Sunday, April 29, 2012

Z for Zenith

During April I'll be posting daily in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
My theme is Hunzas.
Today is Z for Zenith.

People constantly search for the Zenith lifestyle that produces the greatest benefits to health and happiness. Most of the world has been tossed rhinestone studded glamor as the ultimate possession for happiness.

In America's quest for prestige, money and power, we have polluted our land and water and brought diseases from eating chemically grown food.

Hunza people, with their simple, organic life style rate historically among the happiest/healthy people of the world. They serve as a model for achieving zenith joys in life.

I'll raise my glass of apricot juice to these simple, sincere people, in hopes and prayers that the warring countries of the world leave them in peace and learn to follow their beautiful way of life.
Thank you dear bloggy friends, for taking this journey with me and catching a glimpse of how Hunza land compares to our own country of a few hundred years ago.
Adios Amigo


  1. I really enjoyed this trek through the Hunza history and lifestyle. It was a great choice for a topic and pretty relevant to today's world. Take care and until the next A-Z, reach for your own zenith!

  2. Great trek it was, although sadly I doubt the bigger countries will ever follow their lead, we always want more more more.

  3. Totally enjoyed the trip.

  4. I thought Zenith was a TV!
    Yours is much classier, though.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this series!!!!

  6. I'll drink to that also.
    Get on Manize for doing the A-Z while giving us all insight into another culture and way of life.

  7. Awesome stories, m'lady. I don't think we could ever be like the Hunza — our worlds are just so very different. But they give us models of some things we could do differently.

  8. Yay!!! Manzanita! You have reached the zenith of the A-Z Challenge!! Hooorah! and Hooorah for the Hunza! Take care

  9. I've enjoyed meeting the amazing Hunzas through your posts, and learning more about their lifestyle.
    I'll raise my own glass of apricot juice in a toast with you, although it is 6.40pm here and I usually have my juice with breakfast.

  10. Thinking of you Manzanita, and hoping your packing goes smoothly and with as little stress as humanly possible.

    Thankyou for your encouragement, input and insightful comments over on my blog. My world view has broadened hugely over the last couple of months, and at times I wish it hadn't and that I was content to remain ignorant and fluff headed - but there's no going back is there. So we face corruption and wrongdoing as best we can, with hope and the help of friends.

    You've been an inspiration - take care, and look after yourself. (do I have your email address?)

    sending hugs
    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  11. It has been a great and informative journey. Thanks for taking us along.
    I raise my orange juice to them also.
    Congrats on A to Z completion.

  12. While you are raising your glass of apricot juice, I will be raising my glass of wheatgrass juice. Cheers to you my Dear Manzi!!

  13. Thank you for choosing the Hunza as your subject for the challenge. It has been an educational experience, both physically and spiritually to learn about them and their way of life. For that I thank you. Congrats on completing the Challenge. Hope you are feeling better. Get some rest now!

  14. I raise my glass of apricot juice with you, Manzanita! Thanks for the journey. :-)

  15. I have been in the Hunza Valley at Gilgit in spring of 2001. It is a splendid place.

    While the world has changed a great deal, causing all sorts of environmental pollution, I think the industrial revolution began in Europe and was pushed into other geographical places by imperialism. Not sure how America is at fault for that?

  16. I raise my all natural bottle of beer to Zenith! Congrats on completing the challenge :)

  17. Congratulations for finishing well! Enjoyed your posts!

  18. Chuck : Thanks for the inspiring words and you do the same.

    Pat : I'm afraid you are correct. We're headed for an entirely opposite direction. Dang.

    Delores : Another year of A-Z. It grows and grows and grows.

    Al : Didn't they buy out RCA?

    Fran : Thank you ...Thank you for being a faithful follower of the Hunzas. I always enjoy seeing your ducky icon because you lend such gracious words of wisdom.

    Rubye : Hey, that was a fun challenge. I stayed mostly with my own group but that seemed to be where the comfort was.

    Rob-Bear : Thanks for being a follower of the Hunzas when you have a plate that is filled. I love seeing your Bear icon with your wise words that follow.

  19. Miriam : Thank you my dear. Another A-Z under our belts. I always appreciate your wise council in your comments.

    Kitty : You are so dear and I appreciate your faithful following of the Hunzas. You and Charlie, I feel like you're among my closest friends. Isn't blogging amazing?

    River : Thank you for being a constant follower of the Hunzas. It's always so reassuring when I see my friends comments. And thank you for your loyalty when I was down with the bad neck. I'm so glad I was prepared and had all the posts in order.

    Sue : We met just a year ago. Seems like we've known each other forever. You chose a duezy theme... climate. So much going on.....I can hear the planes overhead as I write. I can't move in the ranch house until June l .... so much to do and I always want it done yesterday. Ha.
    keep in touch.. Love to you.

    Patti : Thank you for your wise words in my comments. I know I can always trust whatever you say. You are an inspiration. Life gets back to normal.... Ha.

    Terry : My dear friend in health and other things. Ha Thank you for your faithful following. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all our correspondence.

    Inger : Our 2nd year finished. I remember last year's and you got started late and had to play catch-up. I learned a lot more about Sweden from your theme. It felt comfortable ..... like being surrounded by the people of my youth. Thanks.

  20. Heidrun : WOW... lucky you for having the good fortune to be such a world-wide traveler. You have witnessed my dream.

    Susiee Thank you my dear. Too few of us strive for good health. Think what a satisfied world this would be is everyone would seek their own health.

    Martha : Yummm... I love beer but my old liver doesn't care for it much anymore. When I drink anything with alcohol now, it's a thimbleful... but it's enough for a good toast. :)

    Donna : Thank you and the same to you. A great month to welcome the summer and we all gave it our best shot.

  21. The Hunzas certainly deserve to be left alone. I hope they are. Well done for completing the A to Z. It's been an exhausting month, hasn't it. I raise a glass of elderflower juice and clink it against your apricot juice to drink a toast to A to Z.

  22. wasn't it also a TV brand?

  23. Hi Manzanita .. great to see and meet the Hunza peoples and for the information and photos, videos etc you've shared with us.

    I too raise a glass of apricot juice to you and our health .. I sincerely hope they're left alone somewhat and their world isn't absorbed into ours ..

    Great Zenith .. cheers Hilary

  24. Dear Manzanita, . . . I was absent from blogging during the month of April and so I missed all your postings about Hunza and its people. I'll try in the next weeks to read your postings so that I can learn about these people and how they live the "zenith" life of simplicity.


  25. That was a lovely series on Hunza people and their lifestyle, enjoyed!

  26. Eyes are but one window into the timeless soul. The lanscapes you permit to enter your awareness reveal how closely your state of mind is aligned with the peaceful state of being.

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