Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J for Jensen

During April, I'll be posting on the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
My theme is the Hunzas.
Today is J ....... for Jensen.

Doctor Bernard Jensen

Dr. Jensen, an advocate of whole foods, is one of my heroes. I began reading his books and following his health advice when I was quite young.

For years, Dr Jensen tried to get permission from the Hunza King so he might enter their valley and study the food and health. His letters were never answered and he was about to give up when he was invited to accompany a British climbing group who were headed for the Hunza valley.

Upon arrival in Hunza, Dr. Jensen and his wife were invited by the King (Mir) to spend time in the palace while the others climbed glaciers.

The above picture is Dr. Jensen with the Mir.

To go round robin, I too, had waited years to actually attend a workshop with Dr. Jensen. When he was in his 90's, he gave a 2 week workshop high in the Rocky Mountains, outside of Helena, Montana. My granddaughter, who was 14 at the time, and I, eagerly attended the workshop for 2 of the most illuminating weeks of our lives.

Along with sharing his lifetime of natural health advice, he also recounted his precious moments spent with the Hunzas.

Two magical gifts were bestowed upon me; two weeks with my hero and first hand information about my life-long love affair of a vicarious adventure into Hunza land. How lucky can one "gal" get?????


  1. You never cease to amaze me Manzi!! Your life has been one excitement after another. There are not many people who can say they attended a workshop headed by Dr Jensen.

    So that is why Ashley is so into eating healthy... You and Dr Jensen?

  2. Sounds like it was a dream come true for you.

  3. Terry : Yes, it was a turning point for her. Both Ashly and Dr.Jensen got up early before class, she went for a swim and he for a walk. They always met by the pond and talked at length. He seemed to enjoy that. There was a rope that the swimmers would grab hold and swing out over the water and drop. He'd watch her and they'd have great conversations that he'd talk about in the morning class.

  4. Hi...I'm hopping over from the A to Z Challenge. I challenge you to visit my blog and try to figure out today's mystery word but no fair grabbing a dictionary first...;0)...good luck with the challenge!

    Donna L Martin

  5. This is getting more personal and more fascinating by turns. Such a thrilling adventure for you, and Ashely. And, it seems, for Dr. J, too!

  6. That just makes me tingly all over.

  7. Dr. Jensen sounds like a very interesting man. I learned something new today and it's not even 10 a.m. Thank you. I can go out to play now.

    Happy A to Z,

  8. All dreams coming full circle, always nice when they are able to be met. My eating stinks though that I know..haha

  9. Manzi, you're amazing. What glorious experiences and adventures you've had. You've whetted my appetite to learn more about Dr. Jansen.

  10. It's always wonderful when you get to meet one of your personal heroes--& they live up to your expecrtations!

  11. You know, if you wait long enough, all these pieces come together in some pretty amazing ways. Great story.

  12. That sounds like a wonderful couple of weeks. What an interesting man Dr. Jensen is.

  13. That is truly too cool. To get that life experience on your favorite subject from a first-hand visitor...priceless.

  14. Delores : Yes, One dream a life-time is what is allowed. :)

    Donna : Holy Moly. Sounds mysterious.

    Bear : It felt as if I had personally gone to the Himalayas.

    Bish : Oh I love tingles.

    Lucy : I hope you had a good play day. May that happen every day.

    Pat : Many people have strong constitutions and it doesn't seem to make much difference what you eat.

    Kitty : Dr Jensen is no longer alive. I felt lucky to have been able to go to his last workshop.

    Fran : Oh, isn't it grand when you met a hero. Dr. Jensen was everything good just as I had pictured.

  15. Galen : But I've sometimes found that after such a long wait, I no longer want the same things. So I guess that is where that old saying comes in, Be careful what you wish for.

    M Pax : It's a thrill to meet a hero, face to face.

  16. How lucky you were to attend a workshop like that. I bet you learnt a lot to add to what you already knew.

  17. Hi Manzanita .. how wonderful for you both .. and thank goodness for Dr Jensen's longevity .. this series is so illuminating and interesting ..

    Cheers -Hilary