Friday, April 27, 2012

Y for Yak

During April I'll be posting daily in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
My these is the Hunzas.
Today is Y...... for Yak.

The Yak is a long-hair domesticated bovine animal that is used for various mountain treks in Hunza and throughout Pakistan. Yaks are sturdy and can carry the weight of a whole family. A popular sport is Yak racing. I bet that is a trick as most bovine animals don't look very swift to me. But the Hunzas love it and I imagine a little Yak betting goes on too. Perhaps many an apricot tree was lost on Yak bets. :)

Since the Karakaram Highway opened, glacier climbing has been the popular sport for tourists. Yaks are the perfect pack animal for getting the climbers and their gear to the mountain. I think that is neat. There's gotta be a Yak joke in here somewhere, but I can't think of one. :)
Maybe rhyming Pat or Al can think of one.


  1. They must be a lot more manageable than cows.

  2. Wow I never knew they could carry so much weight.

  3. Always glad to help! Found this on the web:

    During the Nepal trek we found this cute bovine very endearing and inspiring. One night in particular we went a bit mad firing yak jokes around our shelter's cozy stove. Here's the best samples: What do you call a Nepalese bovine that drinks too much coffee? A: Insomni-yak. What do you call a nauseous Nepalese bovine on a 70's dance floor? A: Afro-dizzy-yak. What do you call a Nepalese bovine exposing himself on a trampoline? A: Jumpin' Yak Flash. What do you call a Nepalese bovine in a crate? A: Yak-in-the-box. What is a Nepalese bovine's favourite U.S. president? A: Bayak Obama. What does a Nepalese bovine use to play tennis? A: A yaket. What'a Nepalese bovine favourite digestive liquor? A: Cogn-yak.

  4. I wonder if female Yaks spend any spare time yakking over the fence to the other herd?

  5. Here's a Yak joke for you.

    What do you call a Nepalese bovine that drinks too much coffee? A: Insomni-yak.

    I had to google to find a joke

  6. Delores : Must be. How'd you like a pet yak to keep in your back yard? You's have your transportation at your door with a whistle.

    Pat : Carry a whole family... well the Hunzas practice natural birth control so that must mean smaller families.

    Fran : You do rise to the occasion. What a great collection of yak jokes. The all tickled my funny bone but don't know why I got a howl over the Yak-in-the-box. Afro-dizzy--yak ain't too bad either.

    River : Ha .... good one. I suppose the male yaks do locker-room talk about their yak'n women.

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  8. "Jumping Yak Flash"... that's my favorite. I knew yaks were beasts of burden, but I didn't know they were strong enough to carry a whole family. (As long as none of them are Sumo wrestlers, I presume.)

  9. Isn't it amazing how people all over the world find animals to help them carry their burdens, from camels to llamas to yaks? I love reading about these people. And I hope you are feeling better today.

  10. Just swinging by from the A-Z challenge, making some new friends before it ends. I'm a new follower :)

  11. One yak is better than no yak at all. How about that? Hope you're feeling much better Manzi! You young gal, you! I've been enjoying your Hunza series. I wonder if the story of shangri-la comes from so many of Alexander's men deciding to stay there.

  12. I saw and took pictures of a Yak when I was visiting the Himalayan regions on our trip to India.

    Thanks for the memories!

  13. one more number to your collection of yak jokes :))
    -- What do you call a yak that wants to take over the world?
    -- a MegalomaniYAK"

    well, there exists even a snail racing! Those who bet on them, must be the most patient people in the world :D