Sunday, April 1, 2012


During the month of April I will be posting on the A-Z Blogging Challenge. My theme will be the Hunzas.
Today is A...... for Adventure.

Hunza people or Hunzakuts, live in an isolated valley, high in the Himalayas. A 60 mile treacherous road, accessible only by jeep, was their only avenue to the outside world. China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India surround them by inaccessible mountains.

My dream of a Hunza adventure began in the '40's, after reading about their self-sustaining lifestyle. I wrote a paper on their country when I was in college and thus began my dream to live in mountainous isolation.

But, reality often takes us in a different direction and my dream of adventure took me to other mountains and I now live in the Rockey Mountains of Montana.

I never got to place my feet on the Hunza rocks but the Himalayas will always remain a spell-binding dream. This month, I'll take you on another one of my vicarious adventures to Hunza land.


  1. Sweet! I did not know about Hunzakuts until your blog. Vicarious adventures are just as enjoyable as actually doing them, especially in very cold climates (brrrr)...Ever since I saw Dersu Uzala, I have dreamt about visiting Mongolia. You never know.

  2. Hi there. Likewise, I had never heard of the Hunzakuts, so we really do learn things here in this bloggy world! Good start to the A = Z challenge for you. I wish you well with the rest of it. Love your header photo by the way. Montana sounds a wonderful place to live. It sounds to me like cowboy country!

  3. Cool! This makes me want to Google for more info

  4. I first heard of the Hunza people when I read about them in a health book I own. Something about their spartan lifestyle and longevity, I'm going to have to read the book again.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more about them here.

  5. It's going to be an interesting month.

  6. Oh one day I hope you get to live this adventure!! Why not?!?!?! Yes you will! Take care

  7. Hi, Sounds like a real adventure, but definitely not "my cup of tea" so to speak. Cold climates do nothing for me. Give me the southern part of the good old USA any time. I was born and grew up in East TN. and lived most of my life there. I enjoyed going to the Smoky Mtns. but only to drive through hiking for me. (Smile) I enjoyed reading your post, though!

  8. Nice theme, and I'm looking forward to learning about this group.

  9. Interesting about how something you studied in college influenced your current lifestyle in the mountains. And it's never too later. Maybe you'll make it to the Himalayas yet. (But the Rockies ain't a bad compromise!)

  10. I have made Hunza bread several times following an old recipe and it is very filling and appetitie suppressing. This ought to been fun to follow as you educate us.

  11. The things you learn about on this A to Z Challenge! Fascinating. I’m doing the A to Z Challenge too at A to Z of Nostalgia

  12. Oh, Wow! First, I learned about Aardvarks; now about Hunzakuts. I have the feeling this is going to be an intreating month all right.

    But as isolated as they are, the Hunzakuts live in community. An important item to remember.

    Say, do the Hunzakuts like ducks?

  13. Interesting - never heard of the place. Good luck with the challenge - wishing you the best.

  14. Never knew of such a thing either. It would definitely be interesting to visit, not sure I would want to live in such isolation though.

  15. I love self-sustaining lifestyles and would have loved to visit but no way could I handle living with a small group of people. Through my experience in Talihina I've come to find out I'm very much a city girl. It does sound romantic though doesn't it. And the mountains in Montana? Not too shabby Manzi!

  16. One of the things I love most about the a-z challenge is learning new things and this is one of those times. Thanks.

  17. Nice topic and while I personally don't like isolation I can picture how nice it would be to be isolated from a lot of bad things in the world right now. :)Thanks for sharing

  18. Well, A to Z has revealed something else new. I had not heard of the Hunzakuts before. Thanks for sharing. The Rockies are beautiful and so is Montana, so you made a good choice.

    Mary Montague Sikes

  19. Fascinating post as always.
    Come from the Allegheny mountains myself. Maybe not so grand but beautiful to me.

  20. The A-Z challenge is an education! I have never heard of the Hunzakuts before. Lovely post

  21. You always think of the most interesting themes. I too love the mountains and finally get to live in them, albeit only at a little over 4,000 feet. I am really looking forward to reading about the Hunzakuts as I have been reading a lot of books about China and Mongolia lately and learned some about the minorities that live in those areas as well.

  22. Hi Manzanita .. what an interesting post - and how it came about .. looking up Hunza Valley shows an amazing place.

    I hate the cold - so I'll stay here with you for now .. I'll enjoy the rest of the posts though ..
    Cheers Hilary

  23. That has got to be a rough life, even for the young. Now that I am older, I don't think I would want to live in the mountains and self sustain. Although..... the way the world is today, it might not be such a bad idea.

  24. The Hunza also exclusively breastfeed their infants for as long as three years.

  25. This is a very interesting post. Can't wait for the others. Have fun with the Challenge.

  26. I'd say it's never too late to realize your adventure. If you dream it, you can see it. As for me, I've always wanted to go to New Jersey. And I have. I guess my sights were a little lower! :-)

  27. Susieee...Mongolia huh? Yeah, I could do that one too. :)

    Thisisme : Thanks but Montana often gets dry and brown. I don't think it can hold a candle to your lush green and water photos.

    Huntress : Thanks for stopping. I like your name. Sounds like you take control of a situation. :)

    River : That is what attracted my attention at first. Even being isolated from the world, these people found the basis of balanced nutrition and lived a healthy life without doctors.

    Delores : Somehow it all seems calmer this year than last. More relaxed.

    Bish : A fun month and then into spring.

    Kitty : Many times, if we don't take advantage of the moment or like seize the moment, Ha it isn't the same. Now from what I understand, the highway passing by made it a tourist place. Not for me anymore. The remoteness was what was once appealing.

    Grammy : I would be very satisfied to stay "PUT" where I am, now too.

  28. What a beautiful area. I certainly did not know the Hunzakuts even existed. One of the things I love about the A to Z Challenge!

  29. SC Morgan : Thanks for stopping. It's nice to meet you.

    Susan : I don't think so. Too touristy now and that area is where US is trying to make wars now.

    Chuck : I only made it once... many years ago and you are right... very heavy. Be care not to drop a loaf or you'd break a toe. :)

    Rosalind :A-Z seems to reach in and pull out creativity. I loved all the factors you brought in about nostalgia. Good choice.

    Bear : I love all the learning of new places and history that the posts are filled with. Bloggers really take an idea and run with it.
    Hunzas might like a duck if some flew in. Ha Ha

    Jess and Judy : Thank you and it's pleasant to meet you.

    Pat : Well, I guess it is not in isolation now that a super highway went by their land. That will unfold later on.

    Rubye : I understand both sides... city and country. I've lived in both and now with our present world condition, I think I opt for the country.

    Karen : Me too. I love learning the new things from the interesting posts. Yay and we are off....

    Gossip Girl : And how much I agree with you right now. Smart thinking for us.

    Monti : Thanks and it's my pleasure to meet you.

    Mary : Oh, I love that part of the country. There such energy in gently rolling hills.

    Susan : Thanks for stopping. It's been a busy day. Reading posts and learning new things is exciting.

  30. Inger : I love your interesting books that you read. It makes you such an interesting person.

    Hilary : Those treacherous mountains look might cold to me too, right now.

    Terry : Thanks. Lots of new and interesting blogs to read today. It was a busy Sunday.

    Suze : Yes and the women never went to a Leleche (sp) meeting. Isn't that something. :)

    Jaime : Thanks and looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the month. Yah for blogging.

    Al : See what happens when you set your sights "not so high." They get realized.... Mine never did. :) If the world wasn't so crazy right now, I could still fulfill that dream.... but unfortunately that is not what is happening.

  31. How fascinating! I look forward to your posts this month! Well, I always look forward to your posts!

  32. Ooooh! Great A post! It certainly looks like an absolutely beautiful place, but I'm too much of a chicken when it comes to heights to go that far into the mountains. I may have to do some research, though. ;-)

  33. What a wonderful, enticing "A" post - I have great times travelling vicariously through other peoples adventures and dreams.

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  34. Interesting dream.

  35. I didn't either (go to a La Leche meeting.) But I read a lot and I vowed never to feed my daughter a drop of formula. When the doctor came into my room at the hospital to tell me I needed to supplement, I told him (in much nicer language) to get the hell out of my room and let me learn how to breastfeed my daughter.

    I only did it for thirteen months but I know I gave her a great start in life.

  36. This was interesting. Being Eurocentric I never paid much attention to that part of the world.
    Funny how now Afghanistan in in the news a lot nowadays.

  37. What an interesting theme for the challenge. I shall read on ...