot of Hippocrates Soup cooking on the stove. Yummm. Soup and toast with organic blackberries for a movie snack. We both like old movies. Our choice was "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" with Marilyn Monroe. Below is a clip of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" with that vixen bomshell Marilyn.


  1. What is Hippocrates soup? And, Mmmm regarding the blueberries!

    As for the flowers, the fact that it's so hard to grow them makes the few that survive and flourish even more beautiful, no?

    Happy day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the kind comment about my Mum. Mothers are definitely worth honouring. :)

    I googled Hippocrates soup because I was very curious to know what it is. I found a recipe and I'm interested in trying it but don't have a food mill. Could it be made with a food processor? Or maybe put through my juicer?

    Hope your flowers all survive. We are so blessed where I live with beautiful sandy loam that I sometimes take it for granted. I just pulled together an early supper using everything from my own garden except the capers I threw in my tomato/cucumber salad and they came from my brother's garden in Greece. I just wish we could enjoy fresh veggies like this year-round.

  3. MM rocks! She did then. She does now. Great vid! This gentleman prefers...I like blondes. Gerson's soup? Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the comments.
    Gerry.... I'll take the diamonds too.

    I planned on posting on Hippocrates soup today but somehow Marilyn got in first. I'll write about it, perhaps tomorrow. I found a vid on YT but the soup's too thin and they admit it. I'll put that vid on too.

    Ro Magnolia.... The foley press is for people with cancer or any other degenerative disease because electrical tools give them the wrong energy. If you're healthy, use a blender. I do. If you make a very small amount you could use a food processor but it is soupee (like a puree) and it would run through that hole in the center of the processor. I've had that happen when i make my dog food, if there is too much liquid in it. It's a mess, then.

    Yeah Big, I put Marilyn on for you.

  5. That's a great photo, Manzanita! I'd like to grow a rose like that out of rock. Sunsety/peachy/apricoty colored roses are my favorite.

  6. You're too good to me woman! And, I think you're mocking me...ha! I'm good with it. The vid is great! ; )