Thursday, April 26, 2012

X for Xanthous

During April I'll be posting daily in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.
My theme is the Hunzas.
Today is X .......for Xanthous.

Hunza people are fair-skinned with blue or brown eyes. They are descendants of soldiers from Alexander's army when he invaded India. The isolation provided by the rocky peaks of the Himalayas made a natural protection from early invaders. Their small valley provided life sustenance for survival.

Hunzas are strong, good-looking people. Dr. Jensen said all Hunza children are happy, robust kids. He volunteered he rarely heard one cry and never heard whining or demanding. At the time he visited them, there was no dentist in the valley and he remarked on the strong, white beautiful teeth of everyone.


P.S. I really did a number on myself. I still feel like a truck ran over me and it hurts to breath. I must have thought I was 20 and I'll tell you what I did. I took up a fairly large patio with those big orange Mexican-looking bricks, loaded them in the pickup and made 4 trips to the ranch and unloaded them. I know, stupid, but I didn't have any adverse feeling when I was doing it. Boy, I sure do now. But, the exciting part is, I'm using those stones for the aisles between the raised beds of my new greenhouse.  :)


  1. Descendants from Alexander the Great?
    No WONDER the Indians are nervous.

  2. Oh my gosh Manzi!! So sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Don't make me come out there and keep you in line. LOL.... I should come out one of these times and help you get the place ready.

  3. Oh my gosh Manzi!! So sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Don't make me come out there and keep you in line. LOL.... I should come out one of these times and help you get the place ready.

  4. Ain't nothin' gonna hold you back... girl you are my inspiration.

  5. Yeah the pain usually comes afterwards, almost always the way.

    Wow no dentist or crying and they are happy. Well I suppose no dentist would make many happy..haha

  6. No grand THAT life must be. And please, next time hire some help to do that kind of work.

  7. Poor Manzanita. The victim of her own successes. No, you're not quite as young or strong as you used to be. Even if you do throw hundred pound hay bails every day. (Gotta feed the cattle — right?) And you are so iconic — right?

    Next time, get some Hunza people to help you. They would be able to do the job quickly, and with less damage to themselves.

    Blessings and Bear hugs in you "adversity."

  8. Strong white beautiful teeth. That's what you get when there are no refined flours, sugars or other processed foods in your diet.
    My own sad teeth were raised on a steady sugary diet and I'm paying for it now.

  9. P.S. I had my own moment of foolishness involving a ladder and resulting in a hand sized bruise on my bum along with several other bumped and achy parts. We forget don't we, that we're getting older..

  10. River echoed my thoughts. No sugar.
    I am so sorry you are hurting so. I do the same thing and always pay the price.

  11. If you feel out-of-sorts, perhaps you should visit a physician, just to be sure. If you were my neighbour I never would have let you do that loading without me (I'm only 70).
    My spouse read her books and provided activities for 5 groups of over 20 1st graders, with me helping. Today she is sick and vomiting, must have caught something there.
    I was surprised to learn the Hunzas blue eyes and such, I never would have thought that.

  12. Thanks for all the well-wishes. I appreciate that. My daughter insisted I go to a soft-working (whatever you call them..... no cracking) chiropractor. It relieved my pain somewhat but he, too, said I really did a number on myself.

    Al : YeeHaw. Perhaps it should be the cowboys.

    Eagle : Thanks for visiting.

    Terry : Yeah, color me stupid. I was in such a hurry to get it done and now I'm laid up for at least a week. Doesn't pay. It would be fun for you to come out after the greenhouse gets going. We could eat lots of veggies.

    Delores : No, but sometimes I act lke a stupid fool.

    Pat : No dentist means no "white knuckles" when someone is about to look in your mouth.

    Chuck : Thanks. I have some helpers on the big stuff but I thought this was the little stuff and I could take care of it. Guess I was wrong.

    Dear Bear : It's been long time since I carried a 100 lb. bale of hay but you got me to thinking, I loaded 3 50 lb bags of wood shavings from the pickup. hummm, wonder if that could have done it. Wish I had some Hunza people to help.

    River : OMG, did you fall off the ladder? I am always climbing ladders too, although my neighbor still climbs ladders and he's 97. Sorry about your bruised bum.

  13. Patti : Hey girl, I know.... we gotta do a lot of that stuff for ourselves if there is no Jim (your brother) there to help us. You be careful too.

    Anthony : Sorry your wife is sick. Yeah, those teachers must be sick a lot.... but it was nice of the two of you to read to the kids.
    I'm shocked to find out that you are 70. I had assumed you were a young sprout because your writing sounds so young and filled with energy. Not that writing will be old and weary if one is older. But you know what I mean.

  14. Hi Manzanita .. I love these Hunza posts .. and the fact they're ancestors of Alexander make them even more interesting.

    I hope everything starts easing soon - but am glad to read the effort will be well worth it in due course ..

    Look after yourself .. Hilary