Tuesday, April 24, 2012

V is Vegetarian

During April, I'll be posting on the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
My theme is Hunzas.
Today is V.... for Vegetarian

Hunzas are not vegetarians, although they are often identified as such. Meat is a rare pleasure because livestock is not abundant. Neither do they raise chickens because they peck at seeds and seeds are more valuable than money in Hunza.

The climate is favorable for apricot trees and they grow in abundance. Apricots are eaten raw in the summer and dried for the winter. The seeds provide the all-important oil that is used for cooking, salads, medicine and a cosmetic for skin and hair.

All food is organic and they want it to remain organic. After an insect infestation, the Queen (or Rani) refused to let the Pakistani government spray chemicals on the trees. They got rid of the bugs by putting ashes in the water.

Later, the Rani was visiting relatives in a neighboring area and she discovered they had allowed the government to spray for the bugs. She was horrified and refused to eat for the remainder of her stay.

(Sound a bit familiar) :)

P.S. Dear Bloggy friends, Thank goodness I have the rest of my posts ready. I've been working very hard at the ranch and did something, or pulled something in my neck. I can barely move and can't turn my head. I'll try to do comments and read your blogs but if I can't, you'll know why. Thank you for being so patient with me. Love from Manzanita



  1. Wise people. Unlike some of the Okies here who throw everything in the lake which is the water supply for the area I live in. You know, it makes me wonder why it is some places are so full of smart forward thinking people and others are so the opposite.

  2. They really take care with their food, amazed at the lengths they go.

  3. When I saw the first recipe on the video--HOSARYE HOI--the first thing that came into my mind was the Yiddish word, HAZAREI, which means garbage. I'm sure hosarye is NOT hazarei!

  4. I'm getting hungry and it's not even lunch yet!

    Take care

  5. I prefer organic too, but most of the time I can't afford it, so I just wash my fruit and veg well instead.

  6. Very smart of them to keep pesticides out of their crops.

  7. I feel healthier just watching that. Wonderful expamples of how to eat well.

  8. I imagine the combination of apricots with organic farming supports great health.

  9. Rubye, That's another thing...I wish we could get all the chemicals out of the drinking water.

    Pat : It probably helps not to have a fast food place on every corner and supermarkets filled with processed foods.

    Fran : I don't have the foggiest what it means but if it means garbage, it may say, "Garbage in, garbage out." Or something like that. I forgot the saying.

    Kitty : The chappaties loos pretty good.

  10. river : Some of the non-organic food is tasteless. Even the organic. I got some labeled "organic" strawberries at Costco and if someone had played a little test and asked what I was eating, I might havd said, old newspapers.

    Delores : I try to but we don't know what our neighbor is spraying and the drift.

    Patti : I wish I had someone to bring me a plate of the delicious and healthy food now, as I'm feeling a little poorly.

    Galen : I have 4 apricot trees and they all had good blossoms this year. Hope we don't get a freak freeze.

  11. I am glad they are organiclly oriented. It speaks to their endurance and longevity. Hope your neck is feeling better!

  12. Hi Manzanita .. love the video .. but I was interested to see tomatoes - surely they're imports or were imported and absorbed into their culture.

    Great ideas though - thank so much .. cheers Hilary