Sunday, April 22, 2012

T for Terrace

During April I'll be posting in the A-Z Blogging Challenge
My theme is Hunzas.
Today is T..... for Terraces

I had to throw in another T for Telephone. The picture below is a Hunza man climbing the pole to use the telephone. That reminded me of the old TV show "Green Acres." Anyone remember that? Oliver always had to climb a pole to use the phone.

How do you produce a garden out of rock? It is a true art form that has been practiced from ancients to the present by those who live in the Himalayas. This staircase effect is made by layering soil over coarse stones and clay. It is continually refreshed by adding silt that is brought down the mountain by the irrigating water from the glaciers.
Fields rise up the mountain, tier by tier, often reaching over 50 tiers. Hunzas have devised an irrigation system from the mountain streams cascading down from the demanding glaciers.

An epic feat of simple engineering is performed by rock walls that slope up the mountainside. The huge rocks are expertly fitted together to keep the precious soil from escaping down the mountain.

Here are the structures that have produced organic food for centuries. You have only to look at the beautiful people to understand this staircase soil is producing nourishing, nutritiously-balanced food.


  1. They certainly have to work hard for their dinner.

  2. More amazing Hunza lore. So simple and so smart. And yes I did immediately think of Green Acres...even before I read your statement!

  3. CHUCK'S comment could have been mine--even down to Green Acres!

  4. Wow they sure work for it indeed. Green Acres is the place to me, although farm living isn't the life for me..haha

  5. Awesome work the Hunza have done!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  6. Terrace gardening is so practical and works so well. I had a friend whose whole back yard was terraces. It was beautiful!

  7. Delores : Yes, kinda like the wild critters working for their dinners.

    Chuck : We all show our age who understand that one. Ha

    Fishducky : Another Green Acres Fan. I used to love the way they did their farm work in their expensive designer clothes. And Lisa's famous "Hotch Cakes."

    Pat : You know that too? Thought you might be too young. Ha

    Bear : Hey Bear. Good to see you out of hibernation. I'll check and see if you're posting again.

    Rubye : Your friend's backyard sounds delightful to work in. Even though it must have been a great deal of work to get them started.

  8. Lol at the phone call! We'd make a lot fewer calls if we had to do that, and yes I remember Green Acres, used to love it, humming the theme tune to myself now and prob. will continue all day!
    That irrigation and farming system is really something.What an inspirational people.

  9. I remember Greenacres very well!
    We till get episodes shown here on TV now and again.
    Constructing and maintaing those terraces looks like a lot of very hard work.
    But with their healthy diet and lifestyle, I'd say the Hunzas are more than up to the task.

  10. I'm in awe of their skill - and bravery! Well, it seems brave to one who like me loathes heights!!! Another fascinating post - who knew there was so much to tell about the Hunzas?!

  11. Hoorah for the Hunza! Take care

  12. LOL... I do remember Green Acres and Oliver climbing the phone pole.... so funny.

    Organic gardening isn't easy, especially on rock!!!

  13. I don't know from Green Acres. I think that had Zza Zza's sister in it though.
    Very interesting about the terrace farming. God provides in a unique way there.

  14. When I see such brilliance as that terracing, I can't help but wonder who was the one who thought it up.

  15. This has been such an interesting series of post.

  16. thanks for the memory of green acres! had forgotten that! :)

  17. T for telephone :) -- a certain lack of civilization is the best way that makes people think sharp! )
    I wonder what will do one whose needs are always satisfied with one button click!? :)

    Oh, terrace gardening looks very beautiful but, indeed, it's such an incredibly tremendous labour!!