Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hunzakuts

During April, I will be posting on the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
My theme is the Hunzas.
Today is H ..... for Hunzakuts.

The Hunzakuts are a people who have lived in isolation high in a valley of the Himalayas for over 2,ooo years. Protected by the mountainous walls of rock from waring tribes, they have managed to live in peace and self-sufficiency from an outside world.

One claim to fame, is that they are direct descendents from soldiers of Alexander or even Alexander himself.

One of my heroes, Dr. Bernard Jensen, visited Hunza in the 1940's and saw in the men, medium height, broad shoulders, full chest, wide costal arch, narrow waist, small belly and strong legs.

Dr. Jensen compared them to the Aeginetan Sculptures in the Glyptothek of Munich. One sees rare men of peculiar deep-chested breathing, and powerful motility. In fact, Dr. Jensen was so awe-struck that the Hunzas could be the statues and the statues, the Hunzas. Both presented perfect specimens in physique and health.



  1. Another amazing snippet of Hunzas' history and culture - the scenery in the clip is breathtaking though! Take care

  2. You've lost me.
    Costal arch?
    Which part of the body is that?

  3. The Hunzas are fasinating people Manzi. Wow!! direct decendents from Alexander himself!!

    I believe, If all of us ate and lived more like the Hunzas, there would be a lot less illness in the world.

  4. What an interesting post, dear Manzi! A relation between a region in Pakistan and one of the ex-Yugoslavian republics... incredible, and amazing discovery!
    More please..! :)

  5. This is wonderful information. I am glad I learned something new. Thank you.

  6. Hunzacuts is a very strange name for these people, isn't it? I wonder where the name came from, and whether it actually means anything or now. This series of posts about them is turning out to be really fascinating.

  7. I look forward to this every day...

  8. Kitty : Thanks. I find the Hunza men extremely handsome. Women too.

    River : Costal arch would be the lower ribs.... I think from 7th to 10th. Also called costal margin. Dr. Jensen called it wide so it would be a wide rib cage on the bottom. (I'm thinking)

    Terry : That is how I got so interested in them..... when I first made the connection between a natural died and health and it all seemed to produce happy people.

    Zara : Thank you. If you have any additional information about this, jump in. I'd love it. It's closer to your world than to mine and I find it fascinating.

    Murees : Thank you for stopping. I appreciate your comment.

    Delores : What a sweet and kind comment for you to make. that means much to me.

  9. I'm starting to feel like I know this place... even though I know I'll never go there!

  10. You pick the most interesting subjects for your A to Z. These people are beautiful, tough, and such strong survivors. Might be some of that Alexander blood.

  11. Hi…I’m hopping over from the A to Z Challenge. Lovely post…good luck with the challenge.

    Donna L Martin

  12. Again--fascinating! I loved the haunting background music in the video.

  13. There really is something to their lifestyle that puts ours to shame. Well they use less and are in top condition, so called first world countries use more and grow rather umm large.

  14. It's breathtakingly beautiful there.

  15. A new word! YAY! I love learning new things. Thanks for sharing that one.

    It's nice to meet you. I'm a new follower via the A to Z.

  16. Most of us could probably not survive their lifestyle. It seems very down to earth and physically demanding. These are really fasinating people. Have you checked the internet for the Hunza bread recipe yet? It is filling and high energy. And as you might imagine...some amount of work to make.

  17. Chuck : I made it years ago and I plan to do so again. I remember that one piece gave me energy galore. I need that right now. Thanks for reminding me.

    Nancy : Thanks for stopping. My pleasure to meet you.

    Hi Carol : Happy to see you o this great day.

    Pat : That was very well said. Or did the cat say that? See ya later.

    Fishducky : Hi Fran. For being isolated for so many years, they preserved the middle east music theme, so it seems.

    Donna : Thank you for dropping in. It's a great A-Z and a pleasure to meet you.

    Inger : Yes they are. They have always lurked around the fringe of "people I'd like to meet."

    Roselind : I'll never go there either now, especially since the world has reached the place where it is today. It's a pity.

  18. Has any genetic testing has been done?

  19. Hi Manzanita .. they do appear to be an incredible peoples .. and wouldn't it be fascinating to learn their lineage ..

    Great read and everyone's comments are full of extra bits - the Coastal Arch floored me - so glad you've elaborated ..

    Cheers Hilary