Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Dance

A-Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April. I'll be posting every day, except Sunday. Today is D. My theme is Flamenco

D is for Dance

What is dance? Most would answer, "It's moving the feet."

But it's sooooo much more.

Dance is the outward expression of a beat (or rhythm) you've put inside of you. The rhythm can be from music or clapping or from the beat you feel in your head. Your whole body moves in response. In Flamenco, fragmented parts of the body move as one unit.

Dance ........... in a Nutshell

Dance begins inside the body
Parts of the body move as a whole
Dance is the result of following a rhythm
Songs emit different emotions, making different dances


  1. I've never thought about dance in that way. You're introducing me to a new world! Thankyou.
    Thankyou also for visiting and commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it :)

  2. A simple explanation of a complicated subject.

  3. In the Caribbean the music has a beat and rhythm you can feel in your belly. One can't help but shuffle one's feet, sway, dance.

  4. Wonderful explanation. Love the picture. They were obviously enjoying your performance.
    I can't say I am a good dancer but I do try.
    Someday you will read about this poor old lady thrown from her treadmill because she was trying to boogie to "Old Time Rock and Roll" while on a moving belt.

  5. Dance is such an artform!!! Thank you for introducing me to your amazing world of dancing!!! Take care

  6. Sue,
    There's a lot of technique in dance that hides beneath the surface.

    You wrote the fun part. I did the technique. Put them together and we got a dance.

    More technique to dance than shows.

    Yes and dance comes so naturally for people of the Caribbean.

    I'm laughing already as I can imagine you zinging off the treadmill. Yes, write it, it'll be a funny funny post.

    Old Kitty,
    Thank you for being so diligently supportive.

    Thank you dear bloggy friends for your kind words.

  7. And now I see why I can't dance!!

  8. My daughter lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a while - virtually on every street corner there'd be impromptu 'salsa' gatherings and didn't take her long to join in. She said that once she heard the music her body responded of it's own free will! Back in the UK - she's the 'salsa' queen at dance class!

    (BTW - thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting/following! )

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!

  9. I enjoy dancing. Never been good at learning steps. I get so stuck in the steps that I don't pay attention to the music. So, for now, I just find a beat I like to dance to and go with it. It's amazing how many different beats from which to choose in a song.

  10. Great photos! My daughter has danced for years, and I understand the passion she feels for it. It's been a privilege to watch her learn from this amazing art form.

  11. D for Dance ,nice.I like the image in black and white too..
    Mine is here:

  12. I love to dance, I love to watch and I don't do enough of it!! And I love your post here my dear!

    Keep dancing!

  13. I took ballet lessons for 15 years but gave it up because I was 80 feet tall and got tired of boys at boob height.

  14. Sadly, the only dance I have perfected is the "White-Guy-Overbite-With-Two-Thumbs-Up."
    I can't even do the "Macarena" or "Electric Slide" at wedding receptions. Unless I'm drunk.
    Then it's something else all together: "Old-White-Guy-Trying-To-Look-Hip-But-Fell-Into-The-Wedding-Cake"

  15. Great explanation and one of my favorite dances... chair dancing :) No feet involved, just rhythm.

  16. I love to dance. When I was a child I watched all those variety shows on the television and was mesmerised by the dancers. And don't even start me on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

  17. You look breath taking in the picture, so beautiful and full of passion.

    I am enjoying your A-Z on dance and can feel your love of the art in every post.
    Looking forward to E,

  18. Love the them of your posts! I love dance. I'll be back!

  19. Texwisgirl
    Thanks for following.

    Having fun?

    Sue H.
    I absolutely love the dancing (and music) from that part of the world. Not enough dancing in a lifetime. My regards to you salsa queen daughter.

    If you are doing couple dancing, the man has to lead so you don't have to worry.... just follow the leader. Ha.

    Do you mean your daughter dances Flamenco? How wonderful. There are so few Americans who stay with it. It's difficult to learn and is a life study.

    Thank you for stopping. I did follow to your blog.

  20. Melissa,
    I'm so happy you like to dance. The whole world should dance.

    Thank you and I also love that you dance. It's fulfillment for the soul.

    Mrs. Tuna,
    You never fail to crack me up.

    I thought they did the "hokey pokey" at weddings. :)

    It's fun, like dancing.

    I once dragged a chair to the dance Annfloor with a big skirt I was wearing... it was during a competition. How embarrassing.

    Some how I would have spotted you for a dancer. Don't know why.... just a feeling.

    I bet you and Bill are good dancers. You two make such a handsome couple and I bet you take all the glances of the dance floor.

    Better is Possible,
    Thanks for dropping in. So nice to meet you. Glad you like Flamenco.

    I love all the sweet comments. Manzanita

  21. I did my 'D' post on dancing too! I'm afraid its about a lack of grace though! Love the header pic on your blog.

  22. I have two left feet. However, I do love to watch others dance.

  23. I put my right foot in and couldn't get the damn thing out.

  24. A vertical expression of a horizontal desire. :-)

    I can't recall where/when I first read/heard that definition - but I've always believed some forms of dance are well defined thus.

    But I like yours also. Now, if I could but dance... {sigh}